Nimki Vidhayak 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganga comes to meet Nimki

Nimki Vidhayak 27th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki tells Shukla that I will do this work for you but think about me, listen to me carefully, I have already done a favor and I am doing this so I will have a big demand. Shukla laughs and says that I like you, I will give you what you want, will you do my work? Nimki says you shouldn’t talk to a beautiful girl like this.

Mahua looks around the room. The teacher asks her to get ready. Mahua sees some car parking outside and a man coming inside. She tells the friend that the car from another city is here. The girl asks her to not think that much.

Tunee is calling Mahua but she doesn’t pick up. Dumri asks him to not worry.

Parag tells Ganga that Shukla is planning something against us. Ganga says they all want to get the higher seat. She asks Mishra to say yes to everyone who is asking for the ministry, once we are power then we will see. Mishra says Nimki was seen in the party office. What is Shukla changes the game this time too? Ganga says we have to get a player on our side and Nimki is the one that can break Shukla’s party, I want Nimki in my party.

Scene 2
Mai is miffed with Minto. Minto asks her to not worry. Go and take a bath. Mai says I am miffed with you, you take that Dadi’s side, I am your mother and she can’t take my place. Minto recalls Dadi telling him that his mother ranaway. Minto tells Mai that you are my mother and are closest to me so don’t listen to Dadi. Rekha says really? Minto asks her to leave. Mai says where is Nimki? Minto says she has work. Mai says that girl is clever, we should have controlled her before.

Nimki is playing luddo with Dumri. Tunee plays with them. Ganga comes there with Parag. She asks Nimki to keep playing, I want to play too. She sits with Nimki and says we shouldn’t think that we won before winning, the game can change anytime. Nimki looks on. Ganga plays with her and changes the game. Ganga says game changed like you changed your side and voted against me.

PRECAP- Abhi tells Nimki that Mahua’s name didn’t come up in the competition list. Nimki says if you think Mahua is in danger then I won’t spare that person.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Nimki is beautiful but she is very characterless. I don’t like her.

    1. Yes, Nimki is a beautiful whore.

  2. It’s good that you like nimki character(role) but she is not characterless. She plays her game logically L. In this serial she didn’t harmed anyone nor she tried to dominate any person. She lives her life in her own terms without caring about society, I think u ppl Dnt liked the same thing.

    1. I think yours is a highly intellectual comment. So I take this liberty to insufflate your thoughts. Living one’s life at one’s own terms – is it a vile or a virtue? Imagine, if every one starts living life on his/her own terms, what will happen. I leave it there.

    2. What r u saying friend? Nimki never harmed any one? She didn’t dominate any one?

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