Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha asks viraj to help her prove kabir innocent,viraj says miss nisha I never ever supported a wrong person and I believe that kabir is a thief and I have not just seen it but heard it too,nisha says why don’t u understand kabir did this to save me, viraj says that’s not important u take care and call me if u need help,viraj leaves.
Viraj sees a letter near door and takes it along with him, nisha is missing kabir, she picks his shirt and starts crying, and takes his headphones too and hugs his things,ramesh brings nisha her tablets and asks her to have it,nisha says papa I want to see kabir,ramesh says nisha relax don’t forget truth finds its way and I am with u now have tablets ,nisha has her tablets,laxmi comes shouting fools u two are,where did u go,ramesh says police station,cousins and sourabh reach nishas home,umesh goes to nisha and hugs her,nisha starts crying,umesh says nisha sit take rest,umesh says I know everything u don’t be tensed we cousins are there for u,jwala asks nishu bro how are u,nisha says better,dolly says nishu I am very sorry this is all my fault, plz forgive me,nisha says dolly di u cried a lot not anymore,bunty hugs nisha and says nishu di I wont leave sumit I will punch him,ramesh says relax guys.
Nisha says I want to go meet kabir,laxmi says nisha look at urself how will u,nisha says I have to prove kabir innocent orelse kabir and I wont let that happen,umesh says sumit has done everything with lot of care and we have no proof,and we have to plan something to find him red handed,nisha says my proof sumit destroyed it jwala says nishu bro he just destroyed ur phn here is ur memory card, umesh plays the recording,but some part of recording is missing,umesh says this wont help.
Dadi and dadaji come,dadi hugs nisha and dadaji says nisha u trouble me a lot what would I do if something would happen,nisha says nothing will happen,dadaji says never take any such step and I want to talk to u very imp come with me.dolly starts feeling giddy, umesh asks her is she fine,laxmi asks dolly to relax and take rest,dolly says just tired.
Leela says sumit good u donated nisha blood, sumit says but we haven’t got any money yet, this is our last chance,leela says I am with u and see this time I will do it nicely and I have fooled lot of people I am expert in all this fooling business,these gangwals are fool,and sumit relax,sumit says ok and anyways I have found buyers but after kabirs case police have become very alert and so we have to be quick and careful,leela says don’t be scared, nothing will happen and now we will complete the mission and once we go delhi these gangwals wont touch us bcoz we have lot of connections there.
Sumit gets a call from sourabh,sourabh says I need party u succeeded after all,sumit says don’t trouble me bye, sourabh says before u cut call listen to this recording once,sumit says what are u talking,sourabh says ok I will go police station then,sumit smiles and says I know u have no recording I destroyed all proofs,sourabh says actually kabir had forwarded it to me before giving it to u,so hear ur sweet voice,sumit hears the recording and asks what do u want, sourabh says deal with me and so meet me near shop in one hr.ramesh says I hope laxmi does her job fine,nisha says no worries she will be fine.
Laxmi cooks sweet and aman mix thandai in it,dadi says laxmi good job, and bunty go call ur leela aunty,and laxmi relax I know u are tensed keep hope and show guts, sourabh abt to leave cousins wish him luck,nisha sees he is nervous and asks what is it go soon and calm down don’t fumble, jwala says yes don’t underestimate him he is very cunning,sourabh says guys relax I will do my job properly bye,nisha says I hope all goes well.
Kabir is in jail he is missing nisha and time spent with her,police sees kabir hasn’t eaten food and asks him to finish it and calls him a lover boy,kabir says I am not hungry,police says u lover boy don’t show ur attitude here eat food or else see what I will do,kabir thinks if my love is true nisha will save me.

PRECAP:leela is in intoxication bcoz of thandai,ramesh calls her and speaks in sumits voice, and says mom do u remember the evening spot of jwellery deal, leela says yes behind the shop in an hour.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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