Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj walks towards kabir and gangwals, he looks at dadaji and says this marriage cant take place, all are surprised and shocked, viraj walks into the house,ramesh mohan virendra stop viraj,viraj says don’t stop me I need to talk to nisha,nisha sees this and runs downstairs and says dad let him in I want to hear what does he want to say,viraj walks to nisha and says miss nisha im sorry, I got to know u all didn’t do this,it was buaji who did this and when I learnt this I came for u, and I know u love me and I love u too,plz don’t think look im here ur here and we can marry eachother now,viraj holds nishas hand and says u no more need to punish urself im here for u now and u know more need to marry this guy,nisha says its kabir, viraj says oh common nisha I know ur doing this to teach me a lesson and viraj points to kabir and says miss nisha is mine and don’t dare come in between us,nisha leaves virajs hand this would never happen don’t even think of it, viraj says but nisha I know u love me remember in card shop u told me, nisha says I was crying and praying to u to listen to me but u didn’t,viraj says I know but it was a mistake plz,nisha says plz mr viraj u made fun of me , my feeling and now by doing all this ur making fun of my decision and marriage,viraj says plz listen to me.

Kabir stops viraj and takes nisha along with her to a side, and says nisha viraj is here for u think abt it,nisha says kabir how shd I trust him kabir,he didn’t trust me and who knows this is true or fake and im not doing this in anger, viraj never trusted me and if u wish to backout,kabir says no I wont I am just thinking abt u,nisha says if u have doubt I can clear it in front of everyone and goes in front of everyone and says viraj u came to me on my wedding day,insukted my uncle dad and my dadaji and let me tell u I don’t love u and never marry u,viraj turns to ramesh and says she is doing this in anger plz tell her, I love her and she should marry me,people around say look at this one bride and two grooms what situation for the gangwals,nisha holds virajs hand and drags him out,viraj says nisha what are u doing plz stop,nisha says u have already insulted me a lot and not anymore u can stay here as a guest and do have food,viraj says nisha,kabir stops him and says that’s it not anymore plz leave,viraj pushes flower vase in anger,ramesh comes in between and says plz leave viraj ur crossing ur limit,viraj pushes ramesh,kabir holds him and asks everyone to calm and goes to viraj and says enough is enough,viraj holds kabirs collar,sourabh and suku try to stop,kabir asks them to backout,viraj says its time to show u ur limits,kabir says even I can raise hand but my mom thought not to raise hand at losers, it’s a wedding house so leaving u orelse u know so just get lost and turns,viraj about to do something,suku umesh and sourabh stop him,viraj says I don’t believe this marriage nisha, and u can never forget me and remember if u cant be mine I will never let u be anyone else.

Viraj leaves,nisha hugs ramesh ,dadaji is very angry, kabir consoles nisha,people around start commenting on situation,kabir says aunty ur right but plz describe me what is ur category of being a good bride is it like nisha shd keep quite and listen to all the nonsense, if this is so ur too old fashioned I guess,u know nisha is like a gem so plz excuse us,the ladies leave.roopan says kabir but people will keep talking this bcoz atlast nisha as always created a situation,kabir says we always don’t have good people and don’t u know when we point at someone 4 fingers are at themselves.

Kabir looks tensed and starts acting and says no one wants me to marry look at ramesh uncle he doesn’t want his daughter to go,samosa uncle already hates me and amrish puri and points at dadaji,dadaji says no its nothing like this,kabir says then dadu smile its nisha ur nishas wedding,smile bcoz when u will smile the whole gangwal family will smile shd I call dadi to tickle and dadaji starts laughing and says ur very hilarious,kabir says then lets start the wedding,dadaji says don’t forget u are already married,all smile.

Panditji calls ramesh for kanyadan ritual,kabir says sorry dadu to interrupt but can we skip this kanyadan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Woow yaar kabir I am speechless…. U r just awesome…… Yaar wat a sentence NISHA LAAKON MEIN EK LADKI HEY………… NAHI NISHA TOH KARORON MEIN EK LADKI HEY……….. AND tht funny moment forgetting his situation he made all laugh to make nisha’ s mood up……….. But y this precap PLZ kabir accept her as ur wife……… u can also console ur mom later man…..pplzzzzz KABIR ACCEPT IT ( UR LOVE FOR NISHA ) ……. I JUST WANT TO SAY U GUYS ROCCKKK THE SHOW ….. WOOOWWW WOOOWW …..

  2. oh!!! hi devga ….. I’ve also seen that scene so amazing yaar …….. just loved that….. and that moment when kabir suddenly falls and acts as crying:-(… yaar sacchi kabir tu to hero hai …. sirf nauc ka hi nahi hum san ka ….. I love u yaar kabir. …

  3. Kanisha I think u are under 20 year that why you are not know true love

  4. Already kabair has fallen in love with nisha yaar. Guys cannot seee in his eyes?. When viraj tell nisha is his kabir got little bit angry and in sangeet he always used to see her without taking his eyes from her. Come on he fell in love with nisha already yaar

    1. Yes even i feel the same.

  5. oh!!! hello eeee…… here not only i’m..there r so many nibir’s fans and under 20…. and listen in true love trust is a main thing which viraj doesn’t have …… ok …

    1. yaah because even i am below 20

  6. But kanisha there is one things all u/nibir fans don’t understand viraj is a nice man although I know he is make mistake but is not a God nobody above mistake in this world, he already realized his mistake but why writer don’t given him chance to correct his mistake,in other serial they given them chance to correct their mistake like iss pryaar ko naan doon2(niranjan,varad)diya tour(sooraj even in yhm isita and vandu give Minika chachance

  7. @ee………u know nisha already 2nd chance to viraj… card shop

    1. Yes ur right i agree with u

  8. plz update the 24 march episode fast I just want to see kabir and viraj reaction. when they come to know they are brothers

  9. y kabir wants to skip kanyadan?????

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