Nimki Vidhayak 24th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki boosts Mahua’s confidence

Nimki Vidhayak 24th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nahar tells Nimki that he always supported her and brought her to Patna. Nimki says right. Nahar says I was worried that you were alone here so I came here. Abhi comes there and says the snake is here. Nahar says I am not a snake, I am here to protect Nimki. He goes from there. Abhi says he might think to stay here, tell me about Mai. Nimki says she is fine. Sweety comes there and says let’s go, she goes with Abhi. Dumri comes to Nimki and says handle this Nahar. Nimki says he will go back to village soon, I have to go to Minto’s house for Mai. Mahua asks Nimki if she will come to see her off? Nimki says yes, let me call Minto, I won’t go today. She calls him but he doesn’t pick up.

Tunee helps Mahua in packing up. Dumri gives her food to take with her. Mahua says I am worried. Nimki sends everyone off and tells Mahua that you are tensed? You have fought alone till now so don’t lose hope. Mahua says what if I become a joke in that new world? Nimki shows her the childhood photo and says Ram brought this dress for you, you are no less. You will do your best. Mahua hugs her.

Scene 2
The politicians talk to Ganga and say your position is not strong. Mishra says now you will tell us what to do? The politician says that Mishra can’t talk nicely to us. Parag says Mishra you misbehaved with them? Mishra says he was talking about my sister, she ran away but they are commenting on it. Parag says shoot her husband or your sister but control your anger. Mishra says you don’t understand when your own blood makes you disappointed. Ganga looks on.

Nimki and others leave with Mahua. Nahar comes there and says I was going back but my back pain is killing me. Nimki says what you want? Nahar says I had good food here but I have brought everything with me. Tunee says you want to stay here? Nimki says you can live here for a day or two. Nahar thanks her. mahua says let’s leave. Nahar says all are going? Nimki says not you. She leaves with the family.

Ganga asks Shankar to keep an eye on Minto.

Nimki brings Mahua to the bus stand. The modern girls eye Mahua. Mahua says why are they looking at me? Nimki says don’t lose your confidence, you are beautiful, give your best. Mahua says bye and enters the bus.

Ganga tells Mishra that you should take a rest, Parag will handle your matters. Mishra says okay but I think Nimki is your real enemy, handle her first.

<strongPRECAP- Mahua is a video calling Nimki. She drinks a juice and then later faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nimki has lost her appeal because she has tainted her character and is seen as a vamp, and not as a heroine. The makers are therefore promoting Mahua as a breather by forcing glamour on her, but Mahua has no persona to carry glamour. In the bargain, makers are making fool and fun of themselves. The serial is worsening episode by episode. Sincere advice to the makers – rest, recoup,review, recollect, reorganize, rejuvenate, and restart.

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