Nimki Vidhayak 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nimki gets to know about Ganga

Nimki Vidhayak 18th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says we have to find out who is that person? Ganga comes and says what would you find out Nimki? Nimki says you here? Ganga says you’re a stranger to me. You did so much for me, so I would help you too. I got to know your sister is in trouble. How is Mauha? Nimki says she is fine now. Ganga says what happened? Nimki says she took part in a contest, then we found out they traffic girls. They sell girls across the border. Ganga says what? You didn’t even tell me. I could do something. Nimki says you were already worried. Ganga says you made me worried by not telling me. You don’t consider me yours? Anyway, how is Mauha? Nimki says she is upset. but she is very brave. Ganga says I am glad she’s fine now. Who is behind all this? Did Mauha tell you anything? No matter how power anyone is behind all this, they will get behind the bars. Nimki says the people who are arrested didn’t take anyone’s name. Ganga says does police doubt anything? Nimki says no. Ganga says they will find out don’t worry. That person should be behind the bars. When I become the minister, I will get all of them behind the bars. They are our society’s enemies. Ganga gets a call. She says I have to go now. Have to meet the minister. Ganga says why don’t you come as well? Nimki says no I will stay with Mauha. Ganga says you should stay with Mauha. She needs you. Tell me if you find any news. Ganga leaves.

Mauha says you aren’t going because of me? Please go. I want you to be in this meeting and become a minister and get the best ministry. Nimki says when did you become this wise? Mauha says I am your sister after all. Nimki says then be a little stupid after all.
Mintu calls Nimki and says how is Mauha? Nimki says she’s find now. How is dadi? Mintu says she is coming back. For me, she has agreed to live with Annaro. Nimki says I will bring Annaro here so you and dadi can live peacefully. I don’t want to trouble you both anymore. He says how are you? Nimki says I am fine why? He says nothing.

Scene 2
Mintu says to Rekha see what I got? She says Dablo ji? Mintu says no I brought samosas. She will be going so I want to keep her happy. Rekha says is she dying? Mintu says no, Nimki will take her to her house. Rekha says so I will also live in that big house? Wow. I waited for this day.

An MLA says if you make me minister I will bring investment from across the borders. I have spoken to people. They are ready to invest. Ganga says I am listening but my head hurts. I will give you this minister. Another says please write my name as well. Ganga says okay. Leave now. Nimki says why aren’t you taking any medicines? I know a remedy. Mishra comes. He says what is she doing here? Ganga says did you speak to Doobahy ji? Mishra says yes I did. Ganga gets a call. Nimki says to Mishra are you getting old that can’t listen? He says did you call me old? Nimki says you look only 62. He coughs. Nimki recalls she heard the same cough on the call. Nimki says in the heart is he involved too?

Annaro has broken everything. Mintu hugs her and says what happened? Ananro says go from here.
Ganga says to Shukla don’t worry. He says if one of us falls, other would also fall in the mud. We both had equal profit in thsi business so we will have an equal loss. You can’t blame it all on me. Ganga says you keep an eye on your side. We are from different parties, but in this business we are partners. How would anyone know? Nimki comes there. Ganga says Nimki? You? Nimki says I had to tell you something. It’s something private. I didn’t want to speak about it downstairs. Nimki says Mishra.. Ganga says what did he do? Nimki hears Ganga’s alarm clock blaring. Nimki heard it on the call as well. She is shocked. Nimki says I doubt Mishra. He can go to the other party. Ganga says no that will never happen. I know him very well. He is loyal to me. He will do what I ask only. Don’t worry. Niki leaves.

Tune runs after Mauha. Sweeti says what happened. Tune says I said you have become pretty. Muaha says I said I replied you look funny when I came closer. I made a mistake by coming closer. Tune says listen. Abhi says she looks so good smiling. Nimki it all happened because of you. You helped Nimki with everything. Abhi says all the credit goes to Nimki. Mauha says she is parents and everything. I am so lucky. Abhi says where is Nimki? Sweeti says she went to her guru, Ganga. Tune says is she Nimki’s guru? She never told me. Nimki comes in shock. Tune says what happened? You look worried. Nimki recalls the bell and the cough. Abhi says what happened? Nimki says I got to know who is behind this gang. Abhi says who? Nimki says Ganga. Everyone is shocked.
Precap-Nimki is asleep. Ganga come there. Nimki says how dare you come to my place? I will expose you and never let you become CM. Ganga says I already became the CM and you played a major part in it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. When the maker talks though his hat because he has lost his dome, the b*t*h Nimki becomes Sherlock Holmes.

  2. As finally diagnosed, this serial has been an ugly street orgy of dogs and b*t*hes led by Queen b*t*h Nimki and directed by Zama Habib. Eagerly waiting for the curtains to close.

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