Nimki Vidhayak 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki to go to Assembly

Nimki Vidhayak 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ramla says this food isn’t good, I would make better. Nimki says this is good. Nimki says Mono come to eat. Mono sits with them. Mauha calls on phone. Nimki says why is she calling. Ramla says she might wanna talk to mono. Mauha keeps calling. Nimki says pick it. Mono says you scolded. Mono picks the phone and says I will call you back. Nimki says tell her not to call you again and again.

Mauha says she must be near mono, he didn’t even talk to me. My brother is in patna and I can’t even meet him. Tune says you know he can’t meet you here alone. Mauha says I can meet him outside. He is my brother. Nimki considers me her enemy. Tune says eat, please. Tune says she thinks we aren’t on her side. She is busy in her life. She is an MLA now. She doesn’t need us. You are studying here. I am working, everything is going good. Why do you wanna mess everything now? See what I got for you. She says the tennis ball? How do you know. He says I know you are playing tennis in college. He says to take part in the competition. She says I can’t. I just play to distract myself. He says you can win. Mauha says you’re getting in the office but you’re not getting it. He says Nimki would be there. I can’t see her face every day. Would you? Mauha says I have to go to the hostel. She leaves.

Nimki looks at their old photos. She recalls mauha saying I don’t wanna live with you.
Mono reads. He is studying with his tutor. Nimki walks outside. She recalls her moments with her family. Mono says where did you go. Ramla and Mono see nimki in the street. Nimki says thank God you came papa. I was alone. ramla says what are you doing here on the street. She says I thought I should spend some time with papa. I got papa back in this wheelchair. You can go to your sister. I dont’ care. Mono says no. Ramla says he is your brother. Nimiki says he was. Now he is my papa’s last sign. What would I say to papa if I lose him. Mono hugs her and says I would neve leave you alone. Nimki says tomorrow is my first day in assembly and I don’t even have a dress. Take me to a tailor please.

They come to the tailor. Nimki says have you forgotten your people from village? You have to stitch my saree. He says okay I would do it. Nimki says to check on the internet how to make it. I will get you contacts from 200+ MLAs. Nimki says you would get so famous. He says I will make it don’t worry.
Nimki waits all night for her dress to be stitched. She recalls when babbu raped her. Ramla says your dress is ready.

Scene 2
Nimki wears her saree and says how am I looking? Rama says you look like heroin. Nimki says let’s go I am getting late. Ramla does her arti. Nimki sees a gift box outside. She says abhi sent it.. He still hasn’t forgotten. Nimki opens it. There is a name plate that says MLA Nimki.
Precap-Nimki comes to the assembly. she says I would have my name in the hall of fame.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. “Sau-Sau choohe khaike billi chali Haz karne”, meaning the cat is proceeding on Haz (pilgrimage) after killing and eating hundreds of mice. That is what the sinner Nimki is doing when she is proceeding from Ghat-Tola/Khursawapur to the Bihar Assembly in Patna as MLA. She keeps getting nightmares where-in her husband Babbu rapes her, but she never gets dreams/nightmares/thoughts when she raped her husband in public many times, that she was extra marital, that she was physically and orally abusive to him and his family, that she forged elections, that she used people including her own child for her vile games, and that finally, she killed her husband through treason and betrayal of the worst kind. Esteemed Makers Sirs/Madams, why don’t you realize that Nimki is a sinner, a tainted lame duck , who cannot carry your serial on her tottering legs. Yes, the Indian society, specially people from the rural areas, and super-specially from Bihar, have rejected her as a female fallen from grace. None of her antics and sweet talking and yours script-backing is going to work. Better cap this serial and start afresh.

    1. It’s Nau-sao chuhe khake billi chali hajj par*
      What are your stupid women hating values? You mean nimki was wrong? When babbu raped her? When he constantly hit her and disrespected her? He was the reason for her father becoming paralyzed and then dying! You think HE deserves mercy? And because not like other typical bahus who start loving every monster of a husband —she wanted to take revenge, like EVERY woman should do…you are degracing her??? Do you know how many girls are raped in India??? This serial is a means for every girl to dare to raise their voice! And you think that’s wrong? Shame on you and your thinking!

    2. Ayesha Bunkar

      I agree with you, Rida, that any serial that encourages girls to raise their voice against atrocities is welcome, and must be encouraged and supported, but if the protagonist of the serial (the hero or heroine whose character and behavior is inspiring) is himself/herself a tainted and disgraced person then the whole narrative is not only unconvincing, but also repulsive. Yes, it’s Nau-sau chuhe khake billi chali haj par*, as you have said. Definitely, this billi is none other than Nimki. Down with Nimki and her ‘Nimki Vidhayak’!

  2. Thanks, Rida Ji for correcting the proverb. I agree with Hemlata, but beg your pardon to disagree with you. It was Nimki who supposedly loved Babbu and married him. Babbu never loved Nimki and was made to marry her at gun-point. Babbu never accepted Nimki as his wife. However, he never ill-treated her until provoked by her. Both realized that it was a bad marriage. They should have gone for divorce (in fact, Babbu was too willing to do that). His behavior towards her became abysmal only after she conspired to make his sister Sweetie elope with BDO (The intention may be noble, but its execution was highly humiliating and hurting. They could have got legally married under police protection). Babbu reacted violently, and thus began the fierce battle between Babbu and his family on one side, and Nimki and her supporters on the other side. Each side adopted all fair and unfair methods to hurt and subjugate the other. The level of hatred shot up so high that Babbu raped his wife Nimki. Well, I do not support the enacting of this incident by the makers because it was totally illogical and does not blend with the narrative so far. Why should Babbu rape his wife Nimki when he had not even touched her so far s*xually? Yes, one could have still accepted if he had killed her as part of the story. Ok, let us accept the narrative that he raped her, but the question remains why? Was it not because Nimki had misused her position as Mukhiya, and had humiliated Babbu and his family in public and in the Panchayat umpteen number of times (often, out of sheer revenge), and thus raping Babbu, on and off, at her sweet will? OK, leave all this, let us talk something more sensible. Marital forced s*x is not a rape offence in India. At best, it can be taken as a domestic violence case and can form a strong ground for divorce. However, Babbu was tried and acquitted. Then why brand him as rapist? Why has Nimki not taken divorce from Babbu till now (well we don’t know her status, is she a widow, or still the wife of a surviving Babbu?)? What is more important is that it was a hate-battle fought not between men and women (because both sides had men and women) but between two parties led by Babbu and Nimki for power and position. The hatred pitched so high that the line, not only between who is right and who is wrong, but also between what is right and what is wrong, totally blurred, and both, Babbu as well as Nimki, are as guilty as the other one. Since Babbu is done with, now it is not a case of defending or prosecuting Babbu, but now it is a case of prosecuting Nimki as an extra-marital, unfaithful, murderous wife and as a ruthless, dishonest, selfish, despotic, and tyrant individual. Her character and behavior has still not changed. She just slapped an innocent person for foot-pushing an empty wheel-chair for re-positioning it (remember the incident when she had burnt the wheel-chair of her father?). Rida Ji, we cannot let Nimki go scot-free just because she is a woman (so are we). She must be prosecuted and punished. If not, let us not glorify her deeds. If that too cannot be done, let us protest at least, and in that, let us boycott this show ‘Nimki Vidhayak’. That’s what Hemlata is doing. If you cannot support Hemlata, or persons like her, e.g., me, then it’s fine with us, but please do not be satirical or taunting with us. Regards.

    1. Nimki didn’t know that babbu didn’t love her or that the tettar family didn’t like her, that was the whole plot in the beginning. They tricked her because they wanted to use her. And as soon as the marriage was done, babbu started showing his hate towards nimki. Babbu never ill-treated nimki? Is this a joke? He told her to not touch him because of her cast, he never let her speak and was constantly angry with her. He abused her, hit her badly. So you mean a husband is allowed to hit his wife? Even though it’s his wife? And then he raped her. Okay, nonconsensual marital s*x doesn’t count as rape in India. But everyone still KNOWS that it is rape! And what did nimki do wrong in all of this to be called such words? She gave babbu and the disgusting tettar family exactly the same medicine! Nimki was in the beginning trying to help them with her position as mukhiya (like when she helped tettar get votes) but as soon as she noticed that she was being used, she started using her position for the people’s advantage! Are you blind that you can’t see that nimki has done nothing except for standing up to VILLIANS who kill people? Who misuse their power? Who allow their daughter to be raped every day? It is truly disgusting how you can fault nimki for anything. When did nimki have an extra marital affair? She only fell in love? She didn’t do anything wrong with bdo. Seriously the fact that you guys as women can support a family like tettar’s and then don’t call babbu a rapist is the reason why India has the highest rape of women rate in the world. Shame on you. You don’t want a strong woman and that’s why you’re protesting against ’Nimki Vidhayak’

    2. Rida Ji, firstly, please calm down, and then read my point-wise reply to your remarks, which are as follows: 1) Ill-treating of Nimki by Babbu: Yes, it is not a joke, it is a fact. He started ill-treating her only after she made his sister elope. 2) Babbu did not touch Nimki because of her cast: may be partly true, but primarily he did not touch because he never accepted her as his wife (he was forced to marry her), and also, because of her mother’s orders to him. 3) Babbu abused Nimki: Never, until the elope incident, please quote an example if you can. 4) Babbu hit Nimki very badly: Only once before the elope incident. This happened after Nimki, as Mukhiya, had exercised her non-jurisdictional right to get Dumri-wali-Chachi divorced in a Panchayat (please check, no one, I repeat no one, except the Court, has the rights to grant divorce). Nimki humiliated Babbu and his family in public in the same Panchayat. Tetar hit Nimki after the Panchayat when she came to Haveli. Then Nimki started shooting from the pistol. It was at this point that Babbu hit her and snatched the pistol from her. 5) Rape of Nimki by Babbu: I have already explained that marital forced s*x is not rape in India. Your contention that it may not be legally rape but it is rape in views of many may be partly true. In actuality, it is neither legally rape, nor it is rape in views of an over-whelming majority of Indians. 6) Nimki helped Tetar in getting votes in MLA election (he never contested Mukhiya election during the serial’s duration): False. On the contrary, Nimki manipulated the election in connivance with Tunne and BDO by morphing video clips and making it viral on the mobile network, and thus got Tetar defeated in the election. 7) Tetar et all allowed their daughter to be raped: the answer is there is no marital rape in India. 8) Nimki was not extra-marital, she only loved BDO: False, any romance outside marriage is extra-marital. Please check the exact definition. 9) You calling me a ‘guy’: No madam, I am not a ‘guy’: I am a woman (mother of 1 daughter and a son). 10) Your advice to me to have shame: Thanks for your advice. I am not ashamed at all. I am a proud Indian, neither a feminist, nor a masculine; I am a humanist. I do not subscribe either to men empowerment or women empowerment. I work for gender equality and human empowerment. Here I finish my point-wise answer. Now may I request you to kindly not be sarcastic or abusive in your comments! You may or may not agree with my views or answers, but I continue to respect you as ever. Regards.

  3. You can call me X

    Nimki was a normal girl in season 1 who accidentally became mukhiya… She dreamed of haveli and richness which many of us do… And we all know that we do… Out of their greed for power and politics, to tetar and Ritu got babbu and nimki and married and couldn’t even give her that respect!! They we’re the ones who started all this on first place… Only if they wouldn’t have interfered in her life,the situations would have been different… I ask what wrong did she do?? She conducted fashion show because she wanted her villagers to be self dependent and not work for the ones who torchers them… It was always the haveli people first who provoked her to become cunning from naive… She also used to respect them and bear everything silently until and unless they crossed their limits… And it was revealed in the last episode of nimki mukhiya that babbu was faking it all… His love, redemption, everything was fake!! He was also doing it for power and position!! He deserved to die!! Putting my feet in her shoes,I would have done the same if these miserable things would have happened with me!! She lost everything and everyone because of them… He deserved to die…

    1. The questions are, firstly, when the story was going in one direction why was it changed by making Babbu rape Nikki? The answer is the makers raped Nikki,and not Babbu (reasons well explained by precious commentators).Secondly, towards the end of the serial, who was conspiring, Nimki against Babbu, or Babbu gainst Nimki? The answer as per the events is Nimki against Babbu. But the makers again forced a wrong answer on us, Babbu gainst Nimki. Examine it carefully, like an investigative, and you would agree. Thirdly, give benefits to Nimki, she was not the provoker, she only reacted to others doings. It is like because you harmed me by taking law in your hands, so I harmed you by taking law in my hands. This does not absolve any of us.We both are guilty.Accordingly, even after giving all benefits to Nimki, we still find her guilty. Since Babbu et all are already done with, it is time to punish Nimki now.Also, the makers too cannot be spared (reasons already explained above). How do we do it? Protest and boycot.

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