Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, virendra is in hospital, vimla and aman are with him,doctor examines virendra and says u took a good decision by giving emergency pills right now is ok but we need to conduct an angioplasty operation,vimla panics and says no one is here what to do,aman says its ok angioplasty is normal u sit here I will call ramesh uncle,aman calls ramesh ,but he doesn’t picks,aman and vimla register for angioplasty.vimla forgets money so aman gives her card,vimla feels bad about being bad to aman seeing her help and says thanku takes virendra for operation.

Viraj on call says I will pay all ur money even if I need to sell my house I will but give u money.ramesh and nisha reach home,ramesh sees nishas sad face, and says sit back nisha lets have cold coffee,nisha says not now dad im ok plz don’t take tension,ramesh says ur the most special person in my life why shdnt I care for u,nisha says I know viraj sir is my first love but I have to learn all the expects of my life,sourabh comes and says uncle make two cold coffees,ramesh says that’s a good idea I will make cold coffee for u guys ,sourabh says are u really ok nisha,nisha says im trying to dea with it,nisha gets message from viraj for arti,sourabh says are u going to reply him.viraj says plz arti say something where are u , I wish that u don’t go away from me.nisha says to sourabh I have to go away from sir and arti also needs to go away since he has a new love and I don’t want anyone to come his way,sourabh says ok whatever u wish im leaving.
Nisha sees amans miss call,dadi comes crying and says nisha virendra is in hospital and is been operated,nisha says dadi relax calm down and don’t worry he must be under angioplasty its normal don’t worry its fine don’t get scared,dadi says u look upset nisha what happened to u,ramesh comes and says nisha hurry we need to go to hospital,nisha says ok,dadi u don’t take tension I will go and see there.
Sham singh goes to viraj and asks are u ok,viraj says yes im but tell me what if I don’t have this house,sham singh says what are u saying,viraj says im going to sell this house go find a buyer for this place and im going to London tomorrow ,sham singh says what about the academy,viraj says which academy there isn’t any academy now,and u now go take care of the castle and send this gift to the address given.

Doctor informs that operation was successful and we need to keep him under observation .roopan says come here in the hospital right now it’s the right time. Vimla asks ramesh to call umesh,dadaji says don’t worry umesh is out with work and he wont pick up call,nisha gives everyone tea,vimla takes one cup and goes to aman but roopan takes it says come with me here vimla,roopan says don’t get emotional and be good to that girl,nisha gives aman tea.roopan gets a call and she asks where are u come in fast.ramesh asks dadaji to be home with dadi and he will take care here,dadaji thanks aman and blesses her.roopan informs that aman umesh is calling u and so u wait with me ,ramesh nisha u go to viredra,ramesh nisha leaves,roopan says what do u think by helping kirti u didn’t do any great job and remember I will ever let u marry umesh,aman says roopan aunty why do u treat me like this plz forgive me if I did something wrong,roopan says all this wont work and leaves,aman tries calling umesh,she calls viraj by mistake but jaspal pulls her takes her along with him,viraj hears all this and says aman tell ur location fast aman,aman leaves her uncles hand and starts running,she hides and informs viraj that her uncle is behind her but jaspal catches her.

Umesh tells virendra the truth behind poonam and its aman he loves her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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