Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,nisha says she can do anything for her cousins, dadaji says it doesn’t matter it was u kirti or dolly wat hurt me was u didn’t care abt ur parents, i know ur upset n the reason is u think people don’t understand u, nisha says may be but its my family n theres no exchange policy, dadaji says u got one chance n thats getting married where u may find ur lost happiness, nisha says ok find a guy who is ready to suicide, dadaji says finding guy is my responsibility now go home n join the haldi ceremony. Jwala says bunty come lets get ready, bunty says im angry , jwala asks why, bunty says in front of mom dad suku bro was so good to me but later he kicked my ass n that to twice, jwala says don’t forget suku gives u extra pocket money everytime,bunty says u don’t act to smart, roopan n laxmi comes n inform cousins they are going to guest house, kirti says she will accompany them, umesh asks why do u want to go, kirti says bcoz she has fixed nisha n riteshs date at 11, umesh says i will come as well since i don’t trust kirti. Dollys haldi ceremony begins, at dollys in laws place the ceremony begins as well, kirti n umesh says that they will stay some more time at in laws place roopan n laxmi go back, kirti signals ritesh to leave for date, n in dollys ceremony she asks jwala to help her call summit, nisha waiting for kirti in market ritesh comes n says oh wat surprise how are u here, nisha says i was waiting for kirti looks like she wont come so im leaving, ritesh says plz help me nisha in finding hygienic chat, nisha says all are hygienic but u don’t have it u wont digest it, ritesh asks her for help desperately nisha says ok i will,nisha asks wat u want, ritesh says i need some accessories for my outfit plz help find them, nisha says ok lets go. Dolly calls summit n says see im telling u if u don’t transfere to banglore i will not marry u, summits mother cuts the phone, dolly gets angry, vimla says why she is angry , dadi says call nisha she will take care of dolly, dadaji sees nish with ritesh on bike. Kirti n jwala try finding dolly but see that shes nowhere, leela calls vimla n asks her to arrange for some nonveg starters, vimla says its difficult to arrange non veg starters, leela says she has some guest from Punjab n so needs nonveg starters for them, vimla says frankly speaking this is not possible but still i will asks dadaji for it, leela says ok no problem ask him n let me know, vijendra asks vimla wat happened vimla tells summits in laws want nonveg starters in wedding menu, vijendra says ok i will talk to dadaji, rukma informs vijendra that dadaji is calling him, kirti texts cousins abt dolly missing, dadaji tell vijendra ramesh n mohan that he has selected a guy n so u meet that guy n tell me wat u think, mohan says for whom is that guy, dadaji says u meet the guy then we will talk rest. Cousins n sourabh gather, nisha asks wat happened where is dolly, jwala says no idea but yesterday dolly was angry on summit, nisha says i will go with sourabh n find dolly n u all take care here. Dolly asks a unkown lady to just listen to her n says for the first time there is a sell n dolly didn’t shop anything n tahts bcoz dolly is unhappy abt my marriage, nisha sees dolly n goes to her n says wat are u doing here u shd be home now, dolly says im here bcoz i don’t want to get married to that fraud summit, nisha asks why, dolly says he said he will take posting in Bangalore n now has taken it in delhi n i cant stand his mother all my life, sourabh says dolly don’t worry we will send an email to summits boss saying he accepts the Bangalore job,dolly asks how, sourabh says hacking, nisha says no, dolly says this is right we will do so. Ritesh comes to nishas house, kirti says him wat he is doing here, ritesh says dadaji has called him here n says kirti do u have any idea why did he call me.

Precap: Dadaji asks ramesh mohan n vijendra to talk to ritesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Omg!
    Nisha ko jabh pata chalega toh kya hoga!!

  2. Jain non veg nhi khate . Yeh producer ko pta h . Or shrab bhi ni pite yeh jain samaj ko bhut dukhi kr rha h or agr esa hi chala to ess show pr bhi case ho jayga .
    Aabhi ess mude ko laker jain samaj bhut ghuse me h .

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