Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha as arti asks viraj to speak up to her,umesh and suku come and ask nisha to come with them for the plan ,nisha sees her phone goes dead she says oh let me charge my cell,sourabh comes and says u all go I will look after the cell go.viraj sees phone and says oh arti is offline, and says arti is right I should have trusted nisha,I have seen her aim at the worst condition and she cant fail,viraj asks sham singh to get nishas gun.
Vimla gives roopan 1 lakh, and asks is the guy who will marry aman a good person,roopan says I don’t know but he is amans uncle so will choose a good guy,vimla says but im feeling very worried for aman,roopan says u want aman to be out of umesh life,vimla says yes,roopan says then don’t think abt all this and even dolly we have to think about her as well,vimla says roopan u talk to jaspal singh and tell him we will take care of expenses of marriage but choose a good guy for her,roopan calls jaspal singh and tell him,jaspal singh says no worries u just bring me thr money and I will do ur work.roopan says I will make sure aman gets married to a good guy now chill vimla.

Viraj checks nishas gun in his cabin,viraj finds fault in nishas gun. Shekhar calls and says laksha academy is finished and so is viraj and the winner is shekhar now.viraj says see I was right dadaji,sham singh says I think we are missing something,viraj says ur right but for now gather all the people who handled nishas gun before nisha.shekhar on call says n now I have destroyed viraj two years back he destroyed me but now im the winner and he has to live with defeat now.
nisha suku and umesh are following shekhar,they disguise as animals and go to shekhar,and hand him pamphlets,and snatches his mobile and run,shekhar pushes suku the chimpanzee and take mobile back,nisha hits on shekhars leg where she has shooted,shekhar hits nisha and umesh as well,shekhar sees nisha and ask her what is she doing here,umesh and suku get beaten by shekhar,shekhar says to nisha u couldn’t shoot properly and what rubbish are u doing,nisha says I know everything about u,suku messages viraj,shekhar says so u know that I so called friend of viraj have destroyed him and his dream,nisha says don’t showoff shekhar I will show ur true colors to everyone,shekhar says do remember nisha the whole world knows ur the reason for virajs failure, and who will u expose me and offcourse one more aunty gayatri is also with me and who are u a mere assistant, who wants to reach the top with help of viraj and let me tell u I was the one who pushed viraj into that paralyses accident what all do u want to expose miss nisha,and u know wht I see fear the same fear I had seen In viraj into u now,nisha hits shekhar but shekhar holds her by neck,umesh and suku try to save her but get beaten ,viraj comes and saves nisha,nisha says sir shekhar is one behind all ur failures,shekhar says thanku nisha for the introduction I know viraj since long right viraj,viraj says I have seen ur true colors why did u do so, shekhar says bcoz I was tried of seeing myself loose by u , I was better than u but since u were a kings son I didn’t get the right opportunity, u were the one who destroyed my career u didn’t think abt my shooting career,viraj says I supported the truth,shekhar says but ur truth destroyed my life,viraj says don’t forget u shooted a kid this game isn’t just about competitions but u will never know its true sense and so u have always been the looser,and u deserve nothing shekhar,nisha says sir shkekhar was the one who had attacked u that night,viraj gets shocked and says why shekhar,viraj says bcoz of ur truth,sourabh comes with police,shekhar says of inspector im the one who has attacked and spoilt virajs life and now lets go before that viraj this is not the end, nisha and uske cousins have spoilt my end but I will be back and bring a proper end to it.
Nisha asks who called the police,sourabh says I did,nisha says sir I know ur sad,viraj says im not instead a big thanku to u and ur cousins, I never thought the shekhar was responsible for all the problems in my lifeand I will never trust anyone,anyways thanku . nisha gets lost into viraj, viraj says nisha,nisha yes sir,sourabh says wow u guys looking so good in animal costume, all smile.
Umesh says guys we should leave now, viraj says one minute nisha,nisha says yes sir,viraj walks towards nisha and says miss nisha and guys I cant let u go this way bbcoz of u people I could make out the difference between enemy and a friend, and so plz I would like to invite u all to my place for a small party and umesh plz get other cousins and aman as well, nisha and cousins accept the invitation,viraj says I have never invited even a fly to my place I hope dadaji manages,suku says sie but u have invited an army now,viraj smiles and says sourabh nisha will u plz help dadaji,both say yes,viraj says thanku so lets meet at my place soon.

Nisha says to viraj,there is no fault in u sir, but the people u trusted ur own aunty has cheated u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. And of course love u Niraj.. Hope he finds it early that aarti is nisha only…:-)

  2. It was cool.. At last they r exposed… What do u all think about it…?? Atleast I think so…. 😉 ….

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  10. Guys viraj rejects nisha when she proposes him at the party!!!!!!
    He says that he loves another girl(aarti)
    Waiting fr viraj to know about aarti’s real identity[nisha]
    Luv u niraj!!!!!!!

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    It was simply awesome!!!!
    Mishap in a frock (a white frock n diamond ear rings)she was sooooooo cuteee

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