Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,cousins are worried as nisha didn’t arrive yet n ritesh is already home.
Dadaji asks ramesh to have a conversation with ritesh, ramesh n laxmi in awkward condition ask ritesh foolish questions,dadaji cuts the conversation asking how long will nisha take, ritesh says its ok he will wait for her, laxmi in tension calls dadaji instead of nisha, dadaji asks her to calm down n cuts the call.dadaji asks where is suku n bunty. Cousins hear all this secretly, sourabh says nisha better come soon or else u all will be in danger.
Jwala n nisha are at orphanage with kids, jwala says nisha ur really very nice, jwala says why didn’t u tell others abt u coming to orphanage, nisha says i do this for myself, even i get scared n coming here helps me get rid of this, there are always two sides of me one the daring one n other the scared one, n coming here helps me handle both the versions.
Kirti says look i will get dressed n entertain ritesh till nisha comes, umesh says dadaji wants only nishas family n no one else so sit here, laxmi calls suku n bunty to come down, suku says bunty i will give u two chocolates go n chat with ritesh. While on way home nisha n jwala have mud splashed on them by a car. Bunty takes ritesh to show him the house.
Dadaji gets very upset with nisha, ramesh says nisha must be stuck somewhere n so plz calm down n ritesh is cool with it, dadaji says but im angry its time for my dinner send it in my room, dadi asks dadaji to calm down wait for some more time n aks ramesh to find nisha.
Bunty bores ritesh, n ritesh says ur lucky to have me as ur sisters partner, ritesh says look at me im the best n abt ur sister once she get married to me i will change ur sister completely, bunty by mistake breaks a jar,rukhma scolds him,ritesh says ur a servant clean it, bunty says ritesh rukhma isn’t our servant she is among my sisters don’t talk to her in this tone, dadi listens to all this n asks ritesh to go n join dinner, bunty finds ritesh very rude dominating person.
Ramesh n laxmi serve dinner , laxmi sees rukhma is very upset n asks her rukhma denise to tell anything, dadaji says god knows when nisha will come till then lets have dinner, while nisha jwala enter all dirty, jwala abt to explain dadaji wat happened roopan enters n scolds nisha n jwala n offers jelly custer to ritesh, dadaji says nisha go get clean n join dinner, nisha says i will wipe my face here only n join u guys as u waited for a long time i hope its ok ritesh, nisha says ritesh have food n leave, ritesh says dadaji called me n till u agree to get married to me i shall not leave, nisha says cool stay here but i wont say yes.

Nisha says i would like ritesh to answer some questions so ritesh can u cook, wash clothes , handle kids bcoz i cant, dadaji gets angry at nishas attitude.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. Does ritesh love nisha? Sorry as I have started to watch this serial nowadays

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