Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ramesh n laxmi ask nisha to calm down but nisha takes laxmi n leaves in anger, suku n umesh at the entrance of shop, umesh says see ur future is calling u welcome to the gangwal shops n now this shop is ur warfield go my brother enter the shop, suku enters the shop n imagines his steps in filmy way, dadaji congratulates suku for his first day, suku says dadaji i promise i will work hard n takes dadajis blessings, dadaji says suku its ur first day so u will open the shop today, mohan welcomes suku, umesh says suku from tomorrow plz wear normal clothes, ramesh comes to shop, dadaji says ramesh ur son has given me happiness u never n so i wish every child fulfils his parents wish, ramesh says dadaji im happy to see u are happy, vijendra says see the shop will be from 9 to 7, dadaji says u will have two months traning n then shall u join umesh.
Nisha sourabh n bunty go to collect sukus bday cake, nisha says sourabh for sure this ritesh wont attend sukus party.
Dadaji assigns vijendra a work, ritesh says im so excited for ur bday suku , suku says wow come today night for the party, while nisha texts him not to ainvite ritesh, suku says ritesh we have a family function so we will meet tomorrow n not today night, ritesh says but im family as well but its fine i forgive u we will meet tomorrow.
Sourabh asks nisha why is she so upset , nisha says its bcoz dadaji insulted dad in front of ritesh, sourabh says n wats this FB pic, nisha explains him the selfie ritesh n suku story.
Umesh gets a message in shop n he escapes slowly , umesh goes n meets his girlfriend , umesh girlfriend n umesh sit in a cafe n shop while vijendra comes there, to hide face umesh hugs his girlfriend, vijendra passes a comment saying shameless n leaves, umesh with his girlfriend leave n ritesh sees them.
Kirti n roopan listening to loud music, jwala comes n asks to stop the music but they don’t listen, jwala says she will go n study in laxmis room, while roopan says how can ritesh like a girl like nisha, kirti ignores the chat n leaves the room.
Ritesh calls summit n says i have completed ur selfie challenge n also the sukus bady bash challenge, summit asks how did u get the entry to the bash, ritesh says i helped kirti get admission for fashion designing in jaipur n in return she promised me entry to bash n not only this i will show u a pic in which nisha will give me a kiss, summit says but why this, ritesh says to show that ritesh is winner a true charm n can handle n brat like nisha also.
Laxmi is tensed about nisha n ritesh arguments, vimla comes n helps laxmi preparation for evening bash, laxmi asks wat is the matter why are u so tensed, vimla says just worried abt summits posting, laxmi says all will be fine, vimla asks is ritesh invited, laxmi says nisha has warned not to invite ritesh, nisha comes saying she has got sukus fav cake, vimla n laxmi try to convince nisha again on marriage topic, nisha grabs a phone n says she has to make arrangements for evening party n will talk about it later, nisha n family are decorating for sukus party, nisha calls suku n asks him to come home soon, laxmi ramesh n nisha show eachother sukus gifts, kirti says where is the party n from behind comes ritesh saying hello n surprise.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  4. the precap is summit and ritesh video calling ritesh is saying he is going to kiss nisha to summit dolly hears it and also nisha listens ritesh

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  6. Dear Site Readers,
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