Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sourabh gives nisha phone and reads artis message,he asks nisha what all is this nisha what is this arti thing,nisha tells sourabh all about arti.nisha and sourabh making arrangements for party,sourabh teases nisha by arti,nisha says I never thought this email would get a name, sir needed a friend and I madeup this arti thing,sourabh asks when will u tell sir the truth,nisha says soon,sham singh calls sourabh,gayatri comes and says nisha ur very brave,im very impressed with u,I really like u,nisha asks gayatri what u want,gayatri says plz don’t tell viraj about me,viraj comes and appreciates nishas work and says aunty I would like to see the hotel deal bcoz I don’t think we will get any investors now,viraj walks to his dads photo and says sorry,nisha says sir don’t give up sir ur not at fault but fault was in people u trusted and its not just shekhar but gayatri mam also was with shekhar in the investors plans and u didn’t fail its ur aunty who failed,gayatri says what rubbish is this nisha,viraj don’t trust her its all nishas fault,viraj gets angry and says stop aunty nisha never lies and I trust her,gayatri says this girl has made ur sister away from u and now its me,viraj says enough just tell me what is ur deal with shekhar.

Gayatri says trust me viraj I thought,viraj says stop being fake,gayatri asks nisha to leave,nisha goes and gayatri says viraj I got scared that we will lose everything if we invest in academy so I did this,viraj says so shekhar plz leave gayatri,gayatri says ok I will but remember this nisha will be ur big mistake one day,gayatri walks to nisha and says I will not leave u nisha u will have to repay for it, viraj very sad is in taers,nisha goes to him and says sir are u ok,viraj says I cant believe one office assistant would show me the truth of my life and nisha ,sourabh comes and says sir the cousins are here,viraj says ok lets go.
The party begins at virajs place,dolly says sir ur house is very pretty,viraj says thanku and says guys plz be comfortable ,suku says yes yes don’t worry im very comfortable,sourabh says sir be careful abt these cousins ,dolly says sourabh don’t be so mean.viraj asks umesh very is jwala and bunty,umesh says sir exams ,viraj asks aman ,umesh says sir we couldn’t bring her,viraj says its ok and don’t worry all will be fine.suku asks whose drums are these ,nisha says dadaji comes here to practice,suku says what really,nisha says duffer its viraj sirs after all,dolly says sir plz plays,viraj says ok I will plays for u,viraj plays drums,cousins enjoy it.
Sourabh says nisha u must have seen sir before playing drums,nisha says plz stop it,viraj says guys today’s party hero is nisha,nisha says sir it was sukus idea,viraj says nisha u have always been with my academy,I wish even I had cousins and family as ur and I hope u guys are always together,ok come lets have dinner, nisha again lost in viraj and says I want to know what sir feels,viraj says I have to confess to nisha,viraj calls nisha but phone rings,dolly asks nisha did viraj says something,nisha says not yet,viraj calls sham singh and asks him to get nishas gifts. Nisha heras this and asks umesh to keep viraj busy,nisha slowly goes upstairs and finds a rose and card beside virajs bed,she picks the card and reads it- which reads viraj is in love and is happy,nisha takes the rose and thiks about the times when she was very close to viraj,she sits on a chair thinking about viraj and time spent with him.

Nisha says u have given me best gift viraj sir and its my turn,nisha comes dressed in an one piece and comes downstairs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. hiiiii guyz goooood morning and wish u a very happy happy makarsakaranti………………….

  2. awesome episode and waiting for today’s episode ……nisha u just rockkssssssddd

  3. i think
    this story asssenbles body guard movie and viraj lovesw arti which is actualy nisha

  4. This is one of the best serial on TV at the moment. I look forward to watching the episodes every day….simply awesome.

  5. I just love viraj saying

  6. you know guys i don’t think viraj will break nisha heart. i think he love aarti and nisha both of them.
    i was thinking last night that he know the truth about aarti and nisha . but this episode is pretty
    awesome and nice

  7. Hopeless serial hope it ends soon

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