Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha stares at viraj, viraj asks did u says something, nisha says no sir, nisha closes her eyes n dreams of viraj holding her hands n both walking together n then opens her eyes n looks at viraj, after sometime nisha falls asleep n rests her head on virajs shoulder.
Laxmi is tensed about nisha, since nisha isn’t home n she isn’t receiving phone, laxmi sees ramesh tensed n asks him wat is bothering u why are u tensed, ramesh says u look more tensed, laxmi says its nisha u tell, ramesh tells her im worried about aman her uncle is troubling her for dads flat, n im scared what if he comes here in search of her, n im thinking of taking loan from dad so that we can save her flat, laxmi says what will u tell dad n he is already busy with kirtis wedding, ramesh says later first call sourabh n ask him, laxmi calls sourabh, sourabh says must be with viraj sir n don’t worry I will text u viraj sirs number.

Mohan hands ritesh kirtis flat, ritesh says thanku uncle but im not liking it, kirti says plz ritesh u shd have taken care of things, ritesh says kirti im sorry I know u are not liking it but I have no choice but trust me I will workhard, mohan says ritesh we trust u, ritesh says promise uncle I wont let u down n leaves. Ritesh calls ram n says dad we are on right track n now no seeing back, aman sees ritesh talking to his dad.
Nisha wakes up , meanwhile viraj gets a call, viraj picks it up, laxmi says hello viraj sir im mummy’s nisha, viraj says what is mummy’s nisha, nisha says sir its nishas mummy laxmi, n takes phone n says hello ma its me nisha, laxmi says nisha what is this where are u, nisha says laxmi relax its just the car has broken down n im with viraj sir, viraj takes the phone, n laxmi keeps talking unaware of it viraj is hearing n says, what viraj sir don’t others work what kind of work takes so long, viraj says laxmi relax, laxmi gets shocked listening to virajs voice, viraj says Mrs gangwal take a deep breath n walk small steps for few minutes n if ur husband comes in middle ask him to move aside, laxmi does so, ramesh says what are u doing, viraj says good now listen im really sorry but don’t worry I will take care of ur daughter n she is safe with me n we are waiting for my car n when it comes I will drop her home safely, n u plz smile , laxmi says actually its nisha bday tomorrow sir, viraj says plz don’t call me sir n signal goes away.
Ramesh asks laxmi what did he say, laxmi says viraj sounded good I just hope nisha comes home, nisha says sorry sir mum just, viraj says ur lucky nisha u have someone who cares for u.
Kirti says to mohan dad u didn’t have to make ritesh flats joint owner, roopan says its difficult to trust ritesh n so is this kirti, kirti starts crying, roopan says these two have taken wrong advantage of the freedom, kierti about to leave, roopan says don’t go out crying family will ask thpusands of questions n I don’t want anyone to know about it, n leaves, kirti sits down crying, aman enters n thinks ritesh looked happy n kirti is crying, she asks kirti what is it, kirti hugs aman n starts crying n tells aman everything n says plz don’t tell anyone, aman says don’t worry I wont u just stop crying,
Shekhar along with his friend goes to virajs location, takes the bag, but viraj comes n stop him, viraj holds his neck n asks who are u while shekhar comes from behind n hits viraj on his head, viraj falls down, shekhar walks with his friend, but viraj attacks them back, while they three fighting, nisha comes from behind n rushes to viraj for help, but shekhar pushes her, nisha sees gun in car n aims at shekhar n says listen u leave sir or else I will shoot u, viraj kicks the bag to nisha n nisha says leave sir in 3 oer else I will leave, shekhar doesn’t leave viraj, nisha shoots shekhar in leg, viraj falls n shekhar runs away with his friend, nisha looks at the gun, viraj walks to nisha n claps for her, nisha says sir did u see I could shoot, viraj asks for gun n says well done, nisha gets very happy, viraj says nisha we should leave this place, the car comes, viraj says good ur here, viraj asks nisha to sit in the car n says nisha why are u quite, nisha says I could shoot, viraj says u could n that to very well n now sit, viraj drives the car n says nisha u will never forget this day , nisha says sir this day is over, viraj says no a new day has began n so a very happy bday to u.
Shekhar says this nisha is a big pain n so its time for her to leave the academy n virajs life.

Nisha introduces viraj to dadaji, dadaji says viraj u are a big man n ur works are big like u, but gangwal family girls are not allowed to work so late.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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