Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , dadi wishes luck to all the cousins for their competition,cousins take dadis blessings,nisha says dadi u have blessed us and now we will surely win,cousins take blessings from dadaji,dadji says to dolly I know u want to be part of this competition but we cant ignore leelas wish but u don’t get upset,dolly says no worries dadaji I will stay here and help in wedding preparations,roopan comes in nisha asks kirti and jwala to take blessings from ropan,roopan wishes them luck and leaves,cousins go to laxmi and ramesh for wishes,dadaji says nisha and cousins make sure u don’t misbehave, nisha says ya dadaji we will take care of it.
Cousins reach the competition venue, nisha says guys we have to impress the judges and remember we are the best and we will win,gayatri sees nisha and cousins and says u guys wont be able to dance today,priyanka comes and says mom,gayatri says oh priyanka remember u will are gonna win,priyanka dashes into a contestant and argues with her,nisha says priyank its ur fault plz don’t blame others,priyanka says oh u shutup,nisha says say sorry priyanka,priyanka says go to hell,nisha says I wish ur mom had taught u some manners,priyanka says u loser u have no work so u,kirti says priyanka u,nisha says forget her kirti lets go,gayatri sees kirti isn’t wearing her shoes so she goes to her table and breakes her shoe heel.kirti goes back to her table with nisha to get ready and wears her shoes.

Sourabh and suku are busy admiring girls, jwala comes and asks what are u guys doing,viraj comes and asks is kirti ready,kirti comes and says yes I am I just have to change,viraj says good all the best and nisha u stay here with kirt and I will be with the audience and thank you so much.gayatri wishes gayatri luck,priyanka says thanku mom but im worried about nisha and her team,gayatri says don’t worry like the talent meet even today these losers will fail.nisha asks kirti to rehearse and says thanku for helping laksha academy and whenever u are in doubt just ask ur heart and u will get ur answer.viraj to arti and says arti ur lucky for me and I want to meet this competition so that I can meet u and I have sent u a gift on the address u gave me plz make sure u take it,viraj sees gayatri and priyanka and gets angry.
Kirti says sourabh im going to washroom,gayatri hears that and wonders why isn’t her heel breaking,gayatri calls a girl and asks her to misguide kirti.jwala informs nisha kirti is missing,nisha searches her, the girl locks kirti in a room with sign not in use.nisha gets call from viraj and asks what happened he saw suku and sourabh searching someone, nisha tells him kirti is missing,viraj comes to back stage, viraj says guys lets check and nisha u go talk to the authorities about performance,the aunthorities ask nisha to ask if any team is willing to adjust,nisha goes to priyanka but she denise,kirtis heel break and she sprains her leg.the contestant whom nisha helped agrees to perform in place of theirs.
Viraj searching for kirti, finds the room,he finds kirti in pain and crying,viraj helps kirti to come out,cousins ask kirti what happened and why is she crying,jwala says looks like her leg is injured what to do now,kirti says nisha u know what to do so u have to perform in place of me,nisha says how will I dance I cant dance,kirti says nisha its u who knows the steps and so we have no option,sourabh says nisha u are the hope of laksha academy,nisha says I vant plz understand I cant do all these things.

Viraj says to nisha u always fought and when its time to fight for urself u cant step back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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