Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj says sumit is not culprit he wasn’t there u pushed nisha,first u married her and now to make her away u pushed her and I will not leave u and if u need money I would give as much as u wanted why did u play with her life, kabir says looking at u it sense that u wont believe me but u will learn the truth and nisha will tell u,viraj says before nisha gets conscious I will make sure u will be out of her life.
Dadaji is in tears and asks vimla any news about nisha,vimla says plz don’t worry she will be fine,leela comes shouting and says I cant believe this,vimla says plz not here babuji is already upset,leela says then tell ur daughter she keeps insulting and blaming my son,vimla says I will talk to her but tell me what she did,leela says dolly is blaming sumit that he pushed nisha and all this is bcoz of sumit and I feel dolly and sourabh something is surely cooking and so she is doing all this, vimla says plz not all this I will talk to dolly she is a kid, leela says make sure that she wants this marriage or no,dolly comes and says dadaji listen to me sumit did all this,leela says see I told u,dolly says plz don’t interrupt,vimla says dolly enough of this nonsense, dolly says dadaji listen to me,dadaji says dolly go to ur room, and leelaji no one will blame sumit,vimla says I am sorry on behalf of dolly plz forgive her.
Sourabh comes to meet nisha,virendra stops him and asks him to leave or else it wont be good and insults sourabh and pushes him out,viraj walks to virendra and gives him jwellery bag and says I found this bag at the accident place,virendra says thanks a lot but how did this bag,viraj looks at kabir,virendra gets angry and walks to ramesh with viraj and tells him something,sumit reaches hospital and hides and examines everything and says I just have to get nishas phone how will I find it,nurse comes and gives ramesh nishas belongings which has phone in it.
Laxmi takes it and goes to a room, virendra goes to sumit,sumit acts as if he is so concerned and says when I heard I came running,listening sumits voice kabir attacks him,ramesh shouts them, laxmi comes and asks what happened, sumit says laxmi aunty kabir is blaming me, ramesh asks viraj what did u see,viraj says I just saw kabir sumit wasn’t even there and so kabir pushed nisha, virendra says ur act is over,viraj says I called police already,kabir says papa trust me I didn’t do anything trust me,mom plz understand,police comes and viraj points at kabir and says arrest him,kabir sees nisha coming out on stretcher and runs to her and says nisha I am really sorry plz forgive me,police take kabir along with him.
Nisha and kabir are shown departed from eachother and kabir in pain crying for nisha,suku stops kabir and says kabir isn’t at fault nisha always stood for him,virendra says how could u suku, laxmi says even I think kabir is being trapped I trust him, kabir says plz trust me papa,ramesh says the situation isn’t allowing me bcoz all proofs are against u, kabir says plz papa,but police take him.
Virendra gives jwellery bag to sumit and ask him to keep it safe,sumit looks at kabir and gives him wicked smile,laxmi cries seeing kabir.kabir says to himself nisha I will prove myself right and keep ur promise,kabir sees viraj walking away and pulls police gun and aims at viarj,kabir says sorry inspector but I have to proof myself,and viraj open ur cars door and move,viraj says kabir ur making big mistake,kabir says I know and u don’t care abt me ,kabir sits in car and runs away.virendra and ramesh reach the place,police says don’t worry we will catch him,nurse calls ramesh up fast.
Umesh and vimla worried abt nisha, vimla says I am very scared umesh,umesh says keep calm and think positive.roopan asks when where and do onething keep udating,roopan tells mohan that kabir was arrested by police but he ran away,all hear this news and are shocked,leela says where will he go,roopan says he wont be spared,leela says see gangwalji, dolly says dadaji plz listen me kabir isn’t at fault,leela says oh then why did he run,dolly says bcoz of ur son,leela says why are u always behind my son,dolly says dadaji kabir isn’t at fault sumit and his mom are doing this,roopan says shutup dolly,aman and jwala calm dolly, dolly says dadaji u always trust me right u always said dolly never lies then why not now u trust me,dadaji says dolly proof are against kabir but the truth will come front one day and see all my respect and reputation I lost it but I am not upset abt it,sumit comes and says dadaji here are the jwellery and shows it to dadaji and says see this it was with kabir.

PRECAP;viraj asks did u find kabir, police says no we didn’t but we are searching and now going gangwal house.dolly says sir kabir isn’t here ,kabir is hiding near a wall,police says still we need to check.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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