Nimki Vidhayak 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nimki fails Ganga’s plan

Nimki Vidhayak 31st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki tells the family that I will control the media. Mahua says she is talking about the corruption. Nahar says we should leave. Nimki says Mai will come with us. Mai comes there and asks if she is looking good? Nimki says yes. Nahar says stop blabbering. Mai says I am talking to my daughter in law. Mai says I will go and set my saree. Mahua tells Nimki that your earrings are in your cupboard. Nimki says I will go and get those. Mai thinks that Nimki can find the file there before police.

Ganga tells Shukla that those papers will be found in Nimki’s house. Shukla says this is a good idea, I have sent the police there from my side. Ganga says we have to be careful about it. Shukla says don’t worry, it’s going to be fun.

Nimki is about to go to her room but the police come there and says we have a permit to search this house as you are alleged to run girl trafficking business. Nimki is shocked.

The neighbors come there and tells Dadi that her would be daughter in law Nimki is going to be a CM but you don’t like her. Dadi says I do like her. Minto comes there. Dadi says Nimki will have workers in her house to serve her. Minto murmurs she doesn’t think about getting me married. Dadi tells Minto that your pair with Nimki would look good. Nimki is in a good mood so she can say yes to her. Tilwa can propose her before you so tell Nimki that you like here. I will take your proposal there.

Scene 2
Mishra tells Ganga that Nimki will be alleged for our crime now. Ganga says she will know now to not mess with me.

Rekha asks Nahar what is going on? He says I don’t know. Sweety says Nimki didn’t do anything so we don’t have to be worried. Nimki tells the police that Ganga is behind all this. She asks for the search letter. The inspector says you are blaming me now? Let me search and tell you. The officer looks around the house but doesn’t find anything.

Ganga asks Shukla to call his inspector. Shukla calls the inspector, he says there is no file there. Shukla says what? Ganga says Mai promised to do my work. Shukla says what if Nimki got to know about our plan? Ganga says I have another plan, my man Nirmal gave a statement that he works for Nimki.

The inspector tells Nimki that the goons have named you as their boss. Nimki says he is Mishra’s man. The inspector says Nirmal said that Mahua was involved too, she helped him in taking the girls for trafficking and Abhi-Tunee were there too. The officer tells the inspector that there is no file here, we should end this here. The inspector asks Nimki to give him the file. Nimki says I don’t know which file you want, what are you talking about? Mai says I know about the file he is talking about. All look on.

PRECAP- Ganga calls Nimki and asks where is she? Nimki enters her house and says you sent the police against me so I have brought CBI people for you, you thought I would be going to the jail but now you are going.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Azima Khatoon

    Yeah bachchon walla khel band Karo, Zama Habib. Tune waise hi gandgi aur badboo faila rakhi hai. Tumhari Nimki ek badchalan, beabru aur gunahgar aurat hai. Serial khatm hone se pahle is kutiya ka Anaro dwara katl karwao.

  2. I would celebrate the closure of ‘Nimki Mukhiya/Vidhayak’ scheduled to air last today. When it started in Aug 17 it was liked by everybody and the expectations were very high. First, all expectations were belied one by one, and then the maker, Zama Habib, started misusing it to air his own sick whims and fancies, as perceived from his jaundiced eyes, to erode the universally and eternally well-established and cherished socio-cultural and human values and institutions of the Indian Society. Examples: 1) Nimki’s marriage to Babbu was expected to bring social acceptability and promotion of inter-caste and inter-class marriage, but it taught us that such marriages can never succeed, 2) Nimki becoming an assertive and progressive lower-caste woman Mukhiya raised high expectations of socio-economic progress. But her only social contribution was to raise the pitch of social disharmony and confrontation. Economically, she couldn’t think beyond that catastrophic fashion cat-walk, leaving most economists wondering as to how it could have brought-in economic progress, and some economists like Adam Smith and Lasky, turning in their graves, 3) Although forced marital s*x is not rape in IPC and the story so far did not support this incident of forced marital s*x by husband Babbu with his wife Nimki, still the maker enacted it and proceeded with the case as rape. So it was expected that he would raise meaningful on-screen social debate on this issue, but what he served us was a month-long court trial of the case acquitting Babbu, which any way, should have been dismissed on the first hearing itself as the charge of rape was legally not tenable, 4) If a married/single woman wants to marry someone of her choice, it must be permitted and is expected to be done in a legally correct and socially co-operative/ persuasive/ participative/ reconciliatory/ acceptable way, but Nimki taught us that let the woman /girl elope away with the man /boy and that others must aid and abet this elopement. She demonstrated the same twice to everyone’s dismay, 5) If a marriage does not work then it is expected that either the couple reconcile cordially or divorce gracefully, but Nimki taught us to destroy (kill) your spouse and destroy his/ her family, 6) It was expected that if a woman is wiser and more competent than her husband then she should support her husband and help him grow (as has been the case in general in vice versa scenario). But Nimki taught us that the woman must jettison, or better still, kill her less competent husband. There are many more examples, and as far as Nimki Vidhayak is concerned, it is so trashy that any comment would be a waste of time. In nut shell, the TRP of the serial kept falling with the falling expectations, and finally, it became so shitty that its closure became the only save-our-soul option. That’s why we must celebrate its closure. But then, how should the serial end? This Nimki b*t*h has been living by coning, mindless revenge and rancor, treason, and treacherous murders. Let Babbu and his family be avenged. Let Anaro shoot her dead. Firstly, Nimki is not a heroine, she is a vamp. And even if one insists that she is a heroine, even then, she is a heroine with dark/ grey character, and such heroes/ heroines are killed in the end (Amitabh Bachchan in Deewar, Dilip Kumar in Ganga-Jamna etc.) to part the lesson that such characters, even if they are heroes/ heroines, cannot be glorified. Let this b*t*h Nimki get killed by Anaro. This would be an apt end to this filthy serial. Afterall, those who live by the sword are perished by the sword.

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