Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, laxmi gives doctor a call n tells her nisha has agreed to get married, doctor says that could be dangerous for nisha, at present ur consult shd be to know the reason behinf=d nisha n not marriage. Ritesh mom says ritesh we have loved ur choice we liked nisha a lot, dadaji says to dadi see nisha agrred to get married that means god has agreed, dadi says thats not gods choice he is testing me. Ritesh looks at kirti n smiles, umesh says kirti i know u like ritesh but since nisha has agreed i think u shd drop the plan of ritesh n u, kirti says umesh im happy for nisha n leaves. Ritesh mom asks nisha wat are her after marriage plans, nisha says she hasn’t decided anything, riteshs mom says nisha wat do u do now, nisha says nothing, ritesh says mom nisha says this bcoz she doesn’t think any task as her job n she is always busy in social service, ritesh dad says thats a good timepass n hobby, ritesh mom says in America there is very good opportunity for social service n if u don’t want to do that u join my kitty n u will never get bored there, ritesh says ya nisha i will never let u get bored, nisha says excuse me plz n leaves, vimla goes to nisha n asks her is she ok, nisha says yes she is fine, ritesh follows nisha n says so nisha if i knew this would be so easy, nisha says ritesh plz if u don’t stop i will change my decision n leaves. Jwala finds hard to concentrate on asking by her tutor she says she is worried for her sister nisha, the tutor tries to go too close to jwala but rukhma comes n informs jwala that nisha has agreed to get married. Ritesh dad goes to ramesh n says we didn’t find time to talk but since now we are gonna be relatives we have ample time n how abt u n laxmi coming to America i will show u tha whole place n now how abt fixing nisha n ritesh engagement date. Ramesh goes to nisha who is terrace n says nisha why did u take this decision so fast, nisha says i have thought a lot before taking this decision n how long will i consider wrong , ramesh says nisha do u know that kirti likes ritesh, nisha says that doesn’t matter ritesh has declared he likes me n if u would tell dadaji abt this he would have fired kirti n as time flies even i will start liking ritesh. Suku comes home, jwala tells him that nisha agreed to get married, suku says but why , jwala says its bcoz dadaji has asked ramesh uncle to stop coming to shop n according to my understanding nisha must have done this so that dadaji allows ramesh uncle to join shop, suku says i will go n tak to nisha, while nisha comes n slaps where were u i missed u so much, suku says i misse u all, nisha sees all her cousins upset, nisha says cheer up guys,kirti says nisha im sorry n im really happy for u, nisha says i know its weird, kirti says i know u don’t like ritesh, nisha says bcoz u like him but when will dadaji n ritesh understand this, kirti says its ok nisha no more complications. Laxmi comes n says ramesh if nisha said yes why did u , i will go n talk to nisha right now, ramesh says she is asleep u tell me how is ur mom n why did u get so late, laxmi says i had been to a councillor for nisha, ramesh says why but she is fine.

PRECAP; Laxmi says nisha i feel at times u are filled with lots of pain, tell me nisha wat is it that troubles u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Eeeeh..! Nisha don’t marry ritesh please I want u to marry saurab.. Please 🙁

  2. I really go with u in this decision shy

  3. plzz tell nidha watss ur real pain???

  4. Speak up nisha

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