Nimki Mukhiya 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ram does inauguration

Nimki Mukhiya 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dablo says I wanted dad to do the inauguration but he never came. So the eldest one here will do it. Babbu looks at Ram and says he? Dablo says yes Ram will do it. My dad didn’t come but the man who helped me did. Dablo says ram ji please cut the ribbon. ram says no no. Nimki says you should. Ram goes forward to cut the ribbon with Nimki. He cuts it. Everyone claps. Mahek says dablo will give a speech. Dablo says nothing is easy in life. Dreams take ages to fulfill but it does anyway. Like mine did. You never know when life takes a turn. Who thought Ram ji will cu this ribbon. He had tears in his eyes and so did Nimki. He never thought he would have this moment. Like my dad never thought I would have this moment either. But this day came. It brought respect to everyone and blessing to me from Ram. Nimki says thank you Dablo. You will succeed.

nehar gives sweet to dablo and says so happy for you. Its a very happy day. Dablo says you should have come. Dad would have been shocked. Nehar says did he come? dablo says no he didn’t. Kundan says he should have. Nehar says now give me reason to celebrate as well. I brought you to a place where you can proudly walk. Dablo says I will do something that will make Tettar ashamed in front of you. I don’t want you to win but I want tettar to lose.

Annaro is angry. she says that Ram cut the ribbon. How dare Dablo. Nimki says he is my father better talk to him with respect. Sweeti says any daughter would be angry if you talk like this in front of her about her dad. Annaro says I will talk to him like that. Nimki says yeah like Tettar is call Tettarwa in the village. Tettar says how dare you say that. Nimki says I don’t say that people in village do. Women call annaro anaryia. Sweeti says why are you angry now? Annaro says you should stop taking her side. She is disrespecting your parents. Tettar says he could have asked BAbbu. Rekha says you should have gone. Annro says she is right. I told you to go but you didn’t. Ritu says dablo did this to hurt you. He is also doing politics.

Scene 2
Chachi is crying. Ram says I spoke to Chandan but he didn’t listen. chachi says my life is over. Mauha says wy would your life be over. Tune says he doesn’t care about you. Ram says you shouldn’t stop your life. You should start anew.
Dablo comes home. He says have sweet everyone. Rekha says which sweet is this? Annaro says how could you do this sin. Babu was there and you made ram cut it. Dablo says Babbu also said to ask ram. Annaro says what. DAblo says he was the oldest ther. Tettar says your dad has died? Dablo says he is alive but don’t know how to give blessings. Babbu says dablo what are you saying. Dablo says when did he give me blessings? Tell me. Annaro says but he loves you. Dablo says dont’ lie for him. Tettar says what? Should I salute you. I know the politics your are playing. Ritu says truth is.. Dablo says shut up. Truth is that the inauguration is done. Its mine I will do what I want.
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