Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
The episode begins with,leela counts money n finds 51000 missing,leela asks dolly is some money with her, summit says no she has given all the money to u, vijendra asks leela wat is the matter, leela asks him to come aside, leela informs that some money is missing n according to her its been robbed, leela says there are guests now we will look after it later, roopan says no its a serious matter we got to see it right now, leela says roopan is right the missing amt is big, she shows all the two envelopes n says one is missing, ramesh asks which one is theres laxmi points at one of them,vijendra says laxmi this isn’t urs its by us see it reads mummy n papa, roopan says the other one is ours, ramesh says but laxmi gave envelope to dolly in front of all, vimla says we will get it n leela plz come with me i have to show u dollys wedding clothes, vijendra says ramesh today u have let me down again nthis time in front of dollys in laws, umesh says kirti if this money missing news goes to nisha the condition will get worst so i will go n see where is she, dadaji asks vijendra wat has happened, where as dadi goes to leela n says see here is ur 3 envelope it was with me but i forgot, leela says thats good now we shall take leave. Nisha informs umesh abt the 3 guys situation, nisha finds something wrong with umesh n asks him wat is the matter umesh ignores it , nisha goes to cousins who are busy listening elders discussion, nisha sees her mom crying n asks suku why is mom crying, suku tells nisha abt bike, nisha takes suku n goes to elders while nisha tries telling the truth, vijendra asks to shutup n says shameless girls like u shd be quite, ramesh says don’t yell at her ,dadaji says all be quite, firstly vijendra n mohan u too are the elder n in this ceremony i had told u decide a amount which all can afford, mohan says we did decide with ramesh n he agreed to it, dadaji says ramesh if u were ok with it where is the money, dolly says enough of it i want no money just bcoz of this money today laxmi aunty has to go through such pain n if u all are gonna fight like this i don’t want to get married, dadaji says dolly think before u speak, nisha says dadaji u shd scold the culprit n its suku, suku without informing anyone spent the money to get a new bike,dadaji says ramesh u new suku was at fault then why didn’t u tell me before n wat are u giving ur kids message, nisha says dad is just trying to be with his kids since his father wasn’t with him when he needed it n nisha walks off, roopan turns to kirti n says dare u do this kind of thing for ur new car u wont get it till ur dadaji gives permission for it keep it in mind, kirti says when did i ask for it now, roopan says i know that n looks at ramesh laxmi n says parents shd show children the right path, nisha gets the rameshs savings box, ramesh takes her out of the room n says even after telling u so many times u still behind this box, nisha gets angry n gives the box back n goes to dadaji with some jewellery n says these mom made for my marriage use them for dollys shagun as my marriage is never going to happen, I can at least save my parents respect, dadaji says nisha till im alive i will not let any of such condition arise that bahu or daughter’s jewelries need to be sold. Once I die, all can distribute among them. He further tells her, he tried a lot to explain to her, but today she proved how much she respects him. Dadaji leaves from there. All siblings are in their room. They think all was so good in childhood. They were duffers that they wanted to grow up. They tell Jwala and Bunty not to grow up, they still have time. All sit sad and tears fall from their eyes. A sad song plays in the background.. Precap: Dadaji says he can’t bring the past back, but he will want to do all he can. The love that Nisha didn’t get from her own, she may get that from another place. Later, Nisha’s parents inform her about Dadaji planning her wedding after Dolly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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