Nimki Vidhayak 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mintu agrees to be Babbu

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Nimki Vidhayak 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mintu asks dadi my mom left you right? She says this isn’t a suspense cinema. Go with your friends.
Nimki says should I call or not? What if I get a no? Nimki calls Mintu. He says what now? He is in the cinema. Nimki says I want to meet you. He says you said you don’t want to see my face. Nimki says Annaro needs to see you. He says I think you are using her to meet me. Nimki says are you Emran Hashmi? He says okay bye. Nimki says be Babbu for few days please. He says no I don’t want to be. Nimki says please. I am sorry. He says you should say thank you first. Mintu’s friend says showtime is running out. Nimki says where are you tell me, I will come there. His friend says ask her to come. Mintu says I don’t wanna meet her. He says i want to. Mintu

hangs up.

Nimki calls the cinema and says what would you do if someone says there is a bomb in your cinema? He says what.. He gets scared. Mintu’s friend says I have a crush on Nimki. Mintu says shut up. The manager says get out, there is a bomb. Nimki calls Mintu and says if you’re kicked out of the cinema then come to anarkali restaurant. He says what? Nimki says I called and told management there is a bomb.

Mintu comes to meet Nimki. Nimki says Annaro got a lot better after you met her. The doctor said if you keep meeting her. He says no. I have a home and life too. Nimki says once Annaro gets better I won’t see your face. He says why you keep talking about my face? Nimki shows him a picture of Babbu. He is shocked. Mintu says is that Babbu? Nimki says yes. This is why I take help from you. Babbu is dead. Annaro lost her mind when she got to know. When she saw you she started getting better. I just want you to keep meeting her for a few days. I have seen her like ths for two years. She slept and ate for the first time properly. She said she would get ready for you. This is a big thing for me. Nimki says if you had a superpower to give someone new life. Won’t you? He says dadi. Nimki says what? He says I have to be with dadi. Nimki says I will handle your dadi. Please help me. Would you be Babbu? This is about a mother’s life. Imagine if something happens to dadi and you ask for help and someone says no. Mintu recalls a doctor talking about her tumor. He says okay, I would be Babbu. But I am worried. What if I say anything wrong? Nimki says I would train you.. He says like diamond.. Who was that? Nimk says Babbu’s brother.

Nimki tells Mintu about the family. He says let me go. Tell me next time when we are actually going. Nimki says okay go. Mintu says I got everything. But what was Babbu to you? Nimki recalls their wedding. Nimki wears her glasses. Mintu says Babbu was your husband? And you are being a good daughter in law. Nimki says what do you care? Start your work from tomorrow. Mintu says waiter, take money from the boss. He leaves.
Nimki comes home and recalls what Mintu said. Nimki says am I doing right?

Mintu tells his friends. He says she is Ganga’s girl. What if she knows we are with the minister. She doesn’t look like that. His friend says no this is just a small thing. She isn’t like that. Mintu says she wants me to be Babbu. I am exactly like Babbu. Annaro is Babbu’s mom. He recalls asking Nimki who Babbu was.
Nimki says he would go there as my husband. Now Annaro will accept my marriage with a fake Babbu. I have to play it smartly.
Mintu says she calls Annaro MIL. She is doing good for her. Nimki says if I could I would never see your face Mintu.

Precap-Minister asks Mintu to get started frm today. He says media would be there. You have to defame Ganga.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Very good serial. I like it. Nimki should marry Mintu and have a baby.

    1. Yes, I also like it. Nimki should not kill Mintu or the baby, she killed her unborn baby and first husband Babbu. She should love them.

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