Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, everybody is worried abt wat dadaji has called for, dadaji says nisha you, nisha says i didn’t do anything, dadaji says yes u have u have made us proud n happy to have u as my grand daughter, everybody takes a relief breathe, dadaji says from the time u have born nisha we both are always in conflict, but for the first time im happy with u n thats good.
Dadaji says dolly come here looks like u forgot ur dadaji, dolly says no i haven’t, dadaji says u are here dolly at the right time firstly diwali n secondly nishas engagement n nisha im so happy ask for whatever u want, nisha says dadaji me n my cousins have shared all the things together n this gift also will be shared, cousins get together n decide wat to ask for, umesh says guys till we get a solid idea we will keep them pending, nisha says i have a plan n says lets have fun so dadaji today the gents will cook , ladies will look after arrangements n entertain us, all the elders say this isn’t possible, dadaji says it is today the kids are the rulers n u have to follow them
Laxmi tries to talk to ramesh but doesn’t get a chance, ramesh says to himself i think i shd ask ritesh to join this will help me in my plan. Ritesh comes n gives kirti diwali sweets first, ramesh sees this n realises his plans are on the right path.
Everybody wish dolly goodbye, ritesh gives nisha sweets n ask her did she like the teddy, nisha says ya it was good but i kept it somewhere, bunty comes n says ritesh nisha loves laddos n not these sweets these are kirtis fav but since she doesn’t have them i will have it, ramesh sees the teddy in kirtis hand.ritesh goes to kirti n says i heard from bunty that u k=like these sweets n how do u have this teddy, kirti says abt sweets i have no mood to have them n teddy i guess nisha forgot it here i will give it to her, ritesh says kirti sorry if last night i, kirti says im getting late for parlour bye n leaves.ramesh comes to ritesh n says so she didn’t have the sweets, ritesh says actually i didn’t knew nisha doesn’t like them, ramesh says im talking abt kirti, mohan calls ramesh to join them cooking, ramesh says ritesh listen to ur heart n not brains n leaves.
Vimla roopan n laxmi n dadi are busy with decorations, roopan says im so tensed wat these kids are gonna do today, vimla sees laxmi is lost, roopan says this is bcoz of tomorrows engagement right laxmi, umesh says ladies get going fast u still have to entertain us, vimla says go umesh check the kitchen or else no lunch today.
In kitchen ramesh n mohan n vijendra are tensed wat to do now, vijendra says im not gonna this happen, ramesh says good fo talk to dad. Vijendra goes to dadaji but couldn’t talk, dadaji says any problem vijendra, vijendra says no no we are all ok all is going well, n see how good n tasty food we are gonna have n leaves.
Ramesh n mohan see vijandra putting apron n are shocked, ramesh says i can do the cutting but no cooking, mohan says i got an idea we will order from outside n put them in these vessels,ramesh says wat if we get caught , mohan goes to vijendra n ask him to talk to ramesh, vijendra says ramesh im sorry i was very scared plz forgive me,ramesh says u could have atleast talk to me,see our kids when they can be together why cant we, mohan says ramesh is right, ramesh hugs vijendra n says i have already forgotten it.
Laxmi is tensed abt how will she talk to ramesh, she says to herself, ramesh i want u to know everything abt ur girl help her out of it, tell her that ur with her all the time, help her by all means, n says wat if ramesh if u urself couldn’t handle it.

precap:dadi says to laxmi why didnt u spoke to ramesh yet,laxmi says im scared, dadaji sees laxmi tensed n ask her wats the problem.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. very interesting

  2. Not bad…..

  3. i thnk ritesh s d guy who misbehaved with nisha in d sports meet….such an idiotic charctr

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