Nimki Vidhayak 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki stays in Minto’s room

Nimki Vidhayak 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai calls Nimki and asks her where she is going? Dadi says she is going to cinema. Nimki says no, I am coming to your room Mai. Mai says why are you coming to my room? Go to Babbu’s room. Nimki is tensed and asks her to go to sleep. Dadi thinks that this girl will sleep in Minto’s room? This is not right.

Nahua is playing. Dumri asks them to stop it. Nimki hasn’t comeback and is with that Mai. Mahua says Minto took her home. Dumri says what if Minto does something wrong? Mahua says you really think that Nimki can’t handle Minto? She will not spare him easily.

Nimki comes to Minto’s room and says I will have to stay in his room. She finds pictures there and says I have given my burden to him. This is not nice. She reads Minto’s personal diary and says I can read it. She says I never thought he would write in a diary but I will read it. She reads about his school crush and laughs. He wrote that I can’t break my friendship for love, she is rich and I am not. She reads his poetry. Minto enters the room. She says sorry, I was about to go and give the blanket to Mai. Minto says I have already given it to her. Nimki says thank you for bringing her here, she is really happy. Minto says don’t say like that. Nimki says you look tired so you can sleep here. Minto says it’s okay, you can change into my clothes. Nimki says I am fine like that.

Scene 2
Dumri is worried and says I was hurt by the ball you people were playing with. Tunee says nothing will happen to you. Mahua tells them about her drafting for the sports. Tunee says you will be selected. You will get the scholarship. Mahua says your trust give me strength. Dumri cries and says you both have been together, I pray that you remain like this. I never had a relation like this. Same is happening with Nimki. Mahia says I know Nimki will find a life partner that she deserves. Dmri says Minto is helping Nimki, he must have something in heart for her, he is really nice, what if we get them married. Mahua is shocked.

Minto comes to his bed. Nimki says I am sleeping here. Minto says I can’t sleep anywhere else. Nimki says you will like me sleeping somewhere else? Minto says you are not my wife, You can sleep with Dadi.

Dadi is worried about Minto’s honor.

Nimki and Minto both try to lie on the bed first. Minto falls over Nimki. They share an eyelock. Mohj Moh ke dhaage plays. Dadi comes there and shouts at Nimki.

PRECAP- Minto tells Nimki that you still remember that time. Someone is in the house that call you a daughter, what if this relationship becomes like a real mother-daughter relationship for you?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Dear makers, the harder you try to force-fit a love story between Nimki and her dead husband Babbu’s loo-alike Mintu using Babbu’s mother Anaro as adhesive to stick Nimki and Mintu, the more repulsive the serial becomes. Reasons are written on the wall. Nimki tortured Babbu much more than he tortured her, she raped him in public brutally so many times, she was an extra-marital and unfaithful wife who attacked Babbu’s honor by making his sister Sweetie elope with the same man (BDO) with whom she was extra-marital, she used and got her unborn child killed to re-trap her beleaguered husband Babbu, and then she used and killed her husband Babbu as well to become MLA, and more notingly, she often slapped her mother-in-law Anaro in public, who became mad because of her, and with whom she is ridiculously feigning her cosyness. Every time she romances with Mintu, one recalls her atrocities to Babbu. Therefore, it would be a cinematic sacrilege on your part if you promote the Nimki-Mintu romance unless either Nimki is punished commensurately, or she regrets and repents her doings to Babbu.

    1. How true!. This Nimki-Mintu love story becomes further repulsive when Nimki or her stooges (BDO, Tune, Dumri, Mahua, Mono etc) tell mintu

      Agreed. The love story becomes more repulsive when Nimki or her stooges (BDO,Tune etc) tell Mintu or his Dadi or his friends the lie or the half truth that how Babbu tortured Nimki, completely hiding how Nimki made Babbu’s life hell, and how she ultimately killed him.


    Thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

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