Nimki Vidhayak 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mauha and Nimki celebrate Rakhi

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Nimki Vidhayak 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha and Nimki tie rakhi to mono. They both pick the same hand. Nimki ties it on the other hand. Ramla says I wish Ram was alive. Mono says I have a gift for you two. Give me your hands.. He takes their hands. He opens his fist. Nimki says this is nothing. He says this is papa’s smile. Ramla says this was the best gift, he is ram’s so after all. Nimki and Mauha kiss their hand. Mono says did you like it?? Nimki nods. Tune says someone took Ram’s smile. Nimki says are you happy now? What do you want to eat? I will get Chinese for everyone here. Mauha says mono we are leaving. Ramla says Mauha stay for the food at least. Mauha says this is expensive, we dont need another person’s favor. I will eat with mono some other time. Nimki says she wont’ eat from

my money? At least care about your son, it is Raksha. Mauha says I don’t need anything from you. Mono says I have money to treat you both. You both can eat with me. I took it from my money bank. Ramla says come eat everyone now.

Nimki says to mono are you happy now? Ramla says Ram must be happy. Nimki says Ram makes me too emotional. Nimki says as a brother you have to protect both of your sisters but if you have to save one in a situation, who would you choose? Mono says what are you saying. Nimki says she was standing there didn’t even talk to me. Ramla says you didn’t talk either.

Mauha says to Tune she didn’t even look at me. Tune says we did what we had to.
Nimki says looked at Tune, he was standing at a side. are they married? Ramla says no he is looking for work. Nimki says so you talk to them? Mono says Tune is worried about his work. Nimki says he has latest news too.
Tune says come let me get you ice cream. Mauha says she was showing me her money. We don’t need her money. Mauha asks Ramla to get mono a new money box.
Mauha says tune keep this money. He says no. Mauha says keep it.

Scene 2
Nimki comes to Tiwari and says they’re not leaving the house. Give me another house. He says I have entered in the system already. Nimki says then kick him out. Nimki calls Abhi. She says there is something.. You would do it for me. I have an issue in living in a house that is given to me. Tiwari isn’t’ getting the house emptied. Nimki says talk to home minister. Tiwari says the home minister is in the meeting. Nimki says he picked my call in the meeting. He says have some [an. Nimki says get me my house. He says stay in a guest house for some days. Nimki says now I will get this house at any cost.

Ex MLA is getting his back massaged. He says people shouldn’t know that I didn’t do anything for them. They hear a noise. Watchman says why are you here again. Nimki is outside.
Nimki says daya shanakar we are here to take our house.
Nimki says I have called media. Daya says why are you here. Nimki says this is my house. He says I wont’ leave this house. He says go from here. Nimki says don’t even dare. He says call our men. Mono says I am scared. Nimki says don’t be scared. His PA says what is your name. Nimki says let me go and check the house or I will call police. He says where are you going. Nimki and mono go in. Nimki says don’t even dare touching us.
Daya says kick them out. Nimki says this is our house. You are in my house. Get out. Nimki says you’re a dog. I have a lot of people who are shifting for me. He calls his thugs. He says my men are coming.. They will drag you out. Go from here or you will remember for life. Nimki says I have done things that people didn’t forget for life. His thugs come in. Daya says hit them and kick them out.

Precap-Daya’s men try hitting Nimki. They hit Mono. Media comes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The sinful Nimki continues taking law in her own hands for her selfish/ egoistic ends. Her methods are – collect a mob and and use it to mob-lynch your opponents, or call and manipulate the media, or use your tantrums, beauty, extra-marital partners, relatives, friends, any-one, and every-one to achieve your goal (and then throw them out as used commodities). Is this criminal MLA Nimki not aware of the lawful process of getting the house evacuated? Honorable Makers, why are you forcing this Vamp Nimki down our throat as a Heroine?

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