Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj messages arti confessing his love, viraj has the luckyshirt arti gifted him,viraj decides not to send the message now and delets it and goes off to sleep with the shirt.nisha gets a morning nisha wakes up and goes to her laptop and finds a mail from viraj and says I will not read any message from viraj and decides to spam them.nisha gets a call from laksha academy but nisha doesn’t receive it,she gets another call and she receives it,sham singh asks her to be in the academy by 9 viraj has asked everyone to be in time,nisha says sorry I wont come,sham singh says plz be there for last time,nisha says ok.
Ramesh and laxmi go to nisha with breakfast, ramesh says nisha I know it’s a bad feeling to be heart broken but remember this experience helps a lot,nisha says viraj sir has called all employs but I don’t want to go,ramesh says ok don’t go,laxmi says no that’s wrong ur issue with viraj is personal and don’t mix ur personal and professional life,ramesh says laxmi but he broke nishas heart,laxmi says viraj is a good man and doing so will not let u move orward,nisha says mom is right is shdnt mix personal and professional side.ramesh says ok go but even I will come with u.
Roopan meets jaspal singh and gives him money and asks him when will he take aman away,jaspal singh in two to three days I will take her away.virendra is searching for phone,he finds it but starts feeling uneasy again,vimla comes and runs to him,vimla gives him water,vimla calls mohan and ramesh,umesh suku but no one answers,vimla gets tensed,aman runs to virendra and helps him,vimla says go away from here this is all bcoz of u,aman says plz not now first loosen his kurta I will go through his file,aman gives virendra emergency pills and ask him to relax,aman calls ambulance.
In laksha academy viraj remembers his first day after accident when he briefed all,viraj tells everyone few months back we all together have worked for this academy and I thanku all for being with me and this academy and helping me ,but after the talent show we aren’t getting any funding and so in closing laksha academy and im sorry that I cant help u now,sourabh says sir when will academy reopen ,viraj says I guess never.viraj says last few days I have learnt few things aren’t practical but I wont let u be as so u all will get three months salary,and I want to thanku all so plz come and receive ur checks. all collect their respective checks. nishas turn,sham singh gives her check and says thanku so much for coming,and hands her the check,nisha goes to viraj and says sir thanku and u were and always be my inspiration,viraj says ur a good person and all the best,nisha says ur loved one is very lucky to have u,and nisha leaves.
Viraj sees nisha has forgotten her bag.ramesh asks nisha what happened,nisha tell him that viraj has closed the academy,viraj calls nisha , ramesh says don’t talk to him for long time,viraj hands nisha her bag and asks can I do something for u,nisha says im ok sir u may find me weak but im not,ramesh says viraj thanku so much for helping my child n nisha lets go,nisha goes along with ramesh.

Sourabh asks nisha reply to viraj as arti.viraj is waiting for artis reply and says im waiting for u arti plz reply.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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