Nimki Vidhayak 16th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganga meets Nahar and Mai

Nimki Vidhayak 16th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganga meets a person and it’s Nahar. Ganga brings him inside, Ganga says you said that Nimki made Tettar lose the elections? Nahar says she insulted Tettar and Babbu, she made them run away from her. She was weird, she used to take a bath in a bathtub. Ganga says and Tettar didn’t do anything? Nahar says he is in jail for shooting Babbu. Ganga says a father killed his son? Nahar says Nimki played that game, she is not a common girl, she made Tettar shoot him, she is clever. Ganga takes Parag aside and says this Nimki is not normal, she made her father in law kill his son so she is not a commoner. Parag says but she is taking care of her mother in law. Ganga says I got to know that she can be tough but she is an emotional girl and we will use that only. She comes to Nahar and says we know that you brought Nimki till here, we called you here and you don’t have to go back. You know that Nimki is talented and I worry about her but if you are with her then she will be safe. If you work for her then work for me too, if you think good about us then we will be good to you as well. You know that politics work like that.

The doctor talks to Nimki and Minto. She says Mai is getting fine, you have to start discussing past with her. Mai comes there and asks Nimki to go with the nurse. She tells the doctor that my daughter in law didn’t get pregnant so I want Nimki to get the checkup done. Minto asks what she is doing? Nimki says your son can have a problem too so get him checked too. Mai says my Babbu is totally fine. The doctor says that man and woman both can have a problem with having a baby. Minto says we don’t need a baby. Mai leaves from there.
Parag comes to Mai says what happened? Mai asks who are you? He says I am your son’s friend.
Nimki tells Minto to bring a kid, she will be happy then. Go and search for her. They look around but don’t find her.

Parag brings Mai to his house. Ganga asks her to sit down. Mai looks around the palace and recalls Tettar, she says who are you? Ganga says I am not your enemy. Parag says my mom wanted to meet you since earlier. Mai kisses forehead and says I met Babbu that day. Mai sits with them and finds a piano. She plays it and says I will ask Babbu to put one in our palace too. She sees Ganga’s photo and says you removed my photo? Ganga says this is my palace, your palace is in the village, what about your husband Tettar? Mai looks on and sits on the head chair. She calls for the servant as she used to. Ganga says your husband is in jail because of killing your son and you don’t even remember it.

PRECAP- Ganga tells Mai that her son died in her lap only. Mai recalls that incident and shouts at Nimki that you killed my son.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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