Nimki Vidhayak 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Shukla points a gun at Nimki

Nimki Vidhayak 7th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganga tells Nimki to be careful from now on of Shukla. Nimki says don’t worry about that. Mishra asks Nimki that she was talking about some competition. Nimki says you don’t worry about it.

Abhi talks to Nimki and says why didn’t you tell us that you would cheat Shukla like that? Nahar says she has the guts to go against Shukla. Abhi says you are provoking her. Nahar says Ganga trusts her now and she needs an ally to move ahead in politics. Nimki says let me do something in life. Tunee laughs and says Nimki doesn’t listen to anyone. Minto comes there and says I am sorry to come here but Dadi left from the house. I think she is worried that I am going near Mai, I am worried for Dadi. Nimki says oh God, where did she go? Minto says I don’t know, please take Mai away from my house, I am sorry to break my promise but I can’t let Dadi go. Nimki says you did a lot for me. I wanted to bring her to my house before also.

The teacher tells Sanjeev that Mahua has a doubt, you have to be careful. Sanjeev leaves. The teacher calls Mishra and asks him to handle Sanjeev.

Scene 2
Mai is looking around for Minto and thinks about Dadi’s words. Mai asks Rekha if Dadi was right? Is he not my Babbu? She leaves from there. Rekha thinks that she can’t remember everything as then Nimki will send me back. Mai says my Babbu won’t try to hit me but this person tried to kill me. Rekha asks her to not worry and take rest.

Nimki is calling. Sweety asks Nimki to push Mai away from your life, she is bringing problems in your life. Nimki says what are you saying? I can’t leave her. Shukla comes there and shouts at Nimki. He points the gun at Nimki and asks everyone to stay back. Nimki asks him to put the gun down, we can talk calmly. Shukla says I am not here to play your game. Where is Ganga keeping her MLA files? Nimki says I am not Ganga so I don’t know. Shukla says I will finish your game now. All look on.

PRECAP- The teacher brings Sanjeev out of the farmhouse. He looks around for the bus but there is none. Sanjeev asks why did she lie? She stabs him and he dies. Mahua sees it and thinks we are in a trap here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Makers, have some shame, take pity on the audience. Confirmed that you have nothing to say. So why fart around? Pack up and go home. Let some better serial from better makers replace you. Star Bharat, aren’t you listening?

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