Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ritesh goes n sleeps beside kirti n texts someone n asks to come in five minutes he goes close to kirti n says last night, kirti wakes up n get scared n says ritesh what happened last night I don’t remember anything, ritesh says kirti relax, riteshs mom enters n says what is this wat are u two doing together, ritesh says mom relax, kirti says ya aunty its nothing like u are thinking, ritesh mom says wat are u doing early morning in riteshs bed, kirti says aunty last night party n says ritesh say something, ritesh just turns his face, riteshs mom says kirti just leave, kirti feels bad n leaves. Ritesh says mom I did what u said but why this, riteshs mom said see rites him not liking it as well but we are going through a phase where this is needed.
Nisha wakes up n finds a new mail but that isn’t viraj , she gets a call from kirti, kirti says nisha plz come in balcony, nisha goes to balcony n sees kirti n says ur coming home now, kirti says stop shouting, nisha says ok what party u where that took so late, kirti says all that we will talk later now throw some clothes I cant enter like this, nisha gives her some clothes n says be careful everyone is up. Nisha looks at clock n says oh I shd get going or else I will be late, nisha checks her inbox again n says is sirs net ok .

Kirti enters after changing clothes, mohan says good morning kirti good to see u so looks like ur back from jogging, its good to be fit very good from tomorrow we will go together, kirti walks towards her room n hears roopan talking to riteshs mom, kirti asks roopan was it riteshs mom, roopan says ya it was n she will be visiting us n she sounded very weird, n kirti what time did u come back n now go get ready, nisha says kirti , kirti takes her to side n says mom is here, nisha says ur home now are u ok wat is it, kirti says u go u will be late or else n I have to change now, aman listens to this.
Viraj sees priyanka on her phone, he calls nisha n asks is priyanka helping u, nisha says no sir, n sir I need no assistant I can handle my work by myself, viraj says see priyanka nisha thinks u will spoil her work n so doesn’t need u, priyanka says bro she didn’t give me any work, viraj says nisha give her work , nisha says sir I will give her work she will not be able to do it n in the end I will have to do it, priyanka says nisha plz im not dumb, nisha says ok priyanka go get coffee to sir exactly how he needs it n arrange these files, n also sir needs all the bank statements n now u tell me what can u do, priyanka gets confused n says I can get him coffee, nisha says that’s it ok get coffee, n it should be black coffee with less sugar, viraj sees nisha working n smiles, he examines n follows nisha while she is performing her duties, nisha tries to ignore viraj but at last asks him, sir wat are u doing, viraj says this is my office I can be ur boss or ur assistant, nisha says sir u aren’t a good assistant, viraj says but u can be a good boss, just need to control ur anger, n a little ego, nisha says sir im happy with my job, viraj says that is wat ur problem is u never think big, nisha says meam\ns, viraj says u will get to know it soon, nisha says sir I got u something, n gives him a ring, viraj says wow but, nisha says sir this is a lucky charm my mom had gifted me n this for u as I wanted to say thanku for pushing me to talk to shekhar sir, viraj says thanks nisha but I will accept it only when I see the nisha the real one back in u again, the mad impulsive n smiling one so deal, nisha says yes sir, viraj says ok I have to go for a meeting n u keep this ring n file in the confidential drawer.
Sourabh sees nisha busy in her phone(nisha is checking her inbox for mail from viraj) n says come nisha lets have coffee, nisha says sourabh I have to keep these files, sourabh says later coffee first n takes her along with him, shekhar grabs this opportunity of nisha not being in cabin he finds the drawer keys n tries opening it, nisha comes back n goes to virajs cabin , shekhar hears footsteps n acts as if reading a book, nisha says shekhar sir u here do u need help, shekhar says oh actually im here searching for a book n keeps the keys in the cupboard slowly there are nice books here n says anyways see u n leaves, nisha opens the drawers n shekhar sees that slowly, nisha keeps the things in drawer n says I hope this lucky charm helps viraj sir.
Nisha goes to practice room n sees no one there n then looks at the gun on the table, pics it up n then aims at the target, n shoots , she shoots very close to target , loads the gun again n aims n shoots but still doesn’t get the target, shekhar says so miss nisha u like shooting as well, nisha says I think so, shekhar says nisha shootings first rule says focus which u aren’t but lets check agau=in so shoot, nisha says ok n shoots again but doesn’t get the target, shekhar takes gun from her n says as I said this isn’t ur cup of tea n shoots the target accurately.shekhar says anyway see u after office hours for ur session n leaves.
Nisha tries to concentrate n shoot but gayatri enters n says oh my my, looks like u have no work, everyone wants to shoot, nisha says wat to do those who know to don make use of their opportunities, gayatri says oh my my, look at u anyways carry on n leaves. nisha gets a mail from viraj reading u have made fun of my privacy n without my permission interfered in it, n I didn’t like that n if u dare come n meet me face to face, nisha replies ok today evening 5pm at shanti orphanage n shoots again n gets the target correctly n gets very excited, sourabh says wat 5 pm, nisha says meeting a friend u don’t know, sourabh says ok but don’t go like this all messed, nisha says wat do u mean, sourabh says look at u all messed from head to toe , nisha says I will go like this only idiot.
Viraj goes to shani orphanage at 5 pm n waits for his email friend, nisha reaches there n sees viraj already there in time she smiles.

Shekhar in his sessions with nisha says so nisha begin with deep breathing n when nisha starts doing so he slowly takes the drawers keys n takes impressions of it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Plz yaar tanaya update it fast plz plz plz.anyway the episode was hoping nishu will find everything and do anything fast

  2. Plz yaar tanaya update it fast plz plz plz.anyway the episode was good hoping nishu will find everything and do anything fast

  3. Read d spoilers guys,they r great!
    Tanaya thanks fr d update but try to be a little fast!

    1. whr can i find the spoilers

    2. update fast…………….

  4. lets hope nisha ko jaldi se shekhar ki sachai patha chale

  5. please tanaya please update it fast…………………………….. and episode was good …………………………

  6. episode was good …………………………

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