Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with ,viraj says I know one gurudwara here come lets go,nisha says I will follow u,viraj says nisha don’t be fool come with me,its not bad to hace first love,nisha says no sir,viraj says if no its good bcoz I know the fighter nisha and not a looser so stop behaving like a 40 year old and I didn’t rejected u but the love relation between us but will still like to be ur friend, don’t lose urself to this rejection so are u coming or I should pick u,nisha says ok im coming and sits behind viraj.viraj and nisha proceed to the gurdwara. Jaspal with aman and the groom reach gurudwara and forcefully take aman along with them. Aman asks them not to force her and she wont marry the guard,the gurudwara incharge asks not to force her,viraj and nisha reach gurudwara,jaspal says plz don’t interfere or else,viraj gets into argument and fight with them,nisha calls umesh and pulls aman towards her,police arrive at location,aman tells police about she being forced,police arrests jaspal,umesh and ramesh arrive, aman hugs viraj and thanks him,police ask viraj to come with them,umesh and aman thank nisha,nisha says don’t thank me,thank viraj sir.aman says if viraj bro wouldn’t be here,umesh says where is he,where did he go.

Roopan sees cousins come,dolly , laxmi vimla welcome them,vimla hugs aman and asks her is she ok,aman says yes.vimla says aman im sorry plz forgive me,its u ,aman says aunty plz don’t.ramesh sings a song for vimla and asks her to forgive him and laxmi,vimla says I will never talk to u ramesh,and smiles and says I was at fault thanku n now I know we shouldn’t mix humanity and caste.ramesh teases vimla,virendra comes and says ramesh what are u saying,umesh walks to virendra and says im sorry dad I know I didn’t do things properly but plz forgive me and aman,virendra says I said yes for ur relation only bcoz of aman and her loving and caring nature.dolly says dad clearly say yes and finish it off.virndra says ok it’s a yes,virendra hugs umesh andsays umesh bcoz of doctor I cant even scold u know,all laugh.virendra says ok what about dadaji,ramesh says nisha is on the mission. Nisha tells dadaji and dadi about aman and umesh,dadaji gets upset and says how could u kids do this,nisha says tell me what is ur take on aman,dadaji says she is better than u kids for sure,nisha says that means if she was jain then,dadaji says what does that mean,nisha says dadaji u told us that all are equal and we cant lose a girl just for religion thing,dadi says nisha is right. Roopan says no one called me down,mohan comes roopan calls him but he walks away.dadji says nisha come lets go out,dadaji,dadi ,nisha come out,dadaji to aman so u are aman and not poonam and all hide this truth from me, and u even fixed ur date for wedding, roopan laughs loudly all give her a cold look.dadaji walks to aman and says I can allow u on one condition,every morning u have to give me tea without fail bcoz im tired of vimla and laxmis tea,all get excited and hug eachother in joy.umesh thanks nisha.aman goes in tears when she receives acceptance from dadi and dadaji. Dadaji says ramesh this nisha is very dangerous I tell u,she has become very intelligent and caring and its good and aman see I don’t hate u and now since u have arranged a date in court we will go by its date since amans dad is no more and virendra is also ill and about celebrations we will see it later. Viraj asks sham singh is my luggage ready,sham singh says yes,viraj says ok I will be leaving in an hour and now this house is on u and when u get a buyer let me know.sham singh gets virajs luggage, viraj checks his inbox for mails from arti but finds none and gets upset.

PRECAP: Nisha reads mails for arti from viraj reading, he is leaving for London and good bye.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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