Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, laxmi gets emotional seeing nishas file she takes it n leaves.
Ashish takes jwala to an abandoned place, jwala asks why are we here, ashish says its risky to take retest in school n shows a msg reading by her math teacher saying school isn’t safe n later comes msg that he is stuck in some work, ashish says see jwala this is all bcoz u don’t trust me, jwala starts crying n says sir i do trust u, ashish says don’t cry i will take care of u n takes her inside.
Nisha searches jwala a lot but doesn’t find she meets the auto rickshaw in which jwala had travelled, he tells nisha the location where he left jwala n ashish, jwala gets scared as ashish gets to touchy , jwala tries to run away but ashish drags her, nisha comes n hits ashish, nisha warns ashish but while nisha trying to console jwala ashish tries to runaway, nisha takes hold of ashish n starts hitting him.
Jwala sees laxmis call on nishas cell n picks it up n tells her the location n wat had happened, laxmi rushes to the place,while hitting ashish nisha says i will never let the things repeat that took place with me , laxmi comes there n ashish runsaway. laxmi sees nisha all angry n yelling in pain, laxmi hugs nisha n tries to calm her down, laxmi says im sorry nisha , all these years i couldn’t understand wat pain u were going through, nisha says the thing that spoilt my life i wont let it happen with jwala n mom u wanted to know wat happened yes it was this, the boys tried to assault me.
Laxmi says nisha calm ur a hero, the bravest girl with all ur courage u have handled ur life all by urself n now saved jwala as well. Jwala hugs nisha n says im sorry i didn’t realise these things would happen, laxmi says jwala when u have a sister like nisha u will never be hurt, nisha says i wont leave ashish, laxmi says nisha this is a serious thing n first we will talk abt this to roopan, jwala says no plz don’t tell her she will scold me, laxmi says she is ur mother u shd trust us we gave u birth n we can understand u, 8 years back wat nisha did i wont let it happen back. Nisha calls roopan n hands the phone to laxmi. Nisha says to jwala , jwala don’t worry i wont let ashish free today it was u tomorrow it would be someone else, jwala asks nisha wat had happened in sports meet.
Nisha says leave it jwala its a past, laxmi says have u left those memories, speak out nisha orelse they will keep haunting u tell me nisha, nisha says i was very happy i had been selected for the finals, i saw few boys troubling a girl, i warned them n tried to protect that girl.there was such rush that i couldn’t figure out who those boys are, to celebrate my selection dolly di took me to have icecream, on the way she went to washroom n sat outside listening to my mp3 player, those boys came their, they blind folded me n said donot cross us agains n started being physical, i was screaming but no one could hear me n then, nisha yells, laxmi hugs her n says nisha speak wat happened, nisha says before they could do something sports mam n watchmen came their n the boys ranway. Nisha says i couldn’t understand wat happened , i was angry i couldn’t fight them, laxmi says u aren’t weak nisha calm. Nisha says the next day i couldn’t play, laxmi says nisha why didn’t u tell me, nisha says i was scared n i thought u will think im wrong as well but i swear it wasn’t my fault, at the age of 13 i was told, it would harm schools reputation n if i would tell u u will stop me from schooling n so i got scared. Roopan comes their, jwala comes n hugs roopan, laxmi says nisha saved jwala at the right time, nisha says i hit that sir n he will never do anything like this, roopan says thanks nisha today i realised why jwala calls u nisha bro.

Nisha says its time to teach ashish a lesson, roopan says no i don’t want to take this topic ahead finish it of here or jwalas life would be public joke.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. suprr episode

  2. poor nisha…mm…such a*sh*les shud b shot on d spot..and wat wr those boys thnkg..real [email protected]#$%^…

  3. Bad people should be punished

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