Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,aman asks suku who told u abt kaira and viraj, suku says gayatri had been to shop,dolly says enough of viraj cant u see nisha doesn’t like it and now nisha is married to kabir,suku says but nisha doesn’t accept it, dolly says but she has to, aman says dolly di is right but she still likes viraj,nisha says enough of it, kirti says don’t run away nisha, decisions made in anger never help us and let me tell this decision of nisha is made in anger to show even she has moved on,suku says they are right don’t let anger come over u,u are important and not viraj, dolly says guys why don’t u accept the truth nisha and kabir are married,suku says I don’t accept it and wont let her,nisha come with me to dadaji,nisha says leave me alone and walks off,laxmi stops nisha and hugs her and asks are u ok and if theres something u want to share tell me,nisha says mom I want to be alone please and nisha leaves.
Kabir in fromt of mirror, I should have ran away I can run now as well, this place is a zoo, how can they do this to me,somebody save me, nisha is on terrace and says I have made mistake kirti was right I took this decision in anger and now kabir is stuck poor thing he helped me a lot and I, I wont let me pay for my mistakes and nisha goes to kabirs room, kabir is brushing and says I think im gone mad and the reason Is marriage I cant marry im so small I cant and that to with nisha I cant never, kabir gets hiccups, nisha comes to his room,kabir looks at her and says kabir ur gone mad see ur dreaming that to horror ones and that to nishas, plz nisha don’t do this to me why did u do this, why did u say yes plz speak up plz speak, nisha throws water on his face,kabir says oh this isn’t a dream, nisha says kabir im sorry I got angry and I said yes plz im sorry plz forgive me but now I know what we shd do,kabir asks what will we do now.
Kabir say tell nisha what to do,nisha says im sorry kabir,kabir says ya and now that old man will kill me, nisha says but im saying sorry,kabir says nisha im not a good guy go to tell ur family,nisha says see I can do anything for u tell me,kabir says ok then I will run away, nisha says ok done go run, kabir starts running,nisha says atleast take ur luggage, kabir says but nisha what will u do ur so called singham will eat u like a chingam, nisha says no worries I will manage,kabir says if we have got married we would have killed eachother and both giggle, nisha says don’t u want to run,kabir says yes,nisha says then go pack.
Virendra says to mohan roopanand vimla, that kabir isn’t a good guy,vimla says didn’t u hear it was to save that child,virendra says why is nisha always doing such things first the press conference and now this marriage its all rameshs fault, roopan says forget it what we have to do with how is this guy now babuji has said nisha will marry atleast nisha is getting married or else my jwala and kirti what would have happened bcoz I care only abt my girls and no one else, ramesh says nisha isn’t ready,roopan says yes she is,ramesh says no she didn’t say yes to me and I can read her eyes and unlike u I cant spoil someones life to save someone and she did this to save that child and this is my girl who always fights for others and u know it very well and so think before u speak abt her.
Kabir says how will I take such big bag out, nisha throws it out of window,kabir says why are u always behind my bag,nisha says come I will throw u out as well and says we will collect it from out and both slowly step out of the room.
Sabu the photographer meets gayatri and shows him virajs pic given by kabir and says one guy was searching him, gayatri recognizes the pic is virajs and says in mind looks like virajs brother is searching him,gayatri gives him money and says next time the guy comes to u call me, sabu leaves and gayatri says looks like my starts are shining.
Nisha and kabir slowly walking out, nisha says kabir the door is open go and u will get ur bag on the left side of house,kabir says to nisha can u live without me,nisha says stop rubbishness go and don’t trouble me just go always troubling me,kabir says see I will go but can u handle this situation after I go, take care, someone comes and so nisha and kabir hide out, kabir smiles,nisha looks at him and smiles,kabir says ok bye wify, nisha smiles and says bye hubby, kabir turns and walks towards the gate, and the turns and looks at nisha and winks.Nisha says kabir is gone and now its ur turn to face the storm inside and tell the truth.

PRECAP:dadaji asks nisha where is kabir,nisha says dadaji kabir went away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. thanku
    but plzzz yra tell me the meaning of :- whatever i have written in Tamil…. i don’t know the meaning….×××× …. i have just written it…..……

    1. It means I wanna to see the episode now itself….

      1. but how did u manage to write then??? now don’t tell me that u used google translate…. -_- 😛 nyways nice try…n susi…good translation… 😛 😉

      2. i have just copied it from Susi’s commeny … :-))) yey i wrote tamil

      3. and that’s y susi knows translation…….

  2. u know… in my class 1 girl is from kerala …. she is my best frend…..(**___**)….

    1. same pinch yaar ……… evn my best frnd frm my class is frm kerala………

  3. hey nibir fans..bad news for us….niraj fans are still dominating the scene…moreover the trps of the show have reduced significantly after kabir’s entry…that shows that there r still many niraj fans out here….but we rn’t going to stop…r we…coz v r THE NIBIR FANS!!! do whateva u or call to star plus.. their id- [email protected] n their consumer response cell number-1800 3000 7827 so that they come to know that there is still a majority wanting nibir n not niraj… common ppl…get set n vote for nibir!!! becoz we can’t be imagining viraj n nisha as a couple again -_- …at least i can’t 😉 😀

    1. ya amyra i will try wer evr i can VOTE for KABIR………..u r right tht v r ” THE NIBIR FANS “……… and thank u for the id and consumer response number……. but have u tried this …………… no not at all i cant c viraj again with nisha,………………. yuck………….evn i cant imagine them as couple…….. truth is i did not c him with nisha in the begining stages so i cant imagine him with nishu……. viraj oru kelavan madhiri irukaan……

      1. ya i’ve sent them an email….lets see if they respond…. 🙂

  4. GuyS vote for nibir in fb page”We WANT NIBIR”

  5. hey amyra thanx for the link n also the id n u right we all r nibir’s fans….

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