Nimki Mukhiya 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki cheers up Sweety

Nimki Mukhiya 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tunne joking to make Ram Bachan smile. The family motivates Ram Bachan. He cries. Bua says my life is ruined, what happened to you, you have Monu, Mahua and Tunne. He says Nimki…. Mahua get a savings box and says I knew dad is missing Nimki, see how dad smiles now. She makes him smile. Everyone smiles. Tunne says I will break this box and he will laugh all day. Ram Bachan stops him. Tunne says he is saying he has to save smile for Nimki. Mahua asks what’s the need, what happened, is she in any problem. They get sad.

Tunne says we aren’t hiding anything. Mahua says dad will always love Nimki. Tunne says I will give some smile to Mahua now. They laugh and hug. Babbu, Anaro and everyone try to feed Sweety. Sweety refuses to eat. Babbu angrily leaves. Nimki gets

halwa for Sweety and says Sweety will just eat this. She feeds Sweety. Rekha argues with Nimki. Anaro taunts her about Bindiya. Dubloo and Rekha leave. Nimki cheers Sweety saying stories and dancing. Anaro gets jealous seeing them. She goes. Sweety gets sad hearing story. Nimki says don’t get sad, the story isn’t over, princess got free forever. Sweety gets inspired. Nimki says princess believed others and didn’t understand the way to freedom. Sweety says we believe what we are told. Nimki says you and princess are different, you have learnt this now, I m there, my dad collects smile in savings box, if I m away, if gets sad, he gets smile from the box and puts on his face, it really works. She gives a smile to Sweety too. Sweety smiles. Anaro and Rekha come and look on. Sweety hugs Nimki.

Rituraj calls Tetar. Tetar scolds him. Rituraj tries to instigate him against Nimki and Sweety. He reminds their political rivals. Tetar says I m worried. Rituraj smiles. Tetar says I will talk to Sweety and Babbu, they are angry, don’t worry. Babbu comes and scolds Tetar for talking to Rituraj. He says Sweety is broken down, she needs us. Tetar says Rituraj was part of family also. He justifies Rituraj. He says I also had relation with two women, your mum didn’t kick me out. Babbu says Rituraj stayed here and tortured Sweety, you are taking his side, mum didn’t have her brother, but I m with my sister, don’t forget.

Nimki talks to Mahua and asks her to name film list and give to Tunne, ask him to get films in pendrive. Mahua asks is everything fine, dad said you need the smile savings box, are you hiding something. Nimki says no, I m fine, there is problem going on in Mahua’s life. She turns and sees Sweety at the door.

Sweety says I want divorce from Rituraj. Nimki supports her. Babbu comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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