Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj asks priyanak to give her mobile phone n says u will not be given it back, viraj calls sourabh n asks him to send nisha in, nisha enters, viraj says nisha priyanka will be ur assistant from today, nisha says sir I don’t need an assistant n today I left ur sister bcoz u said next time I wont, viraj asks priyanka to says nisha sorry, priyanka says sorry, viraj says u two remember u have to learn to control ur emotions, priyanka leave n nisha I need to talk to u. Roopan tells aman what all she needs in her kitchen, n tells her after dadis kitchen u have to finish with my kitchen n then others, umesh sees it n asks dolly to help, dolly goes to roopan n says dadaji is calling poonam(aman), roopan says ok I will brief u later. Viraj asks nisha to sit, while abt to sit he pulls her chair n she falls down, viraj says u have lot of anger in u right now hit me for this, nisha says sir I cant hit u bcoz I respect u, viraj says ur controlling ur anger bcoz u respect me, getup n offers her the chair back n allows her to sit, viraj says u have proved now u can control ur anger , nisha says sir I can but I cant handle anyone play with my character, viraj says see nisha ur anger can make u fall for anything, have water , n says we all have some things in life that trouble u n I have seen something is troubling u see listen to me n go talk to shekhar n u may find ur true path, n to move forward u have to fight with ur past, nisha says sir if I tell u what is troubling u can u share it me, eat is coming against u from being Mr viraj singh rathore, viraj says nisha we were talking abt u n now u can plz leave. Nisha leaves n gayatri enters virajs cabin, gayatri says what is this viraj. Virendra calls vimla, but since vimla isn’t there , aman helps virndra with his tablets, vimla enters n sees aman with virendra, virendra asks aman her name, she says poonam, vimla comes n says ur here to cook so go n do ur job go from here, vimla says to virendra u cant wait I was coming, virendra says why did u scold that girl, vimla says she is new. Gyatri says viraj how could u do this to priyanka even when nisha tried to hurt her, viraj says u trying to protect ur daughter are forgetting that people working here are humans as well, gayatri says its my fault viraj I thought u could take care of , u accept it or not its me n priyanka ur family now n no one else if u treat us this way u will be all alone again, viraj says I wont change my decision, nisha gets in n says sir im here to say sorry n I will talk to shekar sir, viraj says good n leaves. Ritesh n kirti trying to go in party, aman sees them, kirti says aman we are going to a party n I will be late n no one in this house knows it so don’t tell anyone, aman says I think u shd tell ur parents atleast, kirti says plz aman im ateast going with ritesh n im engaged to him n look at u staying at boyfriends place n that to as a cook, umesh sees it, kirti says lets go ritesh n leaves. Shekhar says on phone viraj has kept the file very secretly I have reached close to it u have to be patient but, shekhar sees nisha at his door nisha enters , shekhar says nisha ur still here, nisha says sir I need to talk to u, shekhar says ya sure come in, plz have a sit n relax n tell me what is it, nisha says sir I need ur help, in my life somethings, shekhar says ya tell me taking help to solve a problem is not an issue just tell me im a psychologist n so I will guide u properly tell me, see nisha I think today u shd take rest n we will begin the session tomorrow, nisha says ok sir, shekhar says did viraj ask u to talk to me, nisha says yes sir n leaves. Shekhar on phone says as Im on right track no one can save viraj from being destroyed by my hands.

PRECAP: Ramesh says to nisha ya we can help someone else by hiding n him not being knowing abt it, nisha says can we are u sure, ramesh says yes we can but the person shd be very close to u n can understand later why u did so.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. arey wow nisha aur viraj ka scene tho ausual superb hai.and i cant even believe that sekhar is try to destory viraj by stealing the can he do that being a mean ur.per one think is clear that nisha will come out of her pain by viraj and even viraj will come out of his pain by nisha only.and iam sure of that.and thanks for fast update.

  3. Oh God. Will Nisha be able to protect Viraj from his best friend Shekhar? Please move the serial a little bit fast.

  4. Thnks for fast update

  5. ya she can identify quickly as lik jwalas incident tis also our nisha bro solv the mystery..

  6. Nisha’s like a tomboy in the serial but it doesn’t mean that she should wear ugly clothes all the time even at functions!!! The current actress actually doesn’t suit to position of a lead actress in a tv serial she should be replaced someone with more talent and emotions!! Even the side actresses wear good clothes in the serial but not nisha soo stupid!! When compared with viraj nisha is like some servant of him !!they are a very odd couple and doesn’t suit each other

  7. they both make a cute couple!

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