Nimki Vidhayak 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Mai promises to destroy Nimki

Nimki Vidhayak 29th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki tells Abhi how to bring Ganga and Shukla’s face in front of all? Abhi says they must have a connection with the police so we have to be careful about finding their men. Nimki says where is Mai? I asked Minto to bring her here.

Shukla calls Ganga and says you are a fool, I can’t even be happy about this, you are a cheap and stupid person. Ganga says you are blaming a woman to save yourself? Shukla says you didn’t even spare your husband that is why I have to talk to you. Ganga says he is not here so don’t waste my time. You can’t bear that a woman is becoming successful. Shukla says we have to do something before Nimki destroys us. Ganga says I have already laid a trap for her, don’t worry. She ends the call. Mai comes to Ganga’s house. Ganga says she is here? She comes to her and invites her inside. Mai says your guards were not letting me inside. Ganga makes her sit down and gives her water. She asks what happened? Mai says you said that Nimki is cheating me. Ganga says isn’t she taking care of you? Mai says no, I don’t know about my family. Ganga says your husband is in jail. Nimki has cheated me too so I want to destroy her, will you help me? I will bring your husband out of jail then. Mai says I promise to destroy Nimki.. She recalls Babbu’s death and says I promise on my dead son that I will not spare Nimki, I will finish her and will take her peace in this life and after her death too. Ganga says I can see the truth in your eyes. She gives her some papers and says just hide these in Nimki’s house.

Scene 2
Minto is worried that Mai is missing.

Ganga tells Shankar and Mishra that I will trap Nimki in a way that she will have to give up her CM. We have to stop Nimki from proving my involvement in girls trafficking. I will prove that Nimki was trafficking girls and not me. She will be destroyed then.

Rekha says Mai used to roam around a lot, she might have died. Minto asks her to not say that. Mai comes there. Minto asks where was she? Mai says I went to pray for Nimki as she is becoming a CM. Why didn’t she tell me? Rekha says are you really happy that she is a CM? Mai scolds her and says Nimkii can do anything now? I have heard that she has a big bungalow. Minto says yes, I will take you there. She leaves from there.

Nimki gives interview to the reporters and asks Nahar to speak on her behalf. Nahar praises her and says she will help the girls in becoming powerful. The reporter says you were able to stop girls trafficking. Nimki says I haven’t stopped this game, that gang is still out there. Mahua gets tensed and runs from there. Nimki ends the interview and goes to Mahua. Mahua says why did you have to say that? Nimki says I know your pain. Mahua says promise me to punish that Ganga.

PRECAP- Mai comes to Nimki’s room and hides the papers that Ganga gave her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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