Nimki Vidhayak 21st December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganga meets Annaro

Nimki Vidhayak 21st December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki reads the paper. Nimki reads miss beautiful personality competition. Mauha says I have been selected. I will have to go to Rachi for training. Day after tomorrow. Ramla says what is pageant? Sweeti says like Miss India. Ramla says so she will become Miss India? Abhi says she can. She is a beauty with brains. Mauha says I wanted to give this news to didi first. Ramla says I thought Nimki could do this. Nimki says she can do everything. Sweeti says how did you think about it? Mauha says everyone thought I am boring and I only study or play tennis. I wanted to change that thought. Everyone claps for her. Mauha hugs Nimki. she says you look worried. Nimki says in heart I am only worried about Mintu. I hope you get to your dadi.

Dadi looks for Mintu. She asks people if they’ve seen Mintu. A guy says did he run away with his wife? Mintu comes and says dadi what were you doing? Dadi says where were you all night? Mintu says I was here. I was seeing all the photos. I could only see you. Dadi says Nimki told me she tried talking to you. mintu says she doesn’t let any chance of her self praise. Dadi says I will tell you everything about your mom. He says no she is dead for me. I don’t want to do anything. He says let me get you jalebis. she says no I will cook for you. He says then you will ask me to massage your feet. I will bring jalebis. She hugs him and says come soon.

Mauha practices for the competition. She comes out in a down and walks. Everyone claps for her. She comes out in another dress. Nimki tells her how to walk.
Dadi is going back home. A car comes towards their house. Dadi sees Ganga coming out of it. She hides. People gather around her. She gives blessings to everyone. Dadi says what is she doing here? Did she find about me and Mintu? Dadi is hiding. Rekha opens the door. She goes inside. Dadi says where is she going. Rekha says you here.. Annaro says let her come here. Ganga comes in. Annaro is sitting there. Ganga sits and says there’s nothing less in your ego. He says Parag found you on the way and took you home the other day. He is very generous. Annaro says will you take tea? She says what is her name? Lalita? Laxmi? Ask her to get the tea ready. Rekha says I only know dadi. Annaro says she is peeking in from the window. Ganga looks back dadi hides. Ganga says you liked the soup so I got some for you. We couldn’t talk that day. Did you ask Nimki anything? About your dead son? Annro says who dead son? My son is alive. Dadi is scared. She says my Babu is fine. Ganga says she is very clever so she became Mukhiya. Annaro says my husband is Mukhiya Nimki isn’t.

Nimki takes selfies with Mauha. Sweeti says I didn’t know you’re this talented. Tune gives Muaha a dress and says it would look too good on you. It’s very small. Mauha slaps him. She says how dare you to bring a dress like this.

Ganga says she defeated your husband and became mukhya. Annaro recalls. Ganga says Rekha bring the soup. Rekha says I am coming. Ganga says don’t you get mad that Nimki killed Babbu. Annaro says shut up. Ganga says there must be something in Babbu’s body to identify him. Mintu is going towards the house. Dadi says how do I stop him from going there.

Precap-Gana is leaving. She sees a glimpse of dadi. She says who was that woman? The one I thought?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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