Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir says nisha truth needs no means it will be out by its own.kabir takes nisha along with him and sumit drags dolly with him,dolly turns and says gestures that she is sorry.
(how dolly hides bag)
Dolly decides that she will put pendrive in the bag,sumit comes and holds her hand and says what are u doing,dolly says I am going to tell everyone ur truth and u shd be ashamed of urself, and I feel ashamed of u being my husband and u aren’t a human but a devil,sumit injures dollys hand and says look at this and shows her a picture.the picture is of sourabh and dolly sumit had clicked, sumit says what were u and sourabh doing,dolly says I didn’t knew sourabh was there u are trying to trap me,sumit says yes I am if I get caught I will publish this picture, then think abt u and ur familys reputation, dolly says ok go tell everyone go but I will tell the truth to everyone,sumit says what will u tell ur dad and when he will have another heart attack, and dolly so think before u take any step, and one phone and I will tell police that this sourabh tries to have an affair with my wife so,dolly agrees to be with sumit, sumit takes the bag and pendrive and says dolly keep mum orselse u know what.
(after kabir and nisha leave sumit and dolly in their rooom)
Dolly says to sumit u didn’t do this right I hate u sumit and myself as well and I couldn’t help my family and u are my biggest mistake,sumit says do shout and cry as much as u can bcoz I don’t care bcoz ur family will trust me and not u and see u wanted to know what I will do with no job so see what all I can do.dolly says sumit, kabir was right truth never hides and one day everyone will know how cheap and hopeless u and ur mom are and one day u will be punished for ur deeds and on that day I will be very happy I promise.sumit says first go do something and then talk to me it was good of that watchman who told me abt cctv and kabir but u, dolly says I don’t want to be like u,sumit tries to hurt dolly but dolly pushes him away and walks off.
Virendra says ramesh what is this kabir always blames sumit and I wont tolerate it anymore,roopans ays yes ramesh bcoz of nisha this,ramesh says plz u cant blame nisha and kabir till u have proof,mohan says enough of u too,see we have to do something, virendra says enough ramesh not anymore I wont let nisha and kabirs mistake spoil my childrens life, ramesh says wow bhaiya we shd learn from our children to be one, roopan says I told before kabir shdnt be trusted but no one heard me,virendra says see ramesh bcoz of kabir I wont let dollys life spoil,laxmi listens this and says virendra bhaiya isn’t nisha ur child how could u just think for dolly and not nisha and about the truth how can u all be sure that its kabir and not sumit do u have any proof,u can be selfish then why not ramesh and till 24 hrs end no one will question kabir and nisha.
Ramesh is thinking abt nishas future.nisha and kabir reach home, nisha says will u have something kabir u didn’t eat since morning, kabir says even u didn’t,lets have together, both enter house and see sumit with the black bag smiling at them.sumit starts laughing and says sorry kabir I couldn’t control my laughter and don’t ask how I came in, but u must have known that how smart I am and here is the bag u were finding,kabir sees its empty,kabir ask why are u here,sumit says oh angry man, listen to me run away or u have to be in jail,kabir says just leave sumit orelse,nisha says kabir leave him,sumit says 12 hrs find the bag or go jail,nisha says kabir don’t hit him he wants u to do this,sumit says I always knew nisha u are smart,nisha says sumit leave.sumit says ofcourse I will bye,sumit tries to make fun of kabir but nisha controls him,sumit leaves.
Nisha says kabir we have to find out what made dolly di do this and also find the jwellery, even I was angry but we have to be patient.kabir says nisha he is confident that we cant reach the jwellery and other than sumit only one person hates us and its viraj singh rathore and remember sourabh said sumit met him and so may be sumit has hide it in virajs house we have to check it there.

PRECAP;nisha and dolly together,sumit comes and says nisha go find ur jwellery or else ur 3 months husband will go jail.kabir disguise and go virajs home.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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