Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with ,cousins ramesh and laxmi celebrate with umesh and aman,all dance and enjoy themselves,dadi and vimla joins them.dadi blesses umesh and aman, roopan comes,aman asks her to join them,jwala says lets have a group selfie, roopan denies and leaves,umesh gets angry.dadi asks laxmi vimla and room to come to her room and says to cousins not to be upset and have fun.sourabh says after such a long time we guys are having fun,nisha says its bcoz of viraj sir and says sourabh I wll get my phone its in my room. Nisha reads all the messages for arti where he had shared how bad he felt while breaking nishas heart and confessing his love towards arti,and also he is missing arti,and the latest mail reads that viraj is very sad about the academy and is leaving jaipur and going to London and hope he will meet arti soon.nisha is in tears after reading the mail and says I have to stop viraj and show him the true nisha. Sham singh asks can he dropviraj to airport,viraj says no plz I will go by my own and I don’t wish to stay here anymore and now I don’t have anyone here to wait for,sham singh leaves.viraj writes to arti saying I don’t know whether u will read this but I miss u and I love u arti,nisha comes and says sir. Umesh goes to dadis room,umesh says roopan aunty aman is the daughter in law of this house and why do u hate her even when she saved kirti,roopan says I don’t need any lecture,umesh says im not giving any lecture but if u cant love her atleast don’t insult her,roopan says enough of it,dadi says roopan umesh is right,roopan says I did this for my daughters who will marry them when they will hear abt aman,dadi says so u want to destroy his present for ur kids future and don’t forget aman saved ur daughters future and present. Nisha says sir dolly di forgot her purse, and where are u going,viraj says London,nisha says oh a trip,viraj says but why,nisha says why didn’t u tell me sir,viraj says I will next time let me go,nisha says ok sir when will u be back,viraj says I don’t know,nisha says sir i will not let u go,sir plz all that happened abt the academy even I was part of it,viraj says it was my dads dream and its no more and u are not a part of the problems,nisha says sir it was not but it is a dream plz stop and lets give academy a new start. Dadi says and vimla it was ur fault as well if u weren’t so against her and bcoz of u the kids lied,laxmi says vimla di did this bcoz dolly mother in law threatened her but now she has seen that aman is good by nature,dadi says remember trust ur children and not just them trust eachother orelse we wont be together even after living together and roopan u should say sorry to aman,aman comes and says sorry I should interfere but plz lets forget the past and move on I don’t want roopan aunty to do so plz dadi,dadi smiles and blesses aman,vimla hugs aman. Viraj leaves for delhi,on his way he remembers his first day and his last day in the academy and feels bad and upset,viraj finds nisha in the middle of the road,viraj says are u mad nisha,nisha says sir plz stop and give me 10 days I will show u a way to save the academy,viraj says I have no time let me go,nisha says sir u cant see behind the traffic is jam,viraj says ok I will go by an taxi but I will go to London,the people from traffic ask viraj to say yes to nisha, viraj says nisha this wont work,nisha snatches his passport,viraj says u can stop me from going to London but not from leaving this city.

Precap: Ramesh to nisha see nisha im thinking of participating in this yputh competition along with ur mom,nisha says dad u are not youth,ramesh says ok then u participate along with ur cousins.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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