Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
The episode begins with, sham singh tells viraj he has arranged all his mom favourite things, viraj donates the food to the needy ones, in the memory of his mom. He plays with the kids there n gives food to all, one kid there thanks viraj with a rose, viraj says thanku in return n feels satisfied looking at them, sham singh says sir we shd leave now, viarj leaves. Aman calls nisha , she asks nisha did something happen in academy bcoz viraj sent the food back, nisha says no nothing wat are u cooking, aman says forget that tell me wat happened, nisha says I don’t know, aman says u know I feel so bad for him he is so lonely I always pray to god to keep him happy, dolly enters asking help for baking cake, dolly says today is mom n dads wedding anniversary n I want to surprise them, aman says give me I will bake it for u, ramesh says good idea let aman bake it n we will say dolly has cooked it n then see the magic, ramesh sees nisha upset.

Kirti calls roopan n asks her to handle the situation at home n will be back by 12 n messages all cousins as well. Ramesh asks nisha wat is it why is she upset, nisha says how will aman impress vimla aunty, ramesh says u know nisha at times a mask is to be used to make place in heart, n this cake is that mask I know it’s a lie but for good work, nisha says is that allowed, ramesh says yes only when the person is close to us. Kirti gets drunk in the party , ritesh takes her to the car, kirti says ritesh drop me home, ritesh says no kirti if I take u home like this we will be in trouble, n so lets go to my place theres no one home, kirti says ok. Umesh is tensed, cousins see this n start teasing umesh, umesh says im so worried abt the cake, nisha says ok guys now lets go n surprise them, everyone wish vimla happy anniversary, vimla takes elders blessing, dadi says today stay happy n forget ur worries, dadi gives vimla a necklace as her gift, dadaji says I thought of a celebration but looking at virendras health I decided to keep it low, roopan says this necklace is very pretty, dadaji says it is n vimla deserves it, suku says ok start with the story mohan uncle when virendra uncle met vimla, dolly gets the cake, laxmi says dolly baked it specially for u, roopan thinks that poonam baked it why did she lie, vimla says thanku kids I had forgotten abt it, nisha says vimla aunty so did we umesh bhaiya reminded us abt it.

Dadaji says umesh good n I hope u remember this when u get married as well n laughs, nisha says dadaji we kids wills always keep in mind our elders happiness, dadaji asks where is kirti, roopan says she is with ritesh at a party n will be back soon, the cake is cut n cousins give vimla gifts, laxmi gives her gift n says sorry n asks her to forgive her n others, vimla gives her cake n says forget it now, suku says ok now its time for a pic, dolly misses summit. Aman asks nisha did vimla aunty liked the cake, nisha says yes she did, roopan says to mohan something is fishy the cake is baked by that poonam why did laxmi lie, mohan says oh keep it out why do u want to always poke in others matter. Vimla listens to this PRECAP: Vimla gets upset n scolds ramesh n laxmi for lying to her n says im so angry with u guys that I have lost all the trust in u n from now onwards I will never have a glass of water as well in ur house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks

  2. Misd niraj moments

  3. thanks for fast update ….and missed niraj moments………………………..

  4. oh ho viraj and nishu scene.koi baath nayi waiting to c viraj and nishu scene.thank for fast update.

  5. Ohhhh I miss the moments of virqj nd nishu bro…..nd I wish to open the real face of shekar

  6. Hey guyz,am new here..can anyone tell me wats nisha’s past which haunting her plz??

  7. Nishu Past is very drastic one.. When she is in school gone for some sports campign.. there few school boys of 6-7 people wil misbehave with nisha and try to do **** her.. From then nisha is very upset lost her confidence everythig… as starts dressing like a MEN instead of like a pretty women..

    And she is the winner in state level/national for archery.. She leaves all as she got scared by that past incident which always repeats in her dreams also…

    That’s the bad story of nishu..

    I heard that in that boys group unfortunately Viraj is also there.. But not sure…

  8. Hey guys! Which one is better VirNi or Niraj or.ShaRaj? We will update the same in all our comments. What say? We can’t do polling here.let’s count on majority

  9. visha is da bst 1

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