Nimki Mukhiya 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki cheers up Sweety

Nimki Mukhiya 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babbu dragging Babbu out. Anaro holds Sweety. Sweety runs to her room. Abhi/Abhimanyu/BDO Babu is with Elena. He gets tired and goes out. He says Nimki and Sweety are hiding something, Tetar got quiet, Sweety meets me, but Babbu and Tetar didn’t threaten me. Maasi asks what will Nimki and Sweety hide from you. Abhi says Nimki is hiding pain from me. She says you mean Tetar is torturing them and they are hiding this. He says Rituraj did bad, even then Nimki and Sweety are smiling. She asks is Nimki unhappy with Babbu. He says Sweety is unhappy with Rituraj. She says yes, so she comes here. He says I will teach a lesson to Rituraj, he will lose contracts. She says that will be revenge, you help Sweety, you accept her, don’t say that you don’t like her. He says I like her,

but I didn’t see her that way. She says then see now, Elena likes her, Sweety and you will be happy.

Sweety locks the door and gets sad. Everyone knocks the door and asks her to open the door. Tetar says she is my blood, she will kill someone but not give her life. Nimki says yes, so she didn’t tell her pain to anyone. Tetar says leave it, come. They all go. Nimki knocks door. Anaro scolds her. Nimki says Sweety and my relation is different, I will show. She asks Sweety to answer. Sweety asks her to go. Nimki argues with Anaro. Anaro raises hand. Nimki stops her and asks her not to dare slap her. She threatens to get them arrested. She asks Anaro to go and wash her hand, as she has touched her hand.

Bindiya gets scolded by Rekha. She says its not my mistake, Rituraj took me there. She lies and cries. Dubloo asks her to send Bindiya away. He says my brother will not marry Bindiya now. Rekha asks her to make story. He says we brothers have seen Rituraj with her, Sweety has also gone. He asks Bindiya to leave, else Babbu will come with a gun. Sweety recalls Rituraj. Nimki asks her to open door, else she will break the door. She runs to break door. Sweety opens the door. They fall down and get hurt. Nimki says you should have told me if you were opening door. Sweety says I didn’t know you will try to break door. They laugh. Nimki says this happened for good. Sweety feels hurt. Nimki asks her to celebrate happiness, a bad relation broke. Sweety asks didn’t you cry ever. Nimki says I never cry. They laugh. Nimki says when some people cry, their hearts get light. Sweety says but I will listen to you, I will not cry now. Nimki takes Sweety in lap. She misses her mum. She says we will celebrate with halwa, you got free today, happy independence day. They shake hands and laugh.

Anaro asks Sweety to have food. Sweety refuses. Nimki gets halwa and feeds Sweety. Sweety hugs Nimki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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