Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sumit says so kabir what is ur decision ur choosing nisha or urself , kabir thinks abt nisha and her family and how nisha always stood for him and cared for him.kabir turns to sumit and says I agree I will take the blame on me,sumit walks to kabir and says ok give me nishas phone,kabir says no first u donate blood, and when u will do so I will give u phone,sumit says ok.
Doc sees nisha is collapsing and says we need blood soon, and asks laxmi to find a donor now,doc says we found no donor or any blood in blood bank, doc tells ramesh and virendra to find blood donor, suku comes and says even I didn’t find blood but I have updated social networking sites for blood,virendra says even I have called my friends,laxmi comes out and says ramesh nisha is collapsing do something, aman calls suku and says I will send umesh there for help,suku says no let him be home and take care there.
Roopan denise to check blood,dolly comes and says aman sumits blood grp matches with nishas,aman says request him, do anything after all its nishas life.jwala says call jiju di,dolly abt to call sumit but sees kabirs miscalls and calls kabir,kabir says dolly after half n hr u will declare sumit innocent in house,dolly says whats wrong with u kabir why this,kabir doesn’t speak,dolly says oh its sumits new trap right,kabir says not now dolly just do what I said its for nisha and she is what matters now and nothing else,so promise me dolly plz,dolly says ok I will,kabir says thanku.
Aman stands with dolly ,dolly says I wont forgive sumit ever,laxmi is crying,sumit comes and says ramesh uncle my blood matches ,laxmi thanks sumit ,sumit says plz nisha is like my sister plz tell me where shd I go,suku rushes to call doc,doc takes sumit in,laxmi thanks god and kabir goes to nishas room and removes mask and says see I told u nothing will happen to u,n nisha may be u wont see me when u get conscious and I did this for u bcoz I love u nisha a lot and see u made this fool fall in love as well and so get well soon and when we meet again I promise I will love u so much that even u will love me.

nurse takes sumits blood,kabir kisses nishas forehead and when he turns to leave he sees laxmi entering, kabir starts crying and says I am going and may be u wont see me like this again but trust me I never wanted to hurt nisha and I love her a lot and this is for nisha and so I don’t care abt results but my nisha will be fine bcoz of this step,kabir takes laxmis blessings and leaves.
Kabir goes to sumit and gives him phone,sumit gives him wicked smile,kabir leaves,kabir goes out,kabir gets a call from his mom,he doesn’t pick it up and says mom today I realized what true love is and u were right when we are in love mind doesn’t matters, I can runaway but I cant bcoz I love nisha and so I will do whatever possible,kabir sees virendra and walks towards him and says lets go to police station samosa uncle, virendra says come with me I will take u to police,kabir says I wont run go call police,virendra leaves to call police.
In front of virendra viraj and police,kabir asks uncle how is nisha,uncle says she is fine,police asks viraj to give statement,viraj says sure the jwellery bag was with kabir and kabir pushed nisha,kabir says nisha I love u this is just for u and says viraj is right I am the culprit,virendra tries to attack but viraj stops him and says kabir be ashamed just for some money see where is nisha and u always be her culprit and I would never leave u never ever,kabir says u would never understand big bro,viraj says don’t try make relation,kabir says u wont understand ever what relations are and what I have done for nisha so we will soon meet If its in our fate,viraj says I hope never and don’t ever try to see nisha or else I will kill u.

Precap:dolly declares at gangwal house that sumit is innocent and nisha gets conscious.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  17. Todays update
    Viraj threatens kabir and says him not to meet nisha anymore. So kabir says bade bhaiyya, there is no need for him to go near nisha becoz she herself wud cum near him. Kabir gets tortured in jail and the police asks him to say where are the remaining jewellary. Sumit breaks the nishas mobile. In gangwals house,dolly says to dadaji tat she ws wrong. In hospital, nisha opens her eyes murmers kabir.. She keeps om calling kabir. She asks laxmi. Finally virendra says he s in jail.she tries to get up and says tat it ws summit who threw her down d building and also tat he ws the thief.

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  25. Sumit talks to leela tat if nisha opens her mouth, wat wud be their condition. Virendra says tat it ws sumit who saved her life. Nisha says no laxmi believe me. Bt nobody believes in her. Nish shouts that kabir is innocent.Virendra says sumit is his son in law and he jst saved her life. Nurse comes to sumit and says tat nisha is conscious. Sumit does acting wen he enters the ward. And acts as happy. Nisha says she hs proof with which she cud prove kabir. innocent.she tries to get up. Bt doc denies. She cries. All leave.Sumit comes to nisha and says nw u dont dare to take any challenge with me. Also reveals how he blackmailed kabir. Nisha sobs bitterly. Virendra comes nd sumit nd leela acts. They leave. Nisha slowely murmers kabir.

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    1. No one believe her dr so sad na

  28. Nishu escape from hospital

  29. In jail, kabir asks constable wat time it is and gets happy tat bynw nisha wud hav gt conscious. Ramesh says nisha wat proof r u talking abt. Bt nisha keeps silence. Laxmi asks nishu to speak something. Nd she asks to keep hope. In gangwals house, daadi worships god. She asks dadaji why is he sad. So dadaji says(something emotional)………………..
    Roopan too joins conversation and praises summit. Leela too comes nd says summit is really a good guy. He cannot think bad of others(which i thnk is a biggest pj) in jail, kabir ws forced to get ready fr next round of torture. Nisha dreams kabir. She gets his letter nd starts reading tat. In which he has written tat may be their saath is only upto here… Kabirs face is also shown.

    Precap: laxmi shouts for nisha in hospital. Nisha escapes from the hospaital. Nd thinks sorry laxmi, she hd to do so.

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