Nimki Vidhayak 11th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nimki looks for Mauha

Nimki Vidhayak 11th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says no one will cry. We will bring our Mauha back. Tune says the bus I left her near, we took a selfie. It has a bus number plate. Abhi says we could find so many answers from it. Nimki says I remember the driver’s face. Tune says I know his name too. Ramla cries and says God, please bring my Mauha back. Mintu comes and says Nimki why are you cutting my call? Annaro is being so mad. Abhi says we are already worried, Mauha is kidnapped. Mintu says why didn’t you tell me? Can I do something? Where is she? Nimki says all you can do for us is to take care of Annaro till we find Mauha.

Ganga says I don’t like these sarees. Parag says would you talk to me or keep choosing the saree? Parag says three MLAs aren’t agreeing without getting home minister position. Ganga says at this time choosing the saree is very important. Clothes should change with time. I am becoming the chief minister now. Ganga says let Mishra deal it. Mishra and Shankar come as well. Ganga says did you make the list? Mishra says I can’t tell you here. Ganga asks Parag to leave. Parag says what are you hiding from me? Ganga says everything isn’t about politics.

Mishra says to Ganga those girls. Ganga says you can’t handle a few girls? How will you handle the pressure of home ministry He says the girls got to know they are being shoved into trouble in the name of competition. Ganga says politics is very important for me. Don’t bring trouble in it. Parag says was it about fertilizers? Parag says why is Nimki’s name in minister list? She did a lot for us. Ganga says she’s new. We will give her a good position as well don’t worry.

Nimki thinks about Mauha. Abhi says the bus is registered on a fake company’s name. Tune calls Nimki and tells her driver’s address. Nimki says we are coming there.
Mishra gets a call. A man says we got the news that someone is searching for. Be careful. Ganga says end this matter once and for all. Parag is listening.

Scene 2
Mauha tries to break the door. She says we have to get out of here. Lisa says we are done. Everything is over. Mauha says we can’t give up. We have to get out of here. A girl says your hand is injured, we will break this door. She takes the rod and tries to kill her self. Mauha slaps her and says are you crazy? We are all trying to save our lives. She cries and says I better die than being sold off there. Mauha says dying isn’t the solution. We will fight and we will succeed. Lisa says she is right. We will go home from here.

Nimki comes outside Komal Singh’s house. they go inside a woman is crying. A neighbor says we came here and heard a gunshot. Someone killed him. Everyone is shocked. Abhi says I think they got to know we are searching for him. Nimki says how will we find Mauha now? Tune says where did the driver take the girls? There are big people involved in it. Nimki says I don’t care. I will find Mauha.

Abhi gets a call. He says the number Mauha called you from was from Burmee. It’s a small city near west Bengal near Bangladesh’s border. Tune says how did they take them there? Abhi says there are powerful people involved in this. Tune says would Mauha be okay? Nimki says she would be fine. Nimki says we have to go there.

The man and a woman come in. He says we ave decided your fate. So stop making noise. A girl says why are you doing this to us? What is our mistake? He says you heard pageant’s name and came here? You got fooled by glamour. Your families are idiots as well. We have been doing this for years and will keep doing it. The woman slaps Lisa and says stop looking at me.

Scene 3
Nimki, Tune and Abhi are leaving. Ramla says don’t worry about Sweeti. I will take care of her. Please bring my Mauha back. Abhi says I will. He says to Sweeti take care please. Where is Nimki? Nimki looks at Ram’s photo and says I will bring your Mauha back. Give me your blessings. She says you stay here, I will bring your Mauha back. Abhi says you aren’t taking this photo? Nimki says it’s a long journey. He can’t come with us. He should stay here. I will bring your Mauha back you. And whoever did this, I will ruin his life. That’s my promise.

Precap-Mauha and the girls are running. The thugs shoot Mauha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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