Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, while leaxing viraj sees some boys playing cricket n goes n joins them, nisha looks at viraj n smiles, viraj goes to nisha n says so come lets go. Nisha says sir thanku, viraj says oh its fine I did this for me, I like helping people n see I got a sister, n says by the way nisha ur a very big fighter cock like a ladakukumar, nisha says oh plz sir.
Dadaji says ramesh god u did ur work very neatly, ramesh says this is bcoz of this laptop, dadaji says good this new technology is helping us, ramesh says dad why don’t u accept new thoughts like new technologies, dadaji says no that’s not possible, I will never allow intercast marriage, no doubt aman must be a good girl but I don’t accept this thought, ramesh says when u asked me to quit singing I was broken n I don’t want umesh to go through it, dadaji says umesh is young n this generation u know, n abt u now u see ur so happy n umesh trust me this decision is right n wont change, n does virendra know abt it, ramesh says no he doesn’t, virendra comes tired, dadaji asks virendra are u fine, is dolly ok, virendra says ya she is fine, dadji says I want to talk to u but now take some rest.

Priyanka gets a call from friends inviting her for a concert, gayatri comes n says what the problem dear u look tensed, priyanka says im attending a concert today night , gayatri says will ur bro viraj allow u, I will help u but in return u have to ask viraj for some money I want to buy a harmonium, priyanka starts laughing n says sorry I wont do this, gayatri says don’t u forget priyanka all this status ur carrying with u is bcoz of me so to keep this intact, priyanka says ok I will but u have to let me go to concert,gayatri says done, nisha hears this.
Amanpreet unpacks her belongings, umesh says how will u stay here alone, u come with me to my place I will talk to my family, aman says by what relation will u take me there, don’t forget I have lost my father but not my self respect , umesh says ur taking me wrong, aman says no im not I love u but that doesn’t mean u can treat me like a luggage, I will stay here n that’s my decision, umesh says n I promise u soon will be staying with me.
Viraj explaining abt work, priyanka comes, viraj asks hows ur practice, priyanka says ok, viraj says why is that so, priyanka says bro my shooting equipments are very old, viraj says ok take this money, n take credit card, nisha says sir in store we have brand new equipments, viraj says good priyanka go along with nisha, gayatri says oh those are two years old we are trying for national level so I think, viraj says ur right aunty priyanka go get ur equipments. Viraj asks gayatri to get some files, n asks nisha to arrange for the shooting practice n says make sure u don’t get into hurry.
Nisha cleaning n arranging equipments wear them, she remembers the time when she had seen viraj practicing n tries it, viraj says be careful nisha, nisha says sorry sir, viraj says don’t be scared n try, nisha says im not scared its just that I don’t know, viraj says let me show u, he loads the gun n hands it to nisha n asks her to aim, nisha aims the target, viraj guides her, nisha looks at viraj, viraj says focus miss nisha, nisha leaves the gun when she has those bad dream flashes, viraj says are u ok nisha, nisha says y aim fine n runs away.

Precap: priyanka insults nisha calling her down market n says no one can stop me from going to concert, nisha gets angry n throws coffee on priyankas dress.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks fr d update

  2. I just hope and pray tht viraj falls d for nisha first

  3. Priyanka deserves it

  4. Oh my my!nisha fall in viraj

  5. Seriously after watching this serial… I started saying oh my my! A lot that my friends were asking me from where I picked this…. All thanks to GayatrI!

    Loved nisha and viraj sceNes…<3

  6. Grt….

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