Nimki Vidhayak 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki shoots Minto

Nimki Vidhayak 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganga tells Nimki that Minto took your sister away, I still care for you that’s why I am telling you, they are in the jungle. Nimki goes there with Abhi.

Minto and Mahua are in the jungle. Ganga’s goons are following them. Nimki and Abhi come there too.

Ganga tells Parag that if Nimki finds Minto with Mahua, she will think he tried to harm her.

Nimki finds Mahua’s dress piece that tore off when she was running.
Minto and Mahua are running. Mahua gets hit by a tree and faints. Minto tries to hide her from the goons but Nimki comes there and sees it. Ganga’s goons run from there. Nimki recalls her rape and Babbu forced himself on her. Abhi sees Minto holding Mahua. Nimki shouts Babbu. She takes the gun from the inspector and points it at him. Minto says it’s me. Nimki recalls Babbu’s abuses and torture and shoots him. Minto is shocked and falls down. Nimki says how dare he try to rape my sister as he did to me? Parag hides and sees all that. Abhi takes Mahua from there.

Scene 2
Nimki and others are in the hospital. Abhi asks why she didn’t tell about Minto looking like Babbu before? The doctor checks Mahua and says she will wake up soon, she is fine, he leaves. Tunee says thank you Nimki, it was my mistake to leave her alone. Nimki says don’t blame yourself. Dumri says I can’t believe Minto did this with our Mahua, he is shameless. Nimki says I was mistaken. Abhi says we have to go now.

Nimki and Abhi see Sweety looking at Minto getting treated in the OT. She recalls how he shot her. Nimki says when I saw Minto first, I was shocked but then he made me trust him, I now realize that he is not different, he is like Babbu only. The inspector comes there and says we have to take your statement. Sweety gets dizzy and says this is not Babbu. This is not true. Abhi takes her away. Pishko comes there and says to Nimki that you are mistaken about Minto. They come to Minto and see him getting treated. Pishko says you think Minto can do that? Nimki says I saw him doing it.

PRECAP- Nimki tells Mahua that Minto has been arrested for trying to molest you. Mahua says he didn’t do that, he saved me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Such a shit serial. Nothing more than foolish plot and scripting by novices for rape, kidnapping, black mailings …. rape, kidnapping, black mailings…. the cycle continues. All meant to glorify a sinful b*t*h called Nimki. To sum up, an ugly street orgy of dogs and b*t*hes. No wonder, its TRP has dropped from 3+ in 2017 to 0.9 in 2019, and is continuously plummeting down. Better stop this serial.

  2. nimki series is such a fun nice series..! i just love watcbjng it
    now nimki vidhayath is more fun n interesting
    would love to watch nimki ministry also haha

    1. Best of luck! Let us have a whore PM.

    2. Wow, you love rape, murder, kidnappings, and black-mailing, find these funny, and enjoy them! How cute!

    3. Wonderful idea, Sapna! Let the Nimki b*t*h lead, and let the dogs sniff behind at her trails.

  3. I agree with Ishaa. The single point agenda of this serial is to promote this whore Nimki and to glorify her b*t*hy acts and behaviour. Why is this b*t*h not behind bars for her criminal act of snatching pistol from a police officer and attempting to murder Mintu by shooting him without any provocations or threat to her life from Mintu, and that too, in presence of the Police? It’s all because Nimki is a whore and the makers are her pimp. Utterly disgusting.

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