Nimki Mukhiya 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu lose his cool

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Nimki Mukhiya 8th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi says I should leave. Nimki acts like in pain, he runs to her. Nimki says I am joking. Villagers come there to say sorry to Nimki. Villager says we are with you Nimki, they bring mangoes for her. Nimki says I will change clothes, she leaves. Abhi smiles and says she is a crazy girl, we will not let Babbu run now, he will have to pay for his mistakes.

Babbu is in car. Diamond asks him to come inside, he asks him to go inside. Ritu and Sweety see them. Sweety says I used to dream about playing with Babbu’s kids but I am disgusted with that thought now. Ritu holds her hand and says I am ready to become a father. Sweety slaps him. Ritu grabs her and says no one is here to hear your screams. He tries to force himself on her.

Diamond meets Mai. Mai says Babbu is angry, he is outside. Mai comes to balcony and asks Babbu to come in house. He goes in house. Ritu grabs Sweety and says lets see who wins.

Mauha is massaging Nimki’s back. Mauha says once Babbu gets punished, I will be at peace, we should think of some other way.. this baby.. Nimki says dont start again, I am doing everything after a thought. Tunee comes there and says food is ready. Nimki says did you make it? He says no but I have brought both your favorites. They come in lounge to eat together. Dumri serves them. Nimki feels pain and goes to puke. Dumri says dont worry, she is fine. Mauha says this pain is with her for life. All get sad.

Scene 2
In morning, One postman asks Dublo to give him gift as Babbu is going to be a father. Mai shouts at him to leave. Dublo says whole world knows now. Rekha says my family knows too, you cant stop everyone talking, Nimki will give birth to baby and you wont be able to stop them all. Mai gets tensed. Rekha leaves. Mai calls Jhariya and asks him to bring Nimki’s dai (village’s doctor), she says nobody should know about this.

Mauha tells Nimki that boys were teasing Mono in school about you and Abhi. Dumri comes there and sees Mono mopping house. Nimki says I used to work too. Mauha asks him to go and study. Tunee comes there with files. He says I have a news, Babbu had a fight in hotel yesterday, Nimki says so my message is reaching people? It will be fun now.

Babbu is doing push ups. Ritu comes there and says you are angry? I am angry too, we won the case though. Babbu says but still Nimki is fighting. Ritu says you are handling well, you should ignore her. Babbu says you want me to remain silent? Ritu says you think she will give birth to this baby? No, she is just destroying your name, Abhi is waiting for her too, he just wants Nimki to lose this baby so he can marry her, he will never accept this baby. Babbu says like bad man can do anything bad, good man can do anything good and it will be very bad for us so I wont let it happen, he smirks.

PRECAP- Mai gives money to Nimki’s dai and asks her to do her work.
Nimki’s dai mixes some powder in her juice and gives it to Nimki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. anaro is illiterate she is a douchebag

  2. This is nothing but sheeet written by asswipes.

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