Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Recap at the start: Dadaji is shouting loudly whilst calling Viren and Mohan downstairs. Ramesh asks him what happened. Dadi comes and gets worried on seeing this. Dadaji tells his 3 sons that today he saved their children by telling the police to handle them and bring them back home. Suku and Nisha watch Dadaji shouting from upstairs. Suku tells Nisha surprisingly that their Dadaji was behind all this and the police matter. Dadaji then informs his 3 sons that he had called him downstairs to warn them to explain to their children how their deeds are affecting others. Dolly, Umesh, Nisha and Suku look on worryingly at the scene. Nisha tells Dadi that she won’t be going to console Dadaji. Dadi then says that it’s a clear and straightforward matter and that whoever has has upset Dadaji will have to console him too. Nisha tries to explain her point of view but Dadi lovingly explains to her that a human only gets angry on those whom they love and asks her if she understood or not. Nisha nods her head and looks down adamantly as she is unsure at the same time.

Scene 1: Nisha is thinking something deeply and walking fastly towards Dadaji’s room as she is rolling her sleeves. Bunty comes in her way and stops her. He records a video of her whilst interviewing her on how she feels by getting herself into so much trouble and going to her strict Dadaji. Nisha jokingly replies that she can take him along too. Her younger brother then says that it’s not his age right now to be scolded so much. Nisha asks him if his done with his interview and tells him to run away from there. Nisha takes a deep breath and prepares herself to go to Dadaji while rolling her sleeves and presenting herself smartly and then confidently knocks on his door. Since she doesn’t get any response and Dadaji doesn’t open the door even after quite a few knocks…she decides to go inside herself. She opens the door and looks for Dadaji and is confused on not seeing him there. She looks around and then goes to the other side of the room. She sees Dadaji sitting down and reading a book and as she is standing behind him…she starts pretending to cough just to get his attention. Dadaji hears her but ignores her. Nisha understands and says to herself that it’s a Cold War and she’ll see how long he doesn’t talk to her. *suspensful background music is playing during this scene* Nisha casually walks to the other side of the room right infront of Dadaji and opens a drawer very loudly infront of him. Dadaji sees this and gets quite surprised. She puts a lot of money inside it and closes it noisily. Dadaji continues ignoring her and reading as she expects some response from him. She looks at him for a few minutes and gets annoyed on not being able to gain his attention thus opens the drawer again very loudly and Dadaji is wondering what is happening but doesn’t bother much. Nisha searches the drawer quickly and takes out a jar of pistachios exitingly. She shakes the jar very loudly and bangingly places it on the table. Dadaji looks dissapointed but continues reading and still doesn’t say a word. Nisha seems exhausted trying to get his attention for so long so she sits down and opens the jar and starts eating the pistachios. She cracks them in a really hyper manner and starts playing with them by aiming to throw them in her mouth directly which she succeeds in doing easily. Dadaji still isn’t speaking up as Nisha is doing things which he dislikes and cannot tolerate whatsoever. She doesn’t give up and starts munching and making loud biting sounds as she’s eating with her mouth open. Nisha then starts rubbing the pistachio shells roughly in her hands and makes noises with them. She feels very tired trying so much and thinks what to do next as Dadaji looks at her strictly. Nisha then stands up positively and mischievously throws the pistachios bit by bit on Dadaji’s tidy table making a loud noise again. Dadaji sees this and gives a very harsh look as he closes his book which is was holding infront of his face for so long. Nisha is walking away as she’s looking down but Dadaji speaks up and she stops. He firmly orders her to pick up the mess she has made. Nisha gives a confident smile and sarcastically asks Dadaji how he spoke up now after so long. Furthermore, she asks him that she has come to talk to him so how can he ignore her like this?! Dadaji dodges her question and clearly repeats to her to pick up the mess. Nisha refuses to do so. She proudly tells him that if he doesn’t want to talk to her then even she doesn’t want to talk to him. Dadaji looks on strictly. Nisha gets up and as she is about to walk away she accidenally hits her foot against the table and quickly sits back down in pain. She shouts in pain and holds her foot tightly. Dadaji laughs. He puts down his book on the table and takes a deep breath on seeing her like this. He gets concerned for her so asks her what happened to her and to show him her foot injury. He holds her leg and sees a cut. Nisha tells him to leave it and adamantly grabs her leg. She says that her injury happened due to him and makes a crying face. He replies how did that happen due to him, it was clearly her own fault as she was in a rush. Dadaji is tending to her injury and Nisha complains that he always thinks it’s her fault. Nisha sadly says that he just doesn’t like her. Dadaji then walks away and opens the drawer and also asks what can he do if there’s nothing to like in her. Nisha looks upset as she looks on. She enquires if there’s nothing in her to like. Dadaji shuts the drawer and explains to Nisha as she carefully listens to him that when God was giving then lives then Kirti asked for beauty, Jwala asked for intelligence but he wonders what on earth was she doing at that time so God gave her nothing (upside down thumb). He walks with the cream he got for her from the drawer towards her and bends down to apply it on her injury. Nisha snatches it and starts applying it on her own. Dadaji takes it back and carefully applies it on her injury. He says that however, since she is Nisha, she changed that nothing to a thumbs up (something useful/good). Nisha starts smiling happily. She then complains that he called her nothing. She stands up and carefully understands that Dadaji is complimenting her and sarcastically wonders. Dadaji smiles. She says it’s unbelievable. Dadaji says what can he do…the world makes a donkey their dad and his making his granddaughter one. He says what can he do then as she won’t go and also won’t let him read. Nisha is flustered and tells him not to read…infact she was there to console him. He wonders what she’s on about. Nisha says that everyone is waiting for him outside and tells him to come along as everyone is having so much fun. Dadaji looks at her with a stern face. Nisha adds that according to the bet they had…she has put that money in his drawer and nods towards the drawer. Dadaji very quickly opens it and carefully takes out the money. Nisha gently warns him that until Dolly’s farewell after her wedding, there should be no problem. She finishes her sentence and positively starts walking away after taking a deep breath but stops on seeing Dadaji counting the money. She gets angry and asks him if he doesn’t trust her. Dadaji replies that since he is a business dealer…he doesn’t give or take money without counting. Nisha looks dissapointed at his response. He finishes counting and tells her that it’s only 40 thousand rupees. Nisha is shocked. He enquires about the remaining 5000 rupees. She wonders how is this possible and takes out her pockets. She tries to recall that she had given Suku the money then Kirti and then she had got hold of them. She then tells Dadaji that she had forgotten to tell him that Dolly had to go shopping, therefore, those 5,000 rupees were spent there. Dadaji says that’s fine but a bet is a bet and if the full amount won’t be given then it won’t be considered a bet. Nisha argues that it’s only 5000 rupees which are less so to cover those remaining 5000 rupees, she is willing to listen to his small orders. She asks if that’s okay with him. They give eachother a blank look and after a long pause…Dadaji says that’s fine then…he loses the bet. Nisha starts cheering and punching in the air as she’s very elated to know that. Dadaji smiles at her. She asks him if his coming outside or not as everyone is waiting for him. Dadaji smiles and gives her a assuring nod that he is coming. Nisha smiles and walks away. Dadaji goes to his drawer and picks up those remaining 5000 rupees which he had hid on purpose infront of Nisha and smiles.

Scene 2: Nisha comes walking outside in the hall as everyone is dancing and singing loudly. She walks up to Dadi and informs her that everything is good and that she managed to console him. Dadi smiles in sheer joy and pinches Nisha’s cheeks with love! Nisha walks right into the dancing crowd moving everyone aside and brings Suku to a corner and asks him about the remaining 5000 rupees. Suku tells her he doesn’t know anything about them. Nisha does the same with Kirti and gets the same response from her too. Everyone is clapping and dancing without any worries. Nisha is confused. Just then, Dadaji walks in and stands there strictly watching everyone. The whole family notices that Dadaji is right there and stops and everyone gets scared as they all make innocent faces. Ramesh hides the dhol behind him. Viren confidently comes forward and tells his father that he had told the family to stop the noise and there’s no need to do all the singing and dancing. In addition, he claims that all of them were just going to go to their rooms. Dadaji says go ahead and that he hasn’t forbidden this. Viren tells the family off and tells them to go to their bedrooms and that he has been telling them for so long to stop the noise. Dadaji walks closer towards Viren and tells him off for ruining everyone else’s fun and that he can go to his room as he wishes. Viren is confused on seeing this side of his father. Ramesh is too. Dadaji says that he will sit there and enjoy the fun with all of them. Dolly starts jumping with excitement. Dadaji carefully sits down and everyone watches him surprisingly. Viren steps back and says to his father that it’s his daughters wedding so it won’t be exciting to sit alone in his room and miss out on all the fun and happiness. The cousins giggle on seeing this. Dadaji orders him to stop complaining and to sing a song. Everyone smiles. Ramesh hits the drum to get things going. Viren starts singing in a very loud manner trying to get his tune right. Everyone laughs at him. Dadaji interrupts his singing and tells him to stop singing. Dadaji tells him to leave this job of singing to Ramesh as he does a better job. Ramesh adds that since it’s his niece’s wedding, he would like to sing for her and sweetly calls her to come forward. He sings a emotional song as Dolly smiles. Dadaji covers his ear. Everyone else smiles and listens carefully. He ends his singing with changing a lyric and saying that he hopes she gets a husband who can sing, indirectly teasing his elder brother, Viren. Everyone laughs loudly. Viren proudly informs him that he can sing and that he had taught Ramesh singing at first. He asks Mohan to recall their youngster days when their cousins used to come over too and how Ramesh used to come in his school uniform crying to his brothers take him for an outing. Everyone smiles and listens to their conversation. Mohan asks them if they remember when they used to go on long drives at night, eat kulfi and go on the fort. Ramesh asks them if they remember that song they used to sing. Viren gets excited and asks them to recall which song it was. They start singing “satte pe satta” and everyone starts dancing in a circle. Dadaji smiles with joy and so does Dadi.

Scene 3: After that they all sit together. Suketu brings paan for family members. Nisha says she will do any of Dadaji’s work for missing 5000. Dadaji tells them all to work together in Dolly’s wedding. They say they were going to do that already. Dadaji says yes, but he meant to work together. He asks Nisha to wear lehenga, traditional dress, in wedding and dance. Nisha doesn’t like it, but can’t refuse it.

Scene 4: Bunty is playing with flowers. Dadaji scolds him and tells him there should no naughtiness in marriage. Suketu comes there and tells Dadaji he did right thing by scolding Bunty. He then assures Dadaji he will make Nisha agree to wear lehenga and in return he asks Dadaji to consider his motorbike request. Like today he had to go walking to buy paan. Dadaji says for rupees paan, he wants him to buy thousands rupees motorbike? He asks what he will do once he gets the bike? He will just use it to buy stuff for others? He tells him to first make Nisha agree for wearing lehenga and doing welcome dance, then they will see.

Scene 5: Suketu wears lehenga and teaches Nisha how to walk properly like a girl, but she’s least interested. She tells him enough. She can’t do dramas. He says he can’t do it either, but you just get hotness by wearing lehenga. His mum gets shocked seeing him in lehenga and asks him to take it off now. He says he was just trying to convince Nisha. He shows her childhood photo. Nisha says she’s looking like a monkey. Both mum and brother try to convince her. Nisha understands Suketu must have made some deal with Dadaji. She keeps refusing and getting mad. Her dad comes there and tells her to try at least. If she doesn’t find herself comfortable, then he will handle everything. She finally agrees. Suketu goes with her for rehearsal. His dad tells his mum to learn from him how to handle kids. She thanks him.

Scene 6: All siblings are dancing. Kirti comes and stops the music. She reminds them she’s champion and today Nisha and Jwala will do what they never imagined. Kirti praises herself and says it’s an achievement to dance with her. First she was going to do welcome dance alone, but now she’ll have to share space with Nisha and Jwala, still all guys will notice her only. She just wants their support, no mistake, and for that they will have to work hard. She starts teaching them dancing steps. Nisha starts getting nervous.

End of episode.

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