Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vasu shows Kabir divorce notice and says yesterday she went home and today see she sent this notice. Ramesh tells nisha that kabir has sent divorce notice , nisha says i dont believe this, kabir cant do this i have to find out who is behind this plot, ramesh says nisha what will u do, nisha say i have to find it and also do lot many things which i havent. Vasu says to kabir that even she was surprised looking at this notice, it isnt even a week since u have left and she wants a divorce, kabir says its not nisha, this is not the nisha i love and married,this is not her.
Laxmi says to nisha we will talk abt it nisha and then all will be fine, nisha says no ma i will do it by my own and dad dont worry abt me i will be back here plz let me go, nisha leaves. Laxmi starts crying.vasu says to kabir, its all over wake up and face the reality, this marriage is over , it was a 3 month contract dont fall back in to it, kabir says bcoz i love her, vasu says but she doesnt, u have to get over it and move ahead ur dreams are waiting for u and nisha she didnt even wait for u to return, she didnt even talk to u and these papers, son she is not meant for u, these gangwals i know how they are, kabir says mom plz i dont wish to hear any more and leaves. Vasu says sorry kabir this is the only way to throw nisha out of ur life and this is for ur good and ur future and be a successful person and far away from gangwals.
Nisha goes to virajs house, viraj is happy to see her and asks her to come in,nisha throws notice on him and says congratulations this is what u wanted right these are divorce papers, u must be happy right, this is all bcoz of u, i curse the day i met u, u know what i loved u , trusted u but most of all i had a respect for u, but u ruined my life, u broke my trust , i wish i could earse ur memories from my life, i hate u,d ont every say that u love me bcoz u dont know what love is, u wanted to marry me, ok i will marry me after this divorce but u will never get the nisha i was bcoz that nisha will be dead, my name surely will be with urs bt kabir was my love and always will be bcoz he is the one who taught me what love is and u will never be better tham him.
Viraj says to nisha, enough u will never understand what it is to wait for ur loved one, whoever i loved left me and went away, i wish u could understand what i am going through, but i love u and i have learnt that kabir is ur happiness i will get him for u, nisha says oh plz no thanku i didnt come here for u but to tell u that u have nothing left in my life now and if u have evn little of self respect left stop interferring into my life, nisha leaves and viraj has the divorce papers, viraj remembers that kabir had siad he can apply for divorce only after a year,viraj says i will get kabir nisha close and this is only for nishas happiness.
Viraj goes to lawyer and asks him how could he sent this divorce letter, lawyer says u arent police or my client i cant give u any information just that mr kabir sent it, viraj says let me tell u its illegal to sent notice without completing a year of marriage and if u dont tell me the truth i will change the geography of this office as well as ur face, lawyer says i am sorry mr rathore i will tell u the truth its mrs vasundra kumar.viraj calls nisha, nisha doesnt answer so viraj calls kabir, kabir picks the phone, viraj says kabir betwenn u n nisha misunderstand were been created and the divorce papers, kabir says how did u know oh yes u know everything u must be happy right, vasu asks kabir who is on the phone, kabir cuts the phone and says it was nishas boss viraj and leaves.
Vasu calls leela and asks her what is nishas boss name, leela says viraj singh rathore, vasu asks and his companies name, leela says laksha academy, vasu gets shocked. Laxmi to ramesh i cant see nisha in this condition what has my child done to face so much hardship, ramesh says dont lose hope , we are her hope if we give up how will she manage,laxmi says but where did nisha go, nisha comes and says to virajs house, i thought divorce papers are his plan but i was wrong buut how does that matter me n kabir are getting divorced, laxmi says no nisha this cant be, ramesh says yes may be it is someone elses plan and unless u speak to kabir by urself dont come at any conclusion.
Kabir speaking to himself, relationship between two people cannot be ended this way on a piece of paper, vasu says to herself, oh god what have i done this, to separate nisha and kabir i used my own son and now i have created diffrences between my children.ramesh says to nisha to call kabir, nisha calls kabir and says he isnt reachable, ramesh says nisha somethings need time be patient, kabir loves u a lot, laxmi says yes nisha i have seen that in his eyes trust me.ramesh says yes i always asked me abt expressing love to u, nisha says but have didnt he ever tell me.laxmi asks nisha did she ever express her love to kabir.

Precap: vasu sees viraj at the door and says viraj son, viraj says dont call me that, how could u do this to kabir to ur own child,such mother has no right to call me son and i am here to tell u that nisha and kabir wont separate.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. jst 2 or 3 epis left for nauc to get ovr

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  4. And viraj turns positive ? gud to see.!

  5. Awesome episode.

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  10. Viru u wr awsm today m glad u r gonna make an heroic exit wth the shw the old admirable the one and only VIRAJ SINGH RATHOD the idol of many which was there in the begning of the show is cming back slowly lol nd i hated that ovr possessiv ovr confident that shrt tmprd selfish viru that they wr shwing ….. M glad that old viru is cmimg back nd it was nyc scene wen viraj scared the lawer nd threatnd to change d geography of room nd his face it was just awsm nd vasu wat u do cms back to u nd if u thrw stone at the pudle of watr it splashes on u to nd if u thrw stone towards the sky it wil cm back on u nd hurt u 😀 nd v wil get it vasu nd y all said virus name today only m :thinking: but anyways epi was gud nd hope to c sm nibir scenes b4 serial ends aftr 4 epi 😥

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  17. The episode was awesome….. and nw viraj is sad.only 3 episodes remaining for nauc………bye bye…

  18. only 3 episodes left.soo sad…..

  19. Viraj had to turn good cz da shw is ending nd wen viraj came to da shw he was a hero,,driving a blue bmw nd playing da drums,catchng nisha in arms,shootng star,,prince of city,,,he cnt go negatve all along…he was hot nd cool too,,bt he jst changd….neways this shw was a milestone…cud we evr imagine our nishu bro turnd to a wife loving her hubby lyk mad wen da shw startd….cud we imagine kabir to bcum da hero of da shw wen viru bhai was already der…lyk many of us wantd da niraj jodi nd many da nibir…bt atlast its nibir….we expectd so much more frm ths unique shw as it was realy abt us…bt unfortunately we cudnt save ourselves….

    1. yess u r ryt rosy we had a lot of expections from this shw and itss uniq concept but little expectations were met but other were washed nd star plus is full of rone dhone waale saas bahu types serials or the so called youth shows are sooo very predictable nd of the same old dragged boriinggggggg stirylineeee 😛 this shw was a uniq concept nd they finshed it despite of good support 100 tymes better than thosee old superr dragged 6-8 yrs longgg airing serialss welll bravo starplus …… wat can b done now exet 4 a faint hope of nauc season2 which will i hope soo fulfil r expectations……

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  25. ok thenn i paste it credits # india west
    5 Reasons Why ‘Nisha Aur Uske Cousins’ Should Return With a 2nd Season
    Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on pinterest_shareMore Sharing Services
    ARIELLE, Special to India-West | Posted 9 hours ago

    Three more days and the popular Star Plus show will come to an end, and we will miss it dearly. Despite all the online motions to continue the show, “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins” will come to an end in June. The show will be replaced by the new musical drama “Badtameez Dil.”

    Since we are the optimistic kind, we hope Bodhi Tree Productions will come back with season two of “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins.” And if Star Plus doesn’t agree to air it, we are sure there are several other Hindi GECs that will take ownership of it. It’s true the production house bowed down to pressure and botched the storyline of the show, but we believe that if the daily soap were to come back with a second season, it could definitely work.

    Here are five reasons we think “NAUC” should come back with another season:

    1) Youth shows never go out of trend. Hindi GECs like Star Plus, Colors, Zee TV and Sony TV are always looking for ways to tap into different audiences all the time. Plus, it will be a break from the typical saas-bahu drama.

    2) Most daily soaps have one antagonist who keeps plotting and planning against the family, but it’s hardly real. “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins” is one of the few shows that concentrate on real things, such as everyday issues and arguments in the family, which everyone can relate to.

    3) Nisha is the only female character that depicts a very different shade of women. She doesn’t need to dress girly or wear make up, nor does she need to be unrealistically obedient. Her character is a breath of fresh air.

    4) The cousins in the show are like the desi, very creative version of the American show “Friends.” And that’s a show that we’ve been trying to mimic for eons and have been failing at miserably. But “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins” brings out the notion that you can be a part of a family and still be like friends with each other.

    5) Since all Indian soaps have to dish out values, “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins” is the first-ever show where the kids teach the elders lessons on how to love and live together. Take that for unique!

    Frankly, this says it all, and a second season would have a lot of scope if you ask me. Let’s hope the makers are reading this.

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