Nimki Mukhiya 3rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki gets Babbu arrested

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says Babuu is not in palace. Nimki says then search this house. Mai says dont move, she asks Diamond to bring her gun. Dublo says to inspector that Babbu is not in house, what happened? Inspector says to Ritu that if Babbu doesnt come out then we will announce him as running criminal. Nimki says I saw himself in house myself. Ritu says she is crazy. Nimki says I knew you are a jerk, she says if Babbu doesnt come out then inspector will arrest Dublo so Rekha tell where is Babbu? Rekha gets tensed and is about to tell but Mai asks Dublo to take Rekha from there. Nimki says no one will go, she asks inspector to search their house. Police starts searching house, Mai is angry. Nimki asks her to remain calm, her BP will increase. Officers dont find Babbu in house. Ritu asks inspector

to leave now. Tunee asks what to do now? Nimki says I know what to do. She takes loud speaker and screams where are you Babbu? come out, I thought you are not a coward, you are hiding like a rat, you shot your sister and now hiding? come out. Babbu is angry in room and getting provoked. Nimki asks him to come out otherwise.. Babbu comes out and shouts Nimki! all are stunned to see him. Nimki smirks. Babbu comes and is about to attack Nimki but inspector arrests Babbu. Inspector says if he raises hand on us then it will more trouble. Ritu says to Babbu that we are coming behind, inspector takes Babbu. Mai says to Nimki that you must be happy to insult my son, Nimki says you are responsible for all this, you are not a mother or woman, you are just owner of this palace, if you made your son learn humanity then this wouldnt be happening, its your upbringing that destroyed everything. She leaves from there.
Babbu comes out of palace, all villagers are there. Police put him in car. Babbu glares at Nimki. Mai is in tears as Babbu leaves. Nimki smirks at Mai who is fuming in anger.

Scene 2
Nahar laughs and asks his servant to bring sweets, I waited to make Tettar lose for 15 years, I did everything, did campaigns against him but now I learned if you want to make someone lose then destroy their family, his daughter left and married BDO and his son tried to kill her but his daughter in law Nimki made Babbu get arrested it, now it will be fun, this game included Nimki and Abhi.

In police station, Nimki says to inspector that Babbu threatened to shoot Sweety. Babbu says dont forget who is Tettar, he will kill you. Nimki says to Babbu that threatening an inspector is a crime too. Babbu says dont forget what I did with you. Nimki says we will make you bear punishment for what you did, I promise that. Babbu says you villagers have no standard, you eat from us and now doing this, remember your father was dying and I saved him. Abhi comes there too. Nimki is in tears. Abhi looks at her and goes to Babbu, Babbu says you are living off your father’s money, you will have no value without your father, Babbu asks him to shut up. Abhi asks him to stay away from him. Abhi says to inspector that he shot his sister and is threatening everyone. Nimki says he threatened me too who is a witness, file that complaint too. She leaves.

Mai is tensed. Ritu is calling people to bring Babbu out. Diamond says I will go and free him. Mai says go and put station on fire, Ritu says he is peeing his pants when police came. Dublo says dont worry Ritu will do something. Ritu is on call and says what bail cant happen?

PRECAP- Tettar comes to police station and asks to leave Babbu. Inspector says FIR is filed, its a serious matter. Tettar throws a Jhariya at him and says he is a real criminal, Jhariya says I shot her, Babbu is innocent so put me in jail. Nimki says they are lying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what a faboulous drama. full entermainment. all things r there in it-drama,romance,comedy. mindblowing acting.
    best acting- bhumika gurang akka nimki.

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