Nimki Vidhayak 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nimki sees Mahua’s condition

Nimki Vidhayak 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki enters the den in a disguise. She tells the goons that Moti sent us here, we didn’t tell you as the police has a tip. Tunee tells him that we want to sell this girl also (Nimki). Nimki tells the goon that I want to earn that’s why I chose this, I can make your clients happy and I can also look after the girls. Another goon tells him that we have already killed a girl so let’s take her. The goon says that the police is behind us, I don’t want to take a risk. The other goon says that Moti has sent her, Syed will be angry if we send less girls. The goon says that girl was acting funny so we had to kill her. Nimki hears it and thinks whom did they kill?

Mai asks about Tettar, Rekha says that he is in the jail. Mai says why would he be in a jail? He is not a goon. Minto asks her to not listen to Rekha, she lies only.

Ganga tells Mishra that you can’t let this news be out, people can’t know that we traffic girls out. Even if you have to kill the girls then do it, remove all proofs. She asks Shankar to make him clean this mess. They leave. Ganga thinks that everything will be fine.

Mai calls Ganga and says you know about my family then tell me where my husband is?

Ganga talks to the goon while going in the den. She asks who was killed? He says you heard everything. Nimki says I have a plan to earn more.

Nimki comes to the kidnapped girls. She asks where is Mahua? She hears someone groaning in the dark. She sees the goon beating her. Nimki is hurt to see Mahua in that condition. The goons get an order to take care of the all the girls. The teacher says that we should start with Mahua, kill them all. Nimki tries to call Abhi but they can’t hear her.

The goon says where is the new girl? We will have to kill her also. Nimki comes there and says why you have to kill them? Mahua sees her. Nimki says you don’t have to kill, you can leave all the girls and I will start my prostitution business. I will give you commission also.

Ganga asks Mishra if his men has done the work? Mishra says don’t worry, he is working. He is a trusted person so don’t worry.

Tunee tells Abhi that Nimki didn’t give us an update, is she in a trouble? Abhi says the police is coming soon, I told Nimki to not go there alone. Tune says don’t worry, she will teach them a lesson.

PRECAP- The goon points a gun at Nimki but Nimki beats him and gets them all arrested. Shankar tells Ganga that the den was raided by the police and Nimki is behind all that. Ganga is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. A leopard can’t change its spots, so can’t this all time whore Nimki. And what about the makers? Even when the death knell has been sounded and the show would be closed in three weeks, the makers still think that they are very smart and the audience is fool whom they can fool around by children comics where a even a chosen b*t*h Nimki can hunt a posse of tigers, least realizing that Nimki is not a heroine but a vamp. May God give them wisdom in the serial’s counted days! As usual, disgustingly trash.

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