Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , nisha gets a call from sourabh,nisha tells him about her meet with viraj and says sourabh I think only arti can stop him but im feeling bad to bring back arti,sourabh says ur doing this for academy and viraj sir so don’t feel bad and go for it.nisha mails viraj as arti saying sory that she couldn’t be in touch due to some family issues but now she is back and she doesn’t like her friend her viru to give up and go to London,so go for it lakshya academy needs u,so plz don’t go.
Laxmi and ramesh in their room,ramesh sings a romantic song for laxmi,nisha comes into room confused,ramesh says I was trying to practice nisha,nisha says what ramesh says see this paper I think me n laxmi will take part in this youth competition,nisha says dad u aren’t youth ur uncle,ramesh says oh so u call urself youth go take part in this competition with ur cousins and prove urself,nisha says that’s a great idea dad if we win this competition we can use the money for lakshay academy funding,laxmi says yes,ramesh says no u wont go back to viraj and help me,nisha says im helping the academy,ramesh says see nisha do anything but I don’t want u to see u hurt again,nisha says dad lakshya academy has helped me a lot.laxmi says nisha is right when she is finding a way she should go for it,nisha says dad plz forget the past and let me do this plz,rameslaxmi nods yes,nisha says thanku.
Nisha asks cousins to gather on terrace,all ask nisha why she woke them early morning,nisha showa them the talent show broucher,and theres no one else like we cousins we are very talented,jwala says what are u saying im not understanding ,nisha says we can use this money for lakshya academy and I think we should do this for viraj sir,dolly says all this is nice ok but what will we do,nisha says suku can dance and sing and umesh bhaiya can show cooking talent lets start atleast,suku starts dancing,nisha says wait first lets go to academy and ask viraj sir to sign us as lakshya academy representative.
Kirti comes back,dadaji says sorry kirti we didn’t chose the right guy for u,dadi says forget all that go meet ur cousins and ur uncle,roopan comes and says kirti why didn’t u call,kirti says plz mom im not a kid and jwala told me everything and u are wrong,what is wrong with u,aman is one who saved me and u.nisha comes and hugs kirti.nisha says kirti ur goddess go change we have big plan to discuss.
Laxmi sees nishas laptop on and while shutting it down she sees mail from viraj to arti saying hi arti good to see u back and laxmi gets confused why viraj is calling nisha arti. Viraj talks to some buyers,gayatri comes there and says good ur showing some intelligence,viarj says don’t show this fakeness I don’t wish to talk to u,gayatri says viraj plz forgive me, im sorry after all im ur aunty, viraj gets a call and he leaves.
Cousins go to viraj,nisha walks to viraj and shows him form,viraj says nisha my passport enough of ur joke,nisha says sir this is for lakshya academy and I want u to sign this form as we want f=to represent lakshya academy,and this is a good way to support lakshya academy and u just have to sign,viraj says u are really brave and what u and ur cousins will do,nisha says no worries we are very talented,viraj says this is not easy,nisha says sir we know it and we are fully prepared and when we win we can use the money for funding,viraj says are u sure u will win,nisha says im used to losing but I want give up,and after all that happened it made me more strong,viraj says u always surprise me but thanku and lakshya academy is my dream and I don’t want to drag u and ur cousins,so I wont sign this.gayatri hears all this and says lovely viraj didn’t sign the paper, and goes through the format of the competition and says I have to stop this nisha from taking part.
Cousins ask what to do,nisha says we will represent lakshya academy ,sourabh go to viraj sir and get signed our form cunningly saying its for ur new job.

Cousins reach the registration booth late.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. nauc bohot aacha serial…am eagerly waiting for nisha and viraj ki dance.i love u viraj.:-)

  2. nauc bohot aacga serial…am eagerly waiting for nisha and viraj ki dance.i love u viraj.:-)

  3. yess unique angel n sry mujhe laga ki tum kyy ke fan ho

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