Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, laxmi asks ramesh where is suku,the ritual may start,ramesh says relax he will,mohan and vimla call ramesh and laxmi, nisha sees laxmi tensed and calls her and asks what is it,laxmi says nothing im fine,nisha says don’t lie and where is suku,ramesh says he will be here soon he is out for some work,ramesh calls suku and asks him to come soon,kabir sees ramesh tensed.dadaji asks laxmi why is she tensed what is it tell, laxmi says no im fine,dadaji says ok,see kabir u are part of our family now and we all pray that u and nisha always stay together and happy, and vimla start with shagun,vimla says ok,virendra says samosa wale bhaiya now ur part of our family and now bend down and take blessings,vimla says oh don’t trouble him.ramesh sees suku and goes get money from him,kabir sees this.virendra gives kabir money and says this is shagun from us, kabir says o I wont take,virendra says are we will manage samosa money don’t worry,kabir gets up and goes near dadaji and says plz I cant accept money,dadaji says I understand it but kabir u will need money for all the expenses,kabir says I was managing before and will manage now as well,dadi says kabir its shagun u shd never say no to it its our blessings,kabir goes to dadi and keeps her hand on his head and says see u gave me blessings,dadi says oh kabir,dadaji says kabir I wasn’t very sure abt this wedding but today u proved urself may god bless u.
Mama and mami give nisha and kabir blessings,mami wispers in kabirs ears and says why did u say no to money u shd have given it to me, kabir says be quite or else u wont get even what im gonna give,kabir sees suku chatting and says do one thing give me sukus mobile as shagun,suku says oh kabir not my cell,laxmi says suku what kabir call jijaji,suku says plz I cant do that I will call him kabir,kabir says ok ok have this sweet, all laugh.
Kabir sees nisha standing alone and chatting on cell and says oh so nisha u have someone else in ur life,nisha says kabir plz stop overacting,kabir says ok fine and how was my acting fine right,nisha says fine u where so overacting but its ok u still have to do it for 3 months,kabir says oh really after 3 months u will miss me,nisha says ya that is true,nisha sees ramesh behind kabir,kabir sees ramesh and says oh I was saying we will need 3 months to know eachother,ramesh says at times even whole life isn’t enough and thanku for what u did today ,kabir says plz,rukhma comes laughing and says he has come,ramesh says ok kabir nisha come along with me,ramesh takes kabir and nisha and shows him mr sabu,ramesh says this is sabu the photographer I told u abt and he is here for ur wedding pics,kabir asks sabu to come to a side,ramesh says I will call other.
Kabir asks sabu did he find abt the pic,sabu says plz tell me more abt it so that I can search a little more nicely,kabir says tha hand on this guys shoulder is my moms, kirti calls kabir to come for family photograph,kabir leaves,sabu says this picture is of chote hokum and so this means chote hokum(viraj) and this guy are brothers.
Vimla tells that its bidayi time now,nisha gets emotional and looks at ramesh and smiles,ramesh hears small nishas voice calling him papa do this,im ging to school.nisha and kabir walk towards the garden,ramesh is looking at them,all follow nisha and kabir.ramesh starts crying so does nisha.virendra calls ramesh and says its ur daughter wedding day be with her I know it’s a very difficult time but still be with her come lets go.lights go off,suku says today something happened no one ever thought,lights are on,suku says does any one know what is it think,umesh says let me tell today our nishu got married,it sound like a joke right,its true none of us thought nisha will ever get married ,suku says nisha the one who when would hear wedding would run away, would hide in cupboards when asked abt weddings,umesh says im elder in cousins but nisha was our leader and see she now changed the group and its bcoz of u kabir and everyone tell me one thing abt nisha u will miss the most and take ur time,cousins remember the time spend together and go in tears.
Dadaji and dadi and everyone think abt the time soent with nisha and go in tears.

PRECAP:nisha hugs ramesh and so does kabir,nisha and kabir take laxmis blessings(its bidayi).

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks for d update

  2. The show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins is ill- its floundering and going the way of all silly saas bahu type serials-
    please do what you need to make it better-
    my recommendation is that you treat this whole Nisha Kabir marriage track like a bad dream- actually its a nightmare!!!!!!
    I sincerely hope that you don’t think that you’re giving a good moral message to your viewers!
    Frankly the Gangwal family has shown such irresponsibility in accepting this marriage- how can a mature and responsible man like dadaji be shown like this? Accepting a stranger like Kabir just like that? They no nothing about him…
    As for Nisha’s parents- they seem like two puppets that Nisha can direct any way she wants….
    Are these the values you want to promote????????
    I’m amazed that you would dare to say that she is choosing her mind over her heart- she seems to have no mind- listening to Kabir’s silly idea of a contract marriage!!!!!!!
    how can she deceive her family like this?????
    Administer a good dose of sensibility and actually think before you present any more silly twists and turns in your script!!!!!!

    1. Every serial these days has a theme of fake marriage or a marriage of compromise which followed by living together like strangers and eventually falling in love. This will include accidently falling on each other, clothes getting stuck in each other’s jewelry or buttons, sleeping on the couch and then finally together on the bed. I can list at least 20 serials showing this track during the last year or so.

    2. Yes I must say it started out well but now even the writers don’t know what they are doing

    3. U r so true.ths nauc nothing but silly story .nishas parents really pappets.seriously like buaji said nisha is mentally ill.she needs medication more than marriage

      1. This silly story is very entertaining to a lot of people.
        Even we are silly since we are sitting and commenting about it.
        So it serves its purpose 🙂
        Makers satisfied 😛

    4. I agree that this is a contract marriage.But i am sure that Kabir will not leave Nisha after 3 months .when he gave mangalsutra to Nisha ,his expression was superb.I saw love in his eyes for Nisha.Nibir rocks.

    5. Hello
      You can’t call Nauc saas-bahu drama. This is going much better than so many of the other shows on star plus which has way passed its time.
      And Nisha didn’t blindly listen to Kabir’s idea. Even she made her own plans at first.
      Dadaji is a very stern man who believes in the marriage system. Since they are already married he had to do what he did. Kabir was living in front of him and Nisha had already spend a lot of time with him. Dadaji knew there’s nothing fatally wrong with Kabir.
      Her parents are simple people who just want her to be happy.
      These tv serials are just for entertainment, they do not necessarily have to potray any values. (At least Nauc didn’t make the heroine kill her wicked sister like Saathiya did)

      My most important point is…. If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it 🙂 🙂

  3. where will they go after bidai?

    1. Arey they will stay there only. They are showing bidai scene for tp and courtesy

    2. Where wil they go? they stay at nishas house.kabir is a parasite

      1. i don’t think kabir will stay at gangwal house bcoz he said that he had find a house at rent to stay………………… he will not stay in the gangwal house and for ur kind information viru he is not a parasite and he only cares for nisha.

      2. i hope nisha will follow her heart nd will go back to viraj soon.i want kabir out their life.

  4. yzz itzz correct

  5. Good mrng frnds!!!
    yar kabir is so careing….luv him a lot!!!!
    n the episode was superb specially the last part when suku n umesh gave the farewell speech….wht say guys

  6. kabirr is reallly very sensible and understanding how he took the shagun situation under control was nice despite he himself having financial crisis it would be nice to see how kabir and nisha manage after they leave gangwal house as he said he has rented a room or something for them after their marriage ………………

  7. hey richa u r ryt kabir is sensible indeed smart……….. butt more interesting will be virajs and kabirs truth revalation 😉 :)…….. i hppe bua ji is not the first one to know it…… and that sabuuu u dont directly tell viraj…

    1. haha ryt amey

  8. hyy everyone gud morning friendss

  9. ya very exited to see wht happnes when nisha gets to know tht kabir is virajs brother n how will be kabirs reactiont to know that viraj is his elder brother……

    1. Kabir is very NISHU is lucky

  10. nice episode … good Kabir .. u think abt every one …… so nice of u ….. :-)) .. this is true that this show is now becoming a saas bahu serial … but i don’t care I just love u nibir ….. and still I’ll watch it …..

    1. me too love to watch NAUC.. 🙂

  11. ashmitha kulatunga

    nw i need more nibir scenes apart frm jokes!!! totally in luv with this serial after nibirs marriage

  12. Hey i think Kabir is better than Viraj.I started liking him.

    1. that sweet nisha

  13. I love u kabir .. tum kitne acche ho .. please nisha.. kabir ko 3 months ke baad bhi nahi chodna kyunki agar chod diya toh sumit tumhari fmly ko barbaad kardega aur agar nahi choda .. toh kabir tumhari fmly ko sumit ki ghatiya chaal se bacha lega aur humesha subko happy rakhega ..

  14. nisha i like u toooooooooo. ♥♥♥

  15. and after three months i will love uuuuuuu……♥♥♥

  16. see whole gangwal family is happy bcoz they know that Kabir is perfect for nisha n he will keep her always happy …… and Kabir is that type of boy who has done every thing for others happiness … and i’m sure that nibir will not at all gonna leave each other for her family in 3months…… aisa bohot baar huaa hai ki kisi – kisi ko apna pahla love nahi milta hai chahe vo saccha kyun na ho ….. but now Nisha’s 2nd love use milke hi rahega….
    by the way viraj r u mad…. such a nice girl u have left (kiara) … who just think only for u ……..

    1. viraj ke character ko inlogo ne destroy ker diya sometimes I feel ki viraj ke character ko negative dikha ker ye humne viraj ke against karna chahte hain bcoz inhone viraj ko show se nikal diya tha wo phir come back hua hum fans ki wajah se so thats why cvs ne viraj ka character hi negative ker diya taki hum fans nibir ki demand kare but cvs let me clear the whole thing I love viraj singh Rathore and nobody can replace him ar agar kuch replace hoga to wo hoga apka nauc got it

  17. no sweet noooo…
    I love Kabir so muchhhh….

  18. no……..kanisha…..
    i love him more

  19. Guys i really don’t know what to say about the current track.I have no problem with Kabir-Nisha relation,if cvs really wanted to show their chemistry it can shown by friendship and then gradual love,why the need of contract marriage giving wrong message to society.. are the cvs afraid that audience won’t accept Nibir??? So they brought marriage track so that audience will anyhow accept the couple..

  20. And they are now delibrately showing Kabir sweet so that Viraj’s character can be proved wrong.. Because Viraj’s character was far better than kabir.. He was also selfless and lived for other’s happiness..

  21. stop fighting sweet n kanisha.
    soon (I mean with in three months) nisha will be the person who love
    kabir sooo much.And by the
    I love kabir…. 😉

      1. sorry sweet, if u
        feel bad…ab plzz

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      haha aishu totally agree with ya!!

      1. Thank u so much ashmitha . 🙂

  22. hai, Aishwarya…
    where r u from?
    Is aishwarya is your real name?
    friends..? 🙂

  23. hey kanisha did u see todays sbs??

  24. no yaar … today I was sleeping at that time and also my fmly was seeing the cricket match…..-_-

    1. same here match

  25. kabir-nisha jodi is better than viraj-nisha. hope kabir nisha always stay together……..

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