Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj waits n waits n when he sees no one is there he decides to leave but then a small kid comes n asks viraj where is my mom when will she be back, the guardian comes n says ayush(the kid)don’t trouble uncle, viraj says its fine, guardian says he came to the orphanage yesterday he lost his parents few days back in an accident, viraj feels bad n starts playing with the kid to make him happy, nisha sees this n smiles. Viraj says so ayush did u have fun, ayush says yes n thanku, viraj says all these kids love u , so will u like to stay with them, ayush says no I want to stay with u, viraj takes ayush with him on a walk n says see ayush even my mom left me n u know wat ur very cute n so ur mom gave u all these friends, ayush says did ur mom u friends, viraj says no but u have so stay with them.
Nisha says I better go or else if sir sees me I will be in trouble, some kids see nisha, nisha calls them n asks them shd I meet sir, they say yes, nisha says ok but viraj sir wants to meet his email friend n not me ok u guys go n even I will go, n thinks I will tell him the truth someother day.
Riteshs parents come to gangwal house, kirti asks ritesh why is ur mom here, ritesh says I don’t know. Vimla says so good to see u, if u had informed before I would have asked dadaji n dadi to stay they are out today, roopan asks ritesh mom what will u have, she says green tea, laxmi calls poonam n asks to get tea, kirti asks ritesh tell what happened after I left, ritesh says shutup kirti not now, riteshs mom says actually im here to share something, riteshs dad is actually in loss n that flat u had booked for kirti after marriage, actually recession is also there so, mohan says I understand ur problem, sunita(riteshs mom) says don’t u worry this business problems always take place n if u don’t mind I would like to talk to kirti, mohan says sure why not,.
Roopan goes to poonam n says u cant read right so how did u know which is the box, laxmi says roopan I told her, roopan says oh good n poonam go give tea. Sunita says see kirti we are NRI for sure but if ur behavior is like yesterday I wont think twice to end this relation, roopan calls sunita n says have tea, sunita says no actually I should leave now we are getting late, lets go ritesh n both leave.
Nisha tell shekhar abt the sports incident that changed her life, shekhar asks her how does it sffects u, nisha says I stopped thinking abt myself n starts crying, shekhar says see nisha don’t stop just talkout bcoz u have to leave it behind as it was past I know that’s not easy but if u want to move on u have to forget it like a bad dream, n I know u can do it bcoz ur a fighter n stop underestimating urself, nisha says sir it sounds bookish, shekhar says book is by a human as well n life is very beautiful , when u start treating urself good the world will be good, shekhar says repeat after me, im perfect n I have no bad in me, nisha repeats after shekhar.
Shekhar says nisha im happy to see u have taken ur first step to move on n the last part of todays session just relax n start deep bresthing n close ur eyes, nisha closes her eyes n starts deep breathing, shekhar slowly takes the keys besides nisha n takes its impression n keeps it back n says ok nisha open ur eyes, nisha says sir im feeling good, shekhar says good n start appreaciating everything u have , n so lets meet tomorrow, nisha says ok n leaves.
Viraj says I guess the email friend got scared n messages that to the mail, nisha reads the mail n shouts excitedly, unaware of viraj being behind her, viraj says nisha what happened, nisha says nothing sir, viraj says really where is the tissue paper, nisha says sir I have it n I know ur normal, viraj says ok good meet me in the cabin n leaves.
Nisha texts him back saying sorry viru I couldn’t meet u but its good to hear u back n as u have replied I guess we are friends now n says I wish even nisha gets a chance to understand sir as this email firend gets.

Viraj gives nisha file n says we gonna have a inspection tomorrow, shekhar hears that n says no inspection tomorrow viraj bcoz ur file wont be here tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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